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E-commerce and Import/export

E-commerce is the acronym for electronics commerce which means executing buying and selling of goods and services (payment processing included) and the associated due diligence on the internet for domestic and global sourcing. Import and export operators were cautious in their initial reaction to the new way of international trade.

-Concerns of International Trade over E-Commerce and Global Sourcing

International trade community was skeptic about e-commerce let alone conducting import/export and global sourcing. It is harsh to blame them for not conducting their regular global sourcing and international trade activities as there were gaping security concerns as there was lack of awareness. E-commerce isn’t all about money transfer and/or credit card processing over internet as was assumed. The present day, e-commerce permits online shopping, e-filing of customs documents enquiry floating and invoicing before a single dollar is transmitted. All these are exact same activities involved in offline import/export in a global sourcing scene with huge amounts of time and labor removed.

More over, the security concerns are effectively addressed specific to private business and money transfer with applications like SSL and firewalls. The SSL technologies are so easy that even freshers can avail them and launch global sourcing if they possess requisite import and export licenses.

-Limitations of E-Commerce in Online Import and Export

Let me declare, the limitations of e-commerce aren’t technical lacunas but inadequacies to the conduct of international trade like global sourcing and import and export. An e-commerce portal failing to convey the value proposition of a sound product defies seller expectation much unlike the focused selling by offline retailers.

Wrongful estimations of resources, timeframe/sequencing are common in an automated import/export supported by e-commerce/global sourcing. Your best efforts, products may not reach the deserving import/ export traders looking for global sourcing unless otherwise followed up by direct marketing.

E-commerce companies in international trade are constantly innovating and have succeeding in their endeavor. Amazon and BizRate are doing not just global sourcing but import and export also through e-commerce backed up by ground operations. If stock/commodities trading and banking around the globe is a success, it’s mainly due to the robust e-commerce. Import and export as well as international trade laws are suitably amended to ensure secure commerce.

Forget the likes of Amazon or BizRate; tiny businessmen are in international trade and are doing import/export besides global sourcing, day in and day out, thanks to e-commerce over the popular website EBay.

MBA Courses at Top Business Schools


Masters in Business Administration or MBAs are in real demand these days. And if someone has done his or her MBA course from a reputed business school, it’s an icing on the cake. Incumbents of top business schools bag very good offers from the corporate world. An alumnus of Harvard Business School or IMD gets a rousing welcome in the enterprises.


Almost all the universities conduct the MBAs program today. With the phenomenon of globalization taking the practical shape whole world has emerged in to big market. This has led to the great increase in the business activities all over. Products and services are being sent and received across continents. This situation has posed a huge demand for the skilled professionals in the industries. In an MBA program syllabus is prepared in such a manner that it covers all essential elements of business.


MBA Specializations:

There are various streams of MBA course which can be studied as specializations. Some examples are: MBA in Human Resources (HR), MBA in Hospitality & Tourism, MBA in Entrepreneurship, MBA in Communication, MBA in Marketing, MBA in Health Care Management, MBA in Finance, MBA in Operations and many more.


Some prestigious Management Institutes in the US and elsewhere are enumerated below:


Top Business Schools USA

Harvard Business School


University of Pennsylvania

Northwestern (Kellogg)


Duke (Fuqua)

Virginia (Darden)

MIT (Sloan)

University of Chicago

University of Michigan



Top MBA programs outside USA

INSEAD, France

IMD, Switzerland

London Business School, UK

Toronto (Rotman) Canada

Western Ontario (Ivey)

Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus)


University of Oxford (Said)

Instituto de Empresas ,Spain

SDA Bocconi, Italy



For more information on MBA Courses and Business Schools, please visit

Some crucial benefits of International trade that everyone should know

The sellers always want to reduce the risk involved for upfront payment. The buyers always do the same or request for payment only after the arrival of their product. Option could be anything but both parties have to trust each other. The global trading has been into existence from many years and still it is flourishing because it has offered so many advantages throughout the globe. It actually means exchanging of goods, capital and services among several regions and countries.

