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Industry Spotlight: Christine Wang, Supervisor of International Marketing Department at Sony Music Entertainment China

During my recent trip to China for the Music Matters conference in Hong Kong, I met up with Christine Wang in Beijing. Ms. Wang started in the music business as a MusicDish intern in 2007 and went on to rise up the music ranks to Supervisor of International Marketing Department at Sony Music Entertainment China. Her insights and experiences gained working Sony’s international roster in China should be of interest to anyone considering breaking into its music market. (see also Music Matters – A Window Into The Asian Music Market)

[EDF] So let’s start with the basics. What are your department’s [International Marketing Department] primary responsibilities?

[CW] Our department is responsible for everything related to international repertoire, including publishing, production, press releases, marketing, promotions, events, and strategic marketing. It is all focused on promoting international artists on Sony Music’s roster in Chinese territory.

[EDF] And what are your specific functions as department supervisor?

[CW] My functions include everything above, with a focus on production, preparing all press releases, artist/album information and artist promotions across all media platforms. In addition, while we have a digital department, I am also responsible for online marketing as well as over ten artist global websites plus Sony Music official site updates. In short, we are a small version of a label, except for the A&R function.

[EDF] Right, your roster is given to you. But what a roster I must say! What are some of the artists/projects that you have worked on this year so far?

[CW] The releases I’ve worked on this year include Dido – Safe Trip Home, Pink – Funhouse, Oasis – Dig Out Your Soul, Beyonce – I Am.. Sasha Fierce (2CD), Celine Dion – My Love: Ultimate Essential Collection (2CD), Westlife – Karaoke DVD, John Legend – Evolver, Britney Spears – Circus, Christina Aguilera – Keeps Gettin’ Better – A Decade Of Hits, Il Divo – The Promise, Sarah McLachlan – Closer: The Best Of Sarah McLachlan, The Fray – The Fray, David Archuleta – David Archuleta, David Cook – David Cook, Kelly Clarkson – All I Ever Wanted, and Michael Jackson 4 album re-releases (The Essential Michael Jackson, Thriller, Off The Wall, Invincible)

[EDF] The biggest star in that list is Michael Jackson, who passed away very recently. How did the Chinese media react to his death? And what was it like for you as the media’s main intermediary for the story?

[CW] Yes, Michael Jackson’s death had a huge impact on us. Do you know how I found out about his death? The news was announced around 3 AM Beijing time. I still clearly remember that morning. I was waken up by a phone call from a media outlet requesting his album information.

The Chinese media was so shocked by Michael Jackson’s death. Early morning radio shows did features on him, print and internet all wrote positive reviews on his life and career. By noon, there were already programs dedicated to him on TV. So it was really widely covered and lasted for a couple of weeks. There are still TV programs rotating Michael Jackson’s stories every day. Our department provided as much as information we could to the public, including sending out press release and audio/video content to support the media’s coverage.

[EDF] The artists you work on are some of the biggest names in the music industry. So what works in reaching your chinese audience: radio, TV, print, web?

[CW] For international artists, the web naturally offers the most information, followed by radio and print. In the case of radio, despite the dominance of domestic repertoire, stations love to play the newest western music and they’ll rotate a single quite often in the first two weeks, generally. Some radio stations even follow the US or UK charts.

But with respect to the artists that attracted the most media attention: Beyonce, Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera and Kelly Clarkson. They all enjoyed good levels of print coverage, which also serves an important role in reaching our audience.

In regards to TV, there’s very limited coverage for international content.

[EDF] People are surprised when I say, “Chinese people don’t like Western music.” Of course, it’s not that they don’t like Western music, but we in the West tend to assume they do. So I use the phrase to drive a point: international repertoire represents a sliver of the overall chinese market.

[CW] Yes, the international repertoire represents a very small portion of the overall Chinese market. The domestic repertoire is very dominant. However, Chinese consumers do like big names and established pop/ R&B artists, such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys, Westlife, Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Dido, Beyonce, Avril Lavigne, and Michael Jackson, of course. In more recent years, rock bands and hip-hop artists have been gaining popularity. In terms of sales, though, major Chinese pop stars seem to attract a broader audience.

[EDF] How difficult is it to create awareness around a new project?

[CW] It is relatively easy to create awareness on a new project for a globally established artists. However, the difficulty is in broadening the audience beyond their existing fanbase, or, even more challenging, breaking in new artists. Ten years ago, the domestic repertoire market was not very well developed. There weren’t nearly as many pop stars as today. Most of the artists you’d hear of would be from Taiwan, Hong Kong or the West.

