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Business News About Bankruptcy

When a company becomes insolvent and goes bankrupt, traditionally it is the creditors who get first bite of the cherry and shareholders must wait and see if there is any left. Often there is not and they miss out altogether, losing out on any money that they had invested in the company.

Business news tells us this happened recently when a mining company, Sons of Gwalia went bust. One shareholder who didnt want to lose his investment dollars took them to court in an effort to beat the creditors to the cherry. He won, but unfortunately for him the Federal Government stepped in and reversed the decision that the High Court had made in his favour. This ruling stated that in certain cases shareholders had equal footing with creditors in claiming compensation.

However, business news experts explain that the Federal Government, along with other experts in the field felt that this would set a precedent and the result would be higher costs for debt and its administration than ever. This would come about as lenders sought to protect themselves from having to pay shareholders equally with creditors, should a company go bust.

The planned reforms are welcomed by some banks who can see it as a positive development, giving clarity to an issue that had become somewhat muddied. While it is over five years since the court proceedings were first started, like many cases it has taken time for the wheels to turn  and then be turned back. Most experts who report business news agree with the final outcome, but that doesnt help the shareholder who lost quite a bit through his investment.

Think About Three Things Before Entering the Arbonne International Business

Arbonne International is basically a skin care and heath items organization that was origination in Sweden. It sells its products through a big niche of self Arbonne consulting agents, instead of selling through the normal retail shops and wholesale stores. This method of selling items is called as network marketing.

Network marketing acts as a distribution mode and spreads more than hundred billion United States dollars valued items and facilities each year. Arbonne International provides a business chance for the people who would like to get into the several billion dollar cosmetics field and try to make additional income. This article will be discussing about the three reasons by which the Arbonne network marketing chance attracts the people.

1. Amazing Product Trust and a Popular Brand Name.

From the start of the company in the year 1975, Arbonne International has kept the promise of giving only the most secured, clean and the highly useful skin and health care items to the people. Customers gained the knowledge and confidence regarding the Arbonne International Company and this positive attitude produces a trust with the newly emerging and frequent customers. This indicates that there is previously a high wanting for the Arbonne items among the people. By acting as a self operating distributing agent, it is possible to spread the company name and appreciation among friends, family members and business mates in order to sell the Arbonne items and get some extra income.

2. Development of Cosmetics Field states that the cosmetics field is spread all over the world and has gained an income of nineteen billion dollar each year approximately all over the world. Customers will be now able to buy through the several distribution niches, online websites and also by availing the offline services. Arbonne International contains few two hundred items currently and yearly selling value is thirty five million dollars currently.

Regardless of the lazy economic period, majority of the personal care items and cosmetic items selling rate is being constant, hence this is a powerful and stable field for a constant income.

3. Arbonne International Provides a Stable Compensation Opportunity

The amount to register with the Arbonne International is below forty dollars, till the early period of the year 2011. An Arbonne International consulting agent receives money in various methods.

*Retail marking on items that are bought with a discount offer. *Commission amounts, extra-rides and extra amounts that are estimated for each of the consulting agent’s individual sales rate. Along with this, when a consulting agent refers the company to other consulting agent and makes them to join Arbonne International, commission amounts, extra-rides and extra amounts depending on the sales rates will also be included in their entire Arbonne earnings.

Details that are given by Arbonne International displays that leading makers who receives the post of National Vice President, will be able to get an estimated income of ,572 per quarter.

Do you think that Arbonne International will be matching your abilities?

This decision must be made by the individual alone, after referring the information about the items, leadership abilities and the earning chances. Network marketing is a challenging business structure; however it provides extra-ordinary earning opportunity even for a normal individual.

Many things must be considered prior to choosing the Arbonne International.

1. Do you feel that you have a passion towards the items and will you be feeling proud to showcase them? 2. Do you possess the skills of selling an item in a natural way? If not, do you have the desire to master this ability? 3. Can you able to allot the proper time to perform this new business model?

Is Arbonne International a Fraud Company?