The international trade is also considered as one of the vital sources of revenue for a country. It is more beneficial for developing countries. These days, modern techniques are incorporated for the effective transportation techniques. Outsourcing of services and transnational corporations along with rapid industrialization has put a great impact on international trading. With the support of these aspects, it has cropped up enormously. The trading between numerous countries is not at all a new concept. Actually it is into existence from the last many centuries. The history is the evidence that there are numerous examples of international trading at that time.

The political, social and economic importance of international trade can be explained in Industrial Age. The increase in international trading is the only way to move ahead for globalization. Yes, it is true that international trading constraints may result in the loss of valuable revenue for the nation or for the world as well. In the last few years, international trading has shown great efficiency to make a nation prosperous. Trading can also become crucial contributor in eliminating poverty.

As per a recognized economist explains an international trade can benefit not only to a group but to different parties or individuals. The trading involves the least amount in good production while the volume of output is enormous. It is one of the crucial factors in the growth of economy. The company is one of the major importers from India. They deal in number of products and are recognized throughout world. They have the ability to import products from all over the globe. Therefore, it can be said that this company’s international trade enhances domestic competitiveness amazingly. It increases not only sales but it is one of the major factors for profits. So, it can be said that global trading can stabilize seasonal fluctuations in market.

Best Business Schools 2008 (a Survey Conducted by Csr-ghrdc)

Looking to do a management courses? Here is a review of MBA schools for you.

Bangalore Management Academy (BMA):

The new breed of Indians sees opportunities everywhere. While we’re still a careful culture, we’ve come to believe in acceptable risks, for rewards. This is why even as financial legends topple in the West, young Indians are already preparing for the next wave of prosperity, led by the Asian giants – India China.

It is at places like The Bangalore Management Academy that young, aspiring professionals are groomed to take on the mantle of the next generation of global leaders, to build tomorrow, on the remarkable accomplishments of today’s Indian Business giants.

BMA is a new management Institution that they choose to apply more than the tried and tested traditional methods to education. The institution has well-earned reputation for providing globally recognised Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in a truly international academic environment. The curriculum, faculty, teaching methods, facilities, infrastructure – all measure up to the highest international bench mark and maintained through superb educational alliances with the best universities and institutions around the world, such as the Bharathidasan Institute of Management (BIM Trichy), the Edith Cowan University (Australia), the University of Aberdeen School of Law (UK), the Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation (Malaysia), the Retailers Association of India (RAI), the Pondicherry University (PU) and the Singapore Human Resources institute (SHRi).

These tie-ups imply that BMA now offers various kinds of MBA programmes, as well as MA degrees including law and technical degrees. The Singapore Human Resources institute (SHRi) alliance offers Indian professionals qualifications from Singapore’s internationally renowned HR accreditation authority.

Institute for Financial Management and Research (IFMR):

Established in 1970 as a non-profit organization, The Institute for Financial Management and Research (IFMR), Chennai, is a leading business school, aiming to train and develop globally competitive managers to serve the needs of the Indian industry. Its curriculum is a mix of theory and simulated real life exposure, so its graduates are equipped to meet all kinds of challenges. Sponsored by ICICI, the House of Kotharis and other major industrial groups, and with the Finance Secretary, Government of TamilNadu and the Vice Chancellor of the University of Madras are ex-official board members. IFMR is recognised as a Social Science Research Institute by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India, and is approved as an institution of national importance by the Ministry of Finance. The faculty members have worked and consulted with both national and international organizations. The students too, are involved in these projects, ensuring a continuous interaction with industry. IFMR has a University of Madras approved Ph.D. degree in Finance and Economics. IFMR emphasizes a global perspective as to bring in the best international practices. It also believes in forging strong links with the industry in the development of teaching material, research, student projects, placement and consultancy services. The stress is on leadership with ethics. The approach to learning seeks to prepare students to be effective managers in the face of changes in management theory and practices as well as in the external environment. IFMR helps students realize their potential through active involvement in the learning process-they learn how to take decisions and meet stringent deadlines through assignments, cases, role-play, projects and simulated real life situations.