But over the past ten years, the Chinese domestic market has grown dramatically. More people are paying attention to the domestic repertoire now. This is particularly true for those with language barriers — in other words, most Chinese — who are being offered an ever-growing number of opportunities to enjoy Chinese music instead of being “forced,” out of a lack of choices, to listen to western music.

Many assume that because the market is more open than before and young people have more foreign experience through higher education, there would be a larger amount of people enjoying western music. And while It’s true that more people appreciate western music today, at the same time there are many new ways to access information and music. These people are innovative and creatively discovering unknown music. The chinese youth is more active than ever before and are finding their own cultural identity through music.

The Chinese media market is generalized and complicated; unlike the U.S. market which is fragmented along genres and lifestyles, such as, Disney Radio for pop music and The Source for hip hop. The lack of niche media markets in China makes it difficult to know which consumers you are reaching through a media outlet. This makes it particularly challenging to break new artists. For the people who like western music but cannot find a great music platform to know what is new, they tend to stick to the established names, which makes this small group of people very loyal to the artists, such as Celine Dion and Dido.

To add to the point about media, people working in the industry tend to have a preference for Chinese music. Therefore, DJs tend to play Chinese music more often and journalists are more likely to cover Chinese artists they know, rather than spending the time learning about what’s new in western music market. In order to create greater awareness among media and the consumers, education still has a long way to go.

[EDF] The key point I retained is that China is a very challenging market, in large part because it is still on a path of development, from a copyright regime to supporting creativity. There is no question that the Chinese music industry and consumers will become increasingly sophisticated over the next decade. The question is how to position oneself to be able to play a role in that development.

Integration of China E-commerce-international Trade Shows

There are about forty thousand multinational companies operating world wide and almost 200,000 overseas joint ventures that run across the continents. Many of these collaborations and joint ventures have concerns, directly or indirectly, with China business enterprises. The access to China through world-wide international trade investments is increasing day by day.

Moreover, due to globalization the extent to which China’s international trade and investments bears an impact is very wide. It is due to globalization that the international market has a direct approach to acquire modern technology and consequently reduce the problems of distribution and stumpy internal coordination expenses. It has opened the doors for the specialization of network services and products with collective support of companies. Business process outsourcing for both internal activities and external activities is the result of globalization of international trade and global investments. Business process outsourcing is the common concept in the entire world and China is one of the leading countries that provide such services. For quality work and performance the outsourcing companies often select China as their business collaborators.

International Trade Software – What’s it actually?

International Trade Software isn’t something that creates customized invoices or Certificates of Origin. Good International Trade Software combines ERP software made specifically for both importers and exporters to manage order processing, inventory & shipment tracking, automate documentation.

You can have dedicated software for marketing support and enquiry tracking in addition to available software in the area of shipping, logistics, freight and EDI.

Advanced software products facilitate internet-based transaction management besides providing facilities for central data exchange. Most international trade products are built for both Windows and Linux platforms using either .NET or J2EE.

Processing applications for the Certificate of Origin can be automated using the built in modules in the international trade software. The Certificate of Origin is an essential documents declaring the place of origin of goods imported or exported and with the software, the process of applying and availing it can be made over the internet. For inspection of international trade goods, packing materials and container through CIQ, make use of application built in for declaration processing. Permit and registration handling module lets you register planned goods by applying for a permit.

Software or not, international trade requires lots of diligent planning and execution and trade software can only remove errors from routine international trade procedure.

Different software companies were recently contacted besides traders in order to evaluate the need level for an international trade software. Its accreditation run a lot of public debate in the recent past and the advancement being observed with BSi, it is more or less clear that the time has arrived for an appropriate non-VAT software too.

Global Health Products, Their Database and China Outsourcing in International Trade Market


It is not that easy to get an entry in the international trade market of China, especially for global health products. The legal and government system in China is very complicated and it involves a good amount of paperwork, which sometimes baffles the investors. The work council and labour unions in China outsourcing are very influential and the laws are very strong regarding the security of the international trade. The real fun of China outsourcing business regarding global health products is that we meet a lot of great people along the way. Everyone we meet has a wealth of experience that is invaluable in terms of China outsourcing in international trade of global health products. Phenomenal growth of global health products has a lot to do with the relationships with customers, vendors, and strategic alliances in the international trade market. Creative ideas are tossed around when we interact with clients, vendors and China outsourcing professionals. Involvement is the key word in any business. Obligation is not the same as a social connection that stresses the importance of relationships. Aspiring to profit from a China outsourcing business is not always the same as succeeding in international trade business.