Definitely not. Arbonne International is not a fraudulent organization. This organization is operating in this field in United States for more than 25 years. Network marketing is an official and ethical business structure. It has been approved in all the fifty states, and in several other nations such as Canada, the UK, and Australia etc. It is estimated that there are over 600,000 active consulting agents working for Arbonne International all over the world per month.

Arbonne International is one among the several thousands of superior quality network marketing agencies, providing amazing items and attractive compensation plans. All the distributors will be having various income plans and time plans, along with various talents which will be useful for a job in the field of network marketing.

Is there any chance to gain extra knowledge about the Arbonne International?

Locate a present Arbonne International consulting agent and discuss with him/her individually in case you have the desire to learn extra. You can also find the consultant by browsing the corporate webpage of Arbonne International,


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About Business School Grants

Well managed businesses are considered to be a large asset towards the economy of a country and therefore it needs a great pool of business students who might be groomed to lead large businesses. However, quality education can be costly which is way more in the business schools. Many students despite their wonderful academic record and genuine curiosity about this distinct study have been found to be turning themselves into other professions primarily due to the non accessibility to resources to help them pursue the education of their choice. To limit such students from escaping from business schools, there is certainly a large number of school grants specifically for made for the company schools.

Forms of School Grants:

Broadly, there are 2 types of business school grants that are offered for college students wanting to pursue education in business schools. You are those grants that are offered by the Federal assuring governments whereas one other you are the grants which are made available by corporations, nonprofit organizations along with other entities. Along with these, business schools also provide some grants using their side.

Benefit of School Grants:

The benefit of school grants over other forms of financial assistance for instance loan is that these funds doesn’t have to be paid back after completing the education. Thus giving additional freedom to the student to pursue a job of his/her own choice and not concern yourself with the repayment from the loans. Apart from the school grants specifically made available for business schools, there’s also various other grants that have been designed for schooling generally speaking. You need to not ignore these school grants and it is a great idea to use to these general school grants too.

How you can avail the company school grants

To avail of these business school grants, you need to be well prepared. Every one of the business school grants have their particular eligibility criteria for application and selection. The eligibility might be depending on several factors for instance scholastic achievements, financial predicament of the candidate applying, the ethnicity of the candidate and so forth. However, a number of the business school grants are considered offered on a first come first serve basis and hence it’s important for your candidate to get the college grants as early as possible. There’s also some very specific business school grants that are offered and then women candidates, single mum and dad willing to pursue education inside a quality business school.

Where to find more information on business school grants:

A large amount of information is available online. These details primarily points towards the various school grants that are offered and could possibly be used for business schools. Most of these school grants have their own dedicated webpages where detailed information regarding the school grants is made available. Also, you will find a lot of online forums where people share their experiences on business grants. Additionally, it’s possible to talk to relatives and buddies so as to know of the various school grants and how to pull off getting them. It would be also worth conversing with business school students as they may have a firsthand information and experience in getting these business school grants.

Top 10 Questions Asked About International Marketing Careers


1.    Why can’t I get a marketing job in an FMCG company?

FMCG companies are the pinnacle of cutting edge marketing. Their brand managers learn a rigorous approach to their marketing from careful and detailed market research, product development and through to mass marketing and advertising. It is certainly a highly skilled discipline where most marketers are generally “grown”.

Job seekers wanting to move into this industry find that they are “locked out” of this opportunity with any of the major international FMCG firms such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever and Heinz.

To get into FMCG, you need to do this as a university graduate; and even here, you would need to be in the top group of your university year.


2.    I have 15 years as an accountant/IT programmer/lawyer. Why am I having so many problems getting a job in marketing?

The benefits of a marketing team are not well understood by people from different disciplines. This is certainly apparent from the number of applications we receive from people outside of the marketing and communications disciplines who apply for positions where marketing experience is required.

For someone to move into marketing from another discipline, it is unlikely that any recruitment firm can assist them. They are best leveraging their industry or company experience to get an internal transfer to the marketing team. Taking up some studies in marketing as well does show a sincere interest rather than a fleeting one.