CSR-GHRDC B-School Survey 2008: New Emerging Potential and Promising B-Schools

Name of the B-Schools (alphabetically)

Asian School of Business, Thiruvananthapuram

Bangalore Management Academy, Bangalore

Cosmic Business School, New Delhi

IILM Business School, New Delhi

KIIT University, Bhubaneswar

K.R Mangalam Global Institute of Management, New Delhi

Poona School of Business, Pune

Competition Success Review 2008.

Some tips to ease pressure for international marketer in the office?

Live as a social member, people received pressure from various aspects of life. Every person should learn how to ease the pressure timely and effectively or someday you will be broken. The situation performs much fiercer on an international marketer. Below are some tips summarized from previous suffered victims might be helpful to you.

Place a mirror in front of desk. This alleged to be a very efficient way of easing yourself. And it will also help you be a confident person. The time you fell tired or exhausted, take a look at yourself, make a smile to the mirror, the mirror will smile back. The mirror is just like the life you are facing.
Place some fresh and elegant plant near your computer will be good for adjusting your nerve system, eliminate tires generated from works and study. It could be plum, chrysanthemum, bamboo etc. Moreover, it will help to absorb radiation of electronic products around your working place.
Keep 40-50cm away from your screen. It is a safe distance to protect you from being radiated.
Remind yourself to take a short break after steering at screen each one hour.
Lie against your chair with crossed hands holding your head, making your elbows spread towards two sides and head backward. Repeat the action at least three times. This will do much benefit to your neck and shoulder.

Mentally, confidence is very important. The time you start one project, make sure with confidence. No pains, no gains. Sow the seed of hope, cultivate it with endless effort, you will harvest the fruit of success one day. Attention, don’t make relax overacted or you will be slack.Only if you own the help of, or you shouldn’t even think of success.

What is The International Marketing?

While many of the productions that these lines of work sell are targeted at a global audience using a consistent merchandising premix, it is also necessary to understand regional differences, hence the grandness of international marketing.

Organizations must accept that differences in values, usages, speeches and currencies will mean that some productions will only beseem certain areas and that as well as there being world wide marketplaces e.g. for BIC and Gillette razors, and for Coca-Cola beverages, there are significant regional departures – for example advertizing in China and India need to focus on local terminologies. Just as the merchandising environment has to be valuated at home, the oversea potential drop of market places has to be cautiously scrutinized. Determining relevant info takes longer because of the strangeness of some locations. The possible market place size, point and type of contest, terms, promotional differences, intersection differences as well as barriers to sell have to be canvased alongside the cost-effectiveness of various types of transport. The governing body then has to assess the scale of measurement of the investing and consider both short – and long run objects for an equal reappearance.

At its simplest level, international marketing involves the firm in making one or more marketing mix decisions across national boundaries. At its most complex level, it involves the firm in establishing manufacturing facilities overseas and coordinating marketing strategies across the globe

Craft is progressively planetary in background today. There are several reasons for this. One important reason is technologicalbecause of amended transport and communication chances today, craft is now more practical. Thus, consumers and business enterprises now have access code to the very best mathematical products from many different areas. More and more speedy engineering science lifecycles also increases the competition among areas as to who can make the newest in applied science. In portion to adapt these realities, areas in the last several decennaries have taken increasing stairs to promote spherical patronage through understandings such as the General Treaty on Craft and Tariffs, and craft organisations such as the World Trade Organization (World Trade Organization), North American Free Trade Agreement (North American Free Trade Agreement), and the European Union (European Economic Community).

watch matches

How Campus placement helps Business School students and companies?

In today’s competitive world, number of companies is increasing and there are several vacant positions that need to be filled with the right candidate. Campus placement is one of the best methods for companies to conduct interviews in business school campuses and select bright students to fill these job vacancies. This method is not only effective for companies in getting the right candidate with less cost involved in the recruitment process but also beneficial for business schools in creating a name for their institute in the market.

There are several business schools in India that have a superb reputation in case of campus placements. For instance, Indira Global Business School is one of the leading business institutes in Pune where some of the top companies including MNCs and banks come to recruit bright students for jobs. This method has proved very beneficial for students of business schools because even before they get to finish their studies, they get an opportunity to get a job of their dreams. They don’t have to seek out employers, but employers approach them. It helps them shape their careers even before they step out of college.