China should incorporate total quality management techniques in its outsourcing of global health products to assure its international trade customers that Chinese outsourcing global health products are of the highest quality. In addition, Chinese Government should implement stringent oversight mechanisms on its global health products to maintain its economic growth and consumer confidence in Chinese global health products.” Buyer beware,” is applicable on both China outsourcing and international trade scale. And in an international trade food market, the phrase, “we are what we eat,” takes on a whole new meaning. To develop and execute a successful business plan for outsourcing Chinese global health products, it requires a good understanding of the profits and losses associated with it. The international trade for China outsourcing market is a network which works competently using their connections in the market for the sale of global health products.

China global health products’ directory or database is undoubtedly the best place to begin our search for China outsourcing procedures in international trade. A good China outsourcing Directory will invariably place us in a position to approach supplies of our choice based on facts and figures. Using a China supplier’s data base, we’ll immediately have the driving position with respect to China global health products suppliers and be able to bypass middlemen and wholesalers and thus the associated costs, as per latest procedure adopted in China outsourcing and international trade. There are online and offline databases for China outsourcing professionals, global health products suppliers and most of these are pioneers in international trade. While choosing a general database may present us with countless options, China outsourcing specific directories can be assumed to be more authentic both in their choice of credible global health products suppliers. International trade specialists, China global health products suppliers directory, recommends China outsourcing as No.1 in the international trade market.

If you are interested with us, please visit the website (

Benefits of E-commerce in China


International trade and e-commerce industry of China is the source of development of this country in global sourcing. Over the years, China has slowly but gradually moved along the success path and much of it has been credited to the use of new technology and business approaches in international trade. E-commerce has served a lot and the benefits are uncountable.

Some well known benefits of e-commerce in the business scene of China are:

-Increased import

With the initiation of e-commerce in China, retail store owners have great many options to sell their products which are provided by manufacturers, distributors, and the suppliers through international trade. It offers the consumers a number of choices to select from wide range of e-commerce product. The cost of production has reduced greatly and income generated has increased in international trade. Even opting for import business on a large scale is very easy now, and all due to e-commerce practices in China.

-Increased export

Due to e-commerce processes finding new customers in foreign countries has become easy for the Chinese manufacturers. Foreign market and global sourcing is largely being targeted by the Chinese manufacturers, and e-commerce is proving to be beneficial for it. Selling product via e-commerce in various countries also increases the chances of profitable returns. Now you can protect your transactions with foreign customers in international trade by using letters of credit.

-Easy Licensing procedure

The process of becoming a licensing agent in Chinese e-commerce is very easy. It assists in global sourcing and e-commerce business. With it you can get royalties by selling online the products of domestic sellers to foreign corporations.

-Earn good amount of fees by finding the buyers

Through e-commerce you can make very good amount of money in the form of fees from domestic companies by arranging foreign buyers for international trade with them.

-Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is an important term in e-commerce. It means a product delivery service provided by wholesalers or distributors to the customers in global sourcing. The sellers or drop shippers are often engaged with the retailers to sell their products in international trade. In such services you are not required to handle customs declarations or broker details.

-Service of Mail Order

You can insert a mail order service with the current business process in e-commerce. In this process you can place your order online to your suppliers, retail stores and other businesses and will in turn increase your sales greatly. This method of selling via e-commerce is very conducive for global sourcing in China.

Thus e-commerce in China assists in increasing the business opportunities on a large scale. It provides an impetus to global sourcing and helps in reaching the customers through online mode of business.

2009 China international e-commerce conference will be held on September 12, 2009 in Guangdong province

News from China B2B research center, 2009 China (Guangdong) international e-commerce conference will hold on September 12, 2009 in Baiyun International Conference Center ceremoniously in Guangzhou.

Organized by the Guangdong Provincial Information Industry Department, the Guangzhou People’s Municipal Government and China Electronic Commerce Association, the conference set “to promote innovation, boost transformation, and strive for creating the International Electronic Commerce Center” as the theme and hold around the target of how to achieve “further establish the Pearl River Delta Region International E-Commerce center “.

