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Australian Business News The Good And The Bad

Australian business news is both good and bad. It seems that a private survey has confirmed what the man on the street already knows and that is that the price of goods such as fresh food, petrol and travelling is rising. Prices also seem ready to rise in the other sectors such as educational construction, housing and services. What might surprise the ordinary person is that there was also supposed to have been a fall in rental prices that partly offset the other surges. Not everyone would agree with that piece of Australian business news.

What all this Australian business news boils down to is that inflation is now expected to rise and so we are likely to get hit with another interest rate rise as the powers that be try and stop inflation from going through the roof.

An interest rise in March 2010 was predicted as early as last year by experts in Australian business news, but now they are tipping that there could even be two interest rate hikes in that month rather than the one. If this happens it will surely have the effect of pushing down inflation to a rate that is manageable.

While the Australian business news experts can and do predict with fair accuracy what will happen in the coming year, they can still be surprised by the unexpected, such as the recent fall in unemployment figures. They were also expecting much more doom and gloom in the Australian economy as the global recession tore chunks out of the economies of many other countries, but that didnt happen  at least not to the extent that was expected. It is good to be pleasantly surprised sometimes.

Australian Business News Tells On Companies

According to some recent Australian business news, Australian companies are amongst the worlds worst in paying their bills. The pay lag is often around 53 days, which is likely to cause a cash flow problem for many businesses. The trouble is it is a vicious circle with a business unable to pay its bills until it gets payment from other companies. But these other companies are also waiting to receive payment.

This trend is not a good one, Australian business news sources claim. Now the global economic crisis is pretty much over  at least in Australia – good cash flow is critical to prevent any return to the bad times. Companies are doing themselves and other Australian companies a disservice by paying their bills so late. The cycle of late payments must be broken somewhere along the line to prevent cash flow crises that will impact business growth and stability.

Electrical, gas and sanitary companies are the worst offenders, while the real estate, finance and insurance sectors pay their bills a little more quickly, though they are still later than they should be. Australian business news experts suggest that it may be possible to change these late habits by taking out a small loan to pay bills on time. If everyone did that then the cycle of late payments between businesses could be broken.

Australian business news also reports that, Australia is the fourth worst payer of bills in the Pacific-Asia region. Businesses should work to break such a poor reputation.

Australian Business News For Starting A Business

Those interested in starting up a new business venture will find plenty of Australian business news and views to help them along. No one wants to fail, so taking care to avail yourself of all the Australian business news that might be relevant to your situation may just give you the edge that is needed to make your business successful.

For instance, before you even get started it is wise to do some market research to ensure there is a ready market for your products or service. A feasibility study will help you with this and help and guidance can be provided from government sources, according to Australian business news experts.

Once feasibility has been established you will also need to access finance  and for that you need a good business plan. You will need to find out what extra skills are needed, what or who your competitors are and how you will differ from them to gain customers. Australian business news is full of business hopefuls who failed because they did not do their research properly. Dont become one of these statistics. Instead access all the help you can get to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Australian business news experts will show you how to conduct market research and protect your intellectual property. Very often this advice and support is given for free, making it a valuable resource for all new businesses. A little research on the Internet will bring up many Australian business news websites that can offer help and guidance.

Australian Business News Information

A large part of the Australian business news that you may hear is correlated with Australian tourism since a significant proportion of the country’s GDP actually comes from tourism. In general terms, if one was to look at Australian business news in the last 15 years, it has been good news almost all the time. The unemployment has been low, inflation has also been controlled and the mining industry is extremely strong.

Over the years, however, the Australian economy has become more global and the association with Asian markets means that a lot of the Australian business news is impacted by what is happening in these markets. With an increase in the trade with these countries a large number of immigrants from Japan, China, South Korea and Philippines are coming onto the shores of Australian and forming part of the Australian business news that we hear these days.

Australian business news states that about half of the Australian dollars earned in export are now coming from what is called Easy Asia. Half of the foreign direct investment that Australia is making is also in Asian countries.

A large part of the dynamic and ever changing Australian business news that we hear today is due to the merging of the Australian Stock Exchange and the Sydney Futures Exchange in 2006 that make this exchange the 8th largest one in the world.

Australian business news often refers to the country as the lucky land or the lucky country due to the geographic isolation, pleasant climate and abundance of mining opportunities.

International Relations Degree From an Australian University

If you are considering a career with the State Department and are planning to pursue an international relations degree, you might think about attending college in Australia. The Australian National University offers one of the most comprehensive courses of study in this field in addition to its other fine degree programs.

One of the advantages to attending an Australian college is the fact that they speak your language. The culture of Australia also shares many similarities with that in the U.S., while the differences are intriguing; both nations were founded prior to the 19th Century as colonies of the British Empire, and patterns of settlement were similar. In both countries, there were conflicts with indigenous peoples that had a major impact on how those societies developed. In Australia, college does not differ greatly from that which you are already familiar.

Among Australian colleges, ANU’s Department of International Relations is considered to have one of the leading such graduate degree programs in the world.  The program combines theory and practical applications with an emphasis on Asia and the Pacific Rim. This program is the only one of its kind in Australia, and scholars from all over the world come to ANU in order to study geo-political issues that are slowly transforming the planet. This graduate degree draws on a number of disciplines in the social sciences, including:

•    political science
•    sociology
•    history
•    anthropology
•    law
•    economics
•    philosophy

In order to qualify for this program, you will need to have successfully completed a bachelor’s degree in one of these fields and maintained a minimum academic standard.

Another key is preparation. If you are planning to complete an international relations degree at the Australian College of Asia and the Pacific at ANU, you will have to get started at least a year in advance. Applications can take time to process; in addition, you’ll need to make certain your passport is up-to-date, make travel arrangements as well as living arrangements while you are in attendance.

Degree programs through a college in Australia can be tremendously rewarding and allow you to earn the credentials you need while giving you a broader perspective in the field of international relations and diplomacy.