Today, institutes hire a placement officer whose main function is to get in touch with companies (including small, medium and large) and coordinate with them to set up the campus placement process. If you are also preparing yourself for campus recruitment process it helps to know what are the common qualities that companies look for in a candidate. For instance, they look for students who are good at communication, have a good track record, self confident and a positive attitude towards their career. A business school such as Indira Global Business School gets its students placed in some of the top companies in India.

There are many companies that not only choose a student but also make an investment in training him/her. This ensures loyalty from the employee’s side because students tend to identify better and more closely with the first company that recruited them. In many cases, students also get ready to work at low salaries offered by large companies because it gives them a positive start in their career. There is no doubt that the method of campus recruitment has opened up doors of opportunities for students. Therefore, if someone is planning to pursue business management course, it is very important to select a good business management school. They must check the institute’s reputation in terms of campus placements to get a basic idea.

International Life Insurance ? getting the right cover

International Life Insurance – getting the right cover


When companies send employees abroad or individuals take the brave step to embrace the expatriate lifestyle, one area often neglected is life insurance. International lifestyles are seldom covered by domestic policies and few of the companies who offer life insurance at home will be able to support a policy abroad.

When trying to source international life insurance there are a number of factors to consider:

Occupational risk
If you are planning to work on offshore oil rigs, down mines or at heights then your options are going to very limited. Bellwood Prestbury often creates bespoke policies underwritten by Lloyds’ of London to coverglobal life and accident insurance for people working in risky occupations.
Geographic risk.
Once outside what is generally accepted as the ‘developed world’, life insurance underwriters take a different view of risk. For example, at August 2010:
All the Gulf Co-operation Council countries are viewed as ‘safe’ except for Saudi Arabia, which often attracts a war/terrorism exclusion.
As you might expect, Iraq and Afghanistan are high risk areas and normally underwriters will exclude death as a result of bodily injury, but surprisingly, Pakistan and most of India are treated in the same way.
Almost all of Africa will attract a risk loading as a minimum and exclusions for most Sub-Saharan areas.

Many international companies are unable or unwilling to provide life insurance to expats because they don’t hold the relevant local business authorisations. This means that even if you are working in a safe country (say Germany), you may not be able to access non-German insurance because of your country of residence.

Bellwood Prestbury has the experience and expertise you need to get the right level of international life insurance cover. Because we have access to underwriting at Lloyd’s of London as well as the full (but limited) range of international life insurance providers, we have yet to find an international life insurance brief we couldn’t fulfil. What’s more, because we get a commission from the provider, helping companies or individuals through the international life insurance minefield doesn’t cost our clients a dime. Or a penny. Or a cent.

To find out more about international life insurance options, call our experienced team on +44 (0) 1242 584 558.


International Tax Plan: The Hurt Felt Around The World

President Obama recently revealed that he has intentions of revamping the rules governing international taxes. This has caused quite a stir among businesses that operate internationally and rightfully so. The President’s plan aims to cut back on the tax advantages that international companies enjoy. Obama defends his plan by saying that by increasing the taxes that these businesses have to pay, it will allow more jobs to be created domestically. In addition to encouraging US based jobs, the plan would restore fairness in the taxes being paid by multinational and domestic businesses. The plan would have three main effects on businesses. It would not allow businesses to defer their taxes in other countries so that they will not have to pay the US taxes. Also, the legal effects the use of low-tax offshore accounts used by international companies would be changed. Finally, companies would no longer be able to shift their earnings into them to avoid the higher taxes and create foreign-tax credits. The Obama administration wants to close these “tax loopholes” in an attempt to recover over billion a year that is lost tax dollars. President Obama has said that he thinks the tax code is wrong because it lets people to pay lower taxes on jobs created outside the United States. For example, creating a job in China would cost less in taxes than a job being created in New York. He also has announced that he plans to add almost a thousand international tax inspectors in an effort to combat offshore bank accounts used on an individual level.