Except some major officials from relevant departments will attend the meeting, the meeting also invited many seniors of leading enterprises on e-commerce home and abroad, such as China Mobile, China Union Pay, Alibaba, Tencent, IBM, Cisco, Google, Amazon, eBay, and the European Union Resident Representative in China, Hong Kong and Macao delegates and local service providers.

The meeting will give a platform to present e-commerce application, supporting system and safeguard measures, exchange experience, share new ideas, analyze application cases, inspire the participants thinking, and open the sight of practitioners.

E-commerce is a new industry representative and the core of the modern industrial system with a flexible response capabilities and broad space for development.

It is not only a technology tool for businesses to recruit more business, but also basing on the level of industry resources allocation through the effective integration of procurement, manufacturing, sales, channels, payment, information, logistics and other activities to establish a new marketing and growth mode.

E-commerce can help SMEs break through the regional restrictions and trade monopolies in the international competition. Spreading and deepening e-commerce applications, could also contribute to the innovation and development of traditional industries, which plays a pivotal role in assisting upgrading the regional economy.

The conference is the largest e-commerce activities of the southern area so far, which provides participants a perfect opportunity for comprehensive revealing the nature of e-commerce and in-depth understanding panorama of the international e-commerce center.

As a winner of domestic e-commerce, ( certainly will concentrate on the great issue. This is a good chance for to learn advanced marketing features from other excellent e-commerce enterprises and conclude work experience to make up for its own deficiencies. also makes an effort of keeping pace with,, etc. and shortening the distance. strives for standing as a winner of international e-commerce in the end.

Three Measures for China Sanitary Hardware Industry to Deal With Foreign Trade Problems

Chinese high-quality and low-charge bathroom products have been much favored by foreign dealers and consumers for a long time, and its export volume increased remarkably. However, with the gradually increased export volume and the deterioration of the international economic situation, more and more countries begin to implement almost harsh  technical standards for making trade barriers, which has increased difficulties for China sanitary ware enterprises to develop foreign markets. In the face of this trend, to solve trade protection, what Chinese enterprises should do first is to rely on technological innovation and practise the upgrade of industrial standard. According to experts, products must meet standards is the first thing for breaking through technical barriers to trade, manufactures should establish product control system in order to ensure that the products put on market are in line with standards. At present, under the situation of the export pressure increasing, Chinese sanitary ware enterprises have increasingly attached importance to related international standards, their products quality has substantially improved in accordance with relevant technical standards, which has avoided export disputes caused by standard barriers. With the strength of Chinese sanitary ware enterprises increasing gradually, more and more bathroom products has reached or even exceeded foreign stringent standards. High standard products and reasonable prices will become key factors to break trade barriers, and then win a larger overseas market. Under the influence of financial crisis, the demand from major trading partners such as United States, Japan and Europe fell sharply, the international market became shrink.

China is a big exporter of sanitary ware, but its exportation is mainly in the form of OEM, which only can earn meager processing fees. From the perspective of the whole exportation development trend it is extremely unfavorable, for a long time foreign countries use the Chinese cheap labor advantage, which make domestic manufacturers only receive small amount of processing fees and result Chinese foreign trade tend to a simple quantitative expansion, the increase of export value is significantly lower than export volume, the export benefit falls and enter the error that only stress foreign exchange income, but ignore brands creation. Chinese sanitary ware enterprises should pay more attention to the construction and development of self-owned brand in future, develop independent brand and try best to do the publicity and planning. According to characteristics of foreign trade enterprise, enterprises should fully understand the market changes, moderately grasp the scale of processing, combine manufacturing products with foreign brands with creating their own brands, reasonably confirm the ratio of OEM and self-owned brand. They can learn and master the world-famous brand management and technology through OEM, as well as establish reputation in domestic and international markets through their own brands, expand the market share and improve their competition.

In short, with the competence of Chinese enterprises becoming stronger and stronger, the differences between foreign advanced sanitary enterprises in industrial standard, product quality, production technology and other aspects are getting smaller and smaller. As the international trade competition increasing, the traditional cheap processing exportation way must be adjusted properly under the new situation. Related policies established by China in future will also encourage innovation and guide brand strategy, the foreign trade development mode that rely on cheap labor and sacrificing non-renewable resources and environment will be limited gradually. Chinese enterprises should take advantage of this crisis to accelerate their adjustment and self-improvement, develop viable development strategies to expand market.