3.    What is the difference between marketing and communications?

We define marketing under Kotler’s 4 P’s; which are Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Most industries split their marketing positions into a number of different roles. Product Marketing uses market research and insights, manufacturing and product development as well as pricing. Place (ie: distribution) is often with Trade Marketing, Channel Marketing or even sales. Promotion includes all ways of contacting the target customer ranging from traditional avenues such as advertising and direct marketing through to PR, interactive solutions and events. These roles usually fall under Communications.

Corporate Communications, on the other hand, are less about the product but more about the company as an overall brand. This includes job functions such as PR, crisis management, internal communications.  The diagram below identifies how this fits in the overall scheme of things:


4.    What are the pros and cons of interim marketing?

O’Connell Marketing Recruitment are a little biased in this regard. We focus on permanent marketing recruitment as we want to help further the marketing careers and growth of our candidates and provide excellent people for our clients.

Interim marketing, we feel, is a lifestyle choice, but it is not a choice which facilitates growth. You will certainly be very well paid (especially in the Netherlands where hourly and daily rates are extremely high compared to counterparts in the UK). You will have more flexibility of when you work in a good market, however when the economy turns, you are the first to go. Interim marketers of more than 2 years experience are less likely to be “accepted” back into a permanent position as companies are concerned that you will now be too independent and not so easy to manage. Interim roles often do not challenge the freelancer – companies look for people who can just come in and do it – so the learning curves tend to be less. Companies are less interested in investing in your future, due to the limited time you work with them.


5.    How can I get an international marketing job?

With the growing centralisation of marketing campaigns and product offerings, there are more and more international and pan-European marketing positions than ever before. English tend to be the common language for this, so you certainly need a business level of English to be considered for any such roles (as well as a track record in large corporations). The more international your experience to date, the more likely that you will be selected for an international position. If you haven’t ever lived and worked outside your home country, you are less likely to be considered for an international position.

The exceptions for this are in the areas of highest demand (see Q 6 for an explanation of this)


6.    Which international marketing and communications positions are currently the most in demand?

Before the current economic crisis, internal communications would have been at the top of the list in growth in demand. This is a very specialised market place where potential candidates have a background in perhaps more general communications but have a passion for communicating to an internal audience. These roles are on the growth path as more and more companies are internationalising and need to communicate their direction internationally. Because of the writing element in internal communications positions, there is a strong leaning for native English speakers as they are more likely to also have excellent written skills. During the current economic downturn, however, internal communications positions have been one of the most scarce.

Interactive marketing professionals are currenlty in high demand. Their knowledge and passion for all there is to know about Web 2.0 is highly sought after. It’s not just the skill, however. The ability to fit into a matrix multinational corporation is just as important as well. We have seen young interactive marketers command premium salaries and move quickly in their career.

Public Relations professionals for PR agencies are always in demand. The biggest challenge is that, it doesn’t matter which country the agency is located, they need PR professionals from that country with excellent native written skills. So for Spanish PR professionals in the Netherlands, there is very low demand, but extremely high demand within Spain.

Why this gap? PR Agencies are reluctant to recruit candidates who have not already worked within an agency environment, so immediately narrow their pool of potentials. Candidates coming from agencies want to try “client side” or even set up their own freelance operation to “go it alone”. If you’re in your native country, have excellent writing skills and great personal communication style and want to make a move into a PR agency, you certainly have a chance.


7.    Why are their so many international or pan-European marketing positions in the Netherlands?

The international and pan-European positions in the Netherlands certainly stand out from the local positions as they are normally advertised in English. There are probably even more similar positions in the UK, but given that the language there is in Enlgish, both local and pan-European positions are not so distinguished.

The Dutch government give financial incentives to companies to set up businesses in the Netherlands. It is certainly an attractive destination as the workforce is well educated and multi-lingual, English is widely used and the country is centrally located.

The international mindset of the Dutch (“we’re from a heritage of traders”) also creates an environment for international business.