The problem with raising taxes for these multinational businesses is that it will cripple their ability to compete internationally. The countries that the United States competes against have these tax breaks, which is why the US should also. If they are able to pay lower taxes, so should we. Currently, as long as the income earned in another company stays in the country that it is earned, it is acceptable for tax not to be paid on it in the US. This is a fair prospect because tax is being paid in the country where it is earned and it should not have to be taxed twice if it is staying in the same country it was earned and taxed in. Creating jobs in the US seems like a hopeless effort for the most part in today’s global economy. The fact is that we live in a world where countries compete and work with one another. Trade is abundant and by globalization, prices can be lowered. Global business is not going away and a tax increase is not going to help the American economy. If anything, it will hurt it. Prices will increase and worse, companies will be forced to sell their international branches to countries that do not have taxes on offshore profits.

President Obama is striving for a working situation in the US that is not possible because of our standards of living, labor laws, and mandatory wages. Businesses need to send their jobs to other countries in order to keep prices low. By strong-arming businesses to keep their jobs in the US, it will greatly increase the money they spend on wages and benefits for their employees. Labor is cheap and readily available in countries such as India and China, so it makes sense to pay less taxes in creating a job overseas! A company simply cannot pay an American worker the same wages that they will be able to pay overseas. It is easy for people to say buy domestic and keep jobs in the US, but they would not be singing the same tune if they were unable to walk into Walmart and purchase their DVD players for .

Therefore, it makes sense that American businesses that are operating globally should be able to continue to receive the benefits of the current tax system. They are not skipping out on taxes. They are making money in another country, paying taxes on it there and putting those same profits back into the subsidiary in that same country. The United States is the only country that has double-taxes. If they are expected to be able to compete globally, they need the deferral rule so they stay on a level playing field with the other international businesses. Globally competing businesses from the United States support jobs domestically and to cripple them would have a trickle down effect on the domestic jobs. The economy needs to be stimulated, but tax increases are not the solution. Ronald Reagan believed that decreasing taxes and giving people more of their money back would increase spending and help the economy and expand the tax base, known as the Laffer curve. Reaganomics worked then and would work now. International taxes need to be left alone.

Reliv International, an International Business Opportunity

If you are looking for an international business opportunity, the Reliv International company might be what you are looking for. This company is known for its health and wellness products. Reliv company was founded by Robert and Sandra Montgomery in 1985. The company has over 70 thousand consultants around the world. Their main corporate office is in Missouri. They have other corporate offices in Germany, Canada, Philippines and a few other countries..

The Reliv company is a network marketing company. It has products for your general health, weight loss, joint health, heart health, anti-aging, plus many other vitamins and supplements for your health. This company is known for its high quality products it produces and that the ingredients they use are easily absorbed into the body when used correctly combined with other ingredients. They also have a line of products designed specifically for children and women. The Reliv company has its own manufacturing facility with a Scientific Advisory Board that was started in 1992. The company can guarantee and stand behind the quality of its products because of having their own facility.

Reliv’s growth has been so successful that it has a growing income into the high seven figures. That is fantastic growth! This company is a solid and growing company with a great and strong leadership. Being a network marketing company, they are able to produce a huge and solid down line. The Reliv company is a good business opportunity if your looking to get into network marketing to increase or replace your income.

The compensation plan is very generous, it pays out in various ways. It pays in retail profits, wholesale income, different bonuses and offers trips to top distributors. To become a Reliv distributor you need to purchase a start up fee, which covers your start up products. Then you need to keep a monthly autoship order of products going.

In order to generate numerous leads and generate traffic you need to know the strategies and techniques to build your down line. Most companies do the traditional and new way to get prospects. The old traditional way can get you started but can’t keep you going. Family and friends can only get your business off the ground, but you need serious leads and traffic daily to keep it going.

With this company having a strong foundation and having continuous growth, a business opportunity is available to the right person to make a great profit. By reading and learning all you can about network marketing, you could build yourself a huge successful business. It is all in knowing how to market the products. Using your warm market along with marketing online you will be able to have leads and prospects coming to you. Not only learning how to market but being able to apply what you have learned will get you the success you need.

The Reliv International company with its unique products is a wonderful international business opportunity if you are looking for a home based business to bring in the income you need. Along with time, patience, determination and the will to succeed you can have the success you dream of and the life style you deserve.