8.     What is the difference between B2C and B2B marketing?

B2C or consumer marketing is focussed on the research and promotion of products or services based on population trends (ie: lifestyle or demographic) where as B2B marketing has more definable target markets of companies and businesses.


9.    Which companies do marketing and communications people have the most challenging time?

The more a company is focussed on technology or sales, the lower the voice is of marketing.


10.    Will an MBA help my career?

Not necessarily. Some companies do require a professional to possess an MBA. However, in recent research conducted by O’Connell Marketing Recruitment, we found that only 23.1% of Chief Marketing Officers had an MBA. A large number of CMO’s only have a Bachelor’s degree.

More Information About Commerce In The Global Scale

The business of exportation can at times be overwhelming. International commerce is extremely influenced by both seen and unseen factors. Continuous checking of the international commerce is a must for someone who is in the export business. Highly priced goods can sometime drop in price in a heartbeat. Contacts might come and go. Quality of products or services can change several of times throughout a year. Sometimes a need for a new supplier is deemed to be the wisest thing to do.

Though, finding a new one can be very hard if not tricky. The distance makes it virtually impossible. Not to mention the scammer and contacts who over rate their capabilities. It takes a good judgment and a bit of luck to locate a reliable international contact. An investment must never be taken lightly. A considerable amount of cash is never that easy to come by. It would be sensible to do extensive background check to a potential contact.

The history of commerce can be traced back as far as the early times. It started a simple barter driven to fulfill self-sufficiency. The rules were simple. Two carrots for two potatoes. As time progressed, those rules weren’t applicable anymore. For instance, a tailor maker wants his farm tended. He would then employ a farmer to do it for him. In this situation, the tailor would not be able to sew sufficient dresses to pay the farmer or he may not want a dress for payment in the first place. This conflict of interest brought us the concept of currency. It solved the problem.

It enables everybody to appraise any service of stock with a certain value and be compensated accordingly without being forced to accept a payment that is just convenient to the payer but not for the payee. From this basal concept, commerce evolved and at last reached in global scale. International commerce was then invented.

The trading was not anymore limited to a local area. International trading and investments was made possible by the invention of ship, then plane and now the web. Finding contacts abroad is not as easy as surfing the net and the communication between two parties are finally made a lot simpler.

Know More About How Mexico Fits Into The International Economy

U.S does a lot of foreign trade with a lot of countries and one of the most significant players in this trade is our instant Southern neighbor, Mexico. Many people wouldn’t believe that Mexico is such a big part of our trade firm. You would do well if you are trying to build your own exporting business to consider doing that business with Mexico. This country is coming into their own in the international economy since their own domestic economy continues to improve.

Mexico is very vital for our own, all-important and the global investments. Mexico has trade rights with around thirty different countries and they are the 12th largest economy worldwide. If you’re looking for a trade friendly nation, then Mexico should be the one that you decide.

One important thing to know about exports to the U.S. from Mexico is that there are no tariffs or taxes placed on the products or goods from them. That is important to saving money and convenience in dealing with this country. Their labor prices are among the lowest in the world so you can save money in that respect when buying from this international powerhouse.

Mexico does work with other countries such as Japan, China, South Korea and Germany but about 50% of their global trade is performed with the United States. NAFTA or the North American Free Trade Agreement made it possible for Mexico to trade with the U.S. and Canada in 1994.

There are a lot of assembled items out of Mexico into the U.S. but they have a lot of natural resources that are in demand too.

You’ll find a lot of beautiful silver jewels sent to the U.S. from Mexico. They also supply a lot of automobiles and food to other countries. One of the main gears that make Mexico so important to the international economy is their production of lubricate and by-products. They produce about four million barrels of oil per day. Another small fact that you may not know is that it isn’t China, but instead, it is Mexico that produces the smartest phones in the world. Because of the huge growth in Mexico’s electronics category, they have created their own domestic telecom company with the headquarters in Mexico. This company is on a par with the big name players such as Samsung and Sony. If you really happen to have to throw yourself into international commerce then Mexico is fast becoming a leader in the international economy.