Above provided by, and find more information on China Construction & Decoration Manufacturers / China Construction & Decoration Products.

Internet Based International Trade With China

The streamlining of international trade process was made available to simplify information and data access for SMEs in order to conduct their international trade. To begin with, the system was developed to include the expenses on communication, banking, insurance, and inspection in addition to the traditional production & trading expenses. With the new system for international trade, SMEs can now research the market, pickup leads in a seamless ambience for online transactions.

-International Trade- Internet based product selection

The present system for international trade with a computer and internet requires you to possess an internet connected computer. Importers will visit vendors’ websites; browse specifications for chosen products. Once done, the products of required specifications can be selected and an order form can be generated for just the selected products of the already selected specification. Before you complete the international trade order, the order can be checked and/or corrected for details of product name, quantity, rate and total price. The order can be cancelled if it is unsatisfactory for any reason. Similarly, confirming it requires importers’ information like name, company’s name contact and shipping addresses, insurance, payment details etc.

-Effect of International trade with China on US

Large scale imports through international trade from China have replaced domestic production and consequently cost close to a million jobs. But in stark contrast, imports from international trade, both in, services and goods has silently contributed in terms of reduced overheads which fact is unfortunately not highlighted. On the positive side, international trade exposes domestic firms to cut-throat competition and forces companies to cut down on premiums they charged for years.

Imports from China aren’t limited to labor-intensive sectors but include high-tech sectors, like office automation, telecommunications and electrical appliances besides household machinery. Statistics prove this point; capital goods surpass import of consumer goods.

As there are voices rising in concern for the domestic players, an expert in international trade and CEO of Five Rivers, Tom Hopson told the Congress that high end electronics from China have definitely wrecked havoc in US which is a fact even ITC agreed that surge of international trade in these items from China had marred fortunes of many US companies, and went on to impose higher duties.

International trade with China is an old trend if you remember Marco Polo and the Silk route the Chinese had established. International trade has taken a full circle and is firmly established as an integral for both US and China. US politicians endorse the international trade with China and believe that it could benefit America. Trade with China has earned the distinction of being known as extremely lucrative of international trades.

2007 1 to 6 months in China toys export ranking the first in the world – the export statistics, toy exports, foreign trade data – the toy industry

This year, China’s foreign economic and trade fields to conscientiously implement the scientific concept of development, efforts to change foreign trade growth, focus on improving the quality of foreign investment, accelerate the pace of foreign economic cooperation, to enhance our level of opening up, promoting economic development and make a positive contribution.

  Gradual transformation of foreign trade growth mode

According to statistics, during the first half of this year, China’s import and export volume reached 980.9 billion U.S. dollars, up 23.3%. Among them, the export of 546.7 billion U.S. dollars, up 27.6%; import 434.2 billion U.S. dollars, up 18.2%. Annual import and export volume is expected to more than 2.1 trillion U.S. dollars, exports are expected to further enhance the global ranking. China’s foreign trade showed the first half of the five significant characteristics:

First, foreign trade grew steadily. Accession to the WTO five years, sustained and rapid development of China’s foreign trade, average annual growth of 28%. This trend continued during the first half of this year, import and export growth essentially flat last year. Trade growth is good with the main partners, China and the EU, the United States, Japan, the respective volume of trade reached 158.4 billion, 140.6 billion, 110 billion U.S. dollars, up by 27.3%, 17.4%, 14.5%.

Second, new progress in market diversification. In the first half, China Russia, India, South Africa, ASEAN and Korean exports rose by 71.9%, 64%, 40%, 32.8%, 31%, significantly faster than my US-Japan trade growth in EU and other economies. China to ASEAN, South Korea, Russia, India, Africa, Latin America exports in total exports rose from 21% last year rose to 24%.

Third is to optimize trade structure. The first half of this year, in addition to iron and steel products, other types of “two high and one capital” export growth decline markedly negative growth of fossil fuel exports, which unwrought copper and copper products, wooden products, rare earth, leather, coal, coal tar , rock phosphate and other products of export volume decreased substantially, while the mechanical and electrical products, high-tech products and agricultural exports have increased sharply. Air-conditioning, DVD, camera, notebook computers, mobile phones, color television sets, containers, shoes, toys, bags and other merchandise exports continued to highest in the world.

Fourth, the quality of growth improved significantly. Raise the overall price level of export products, color television sets, automatic data processing equipment and parts, automobiles and automobile chassis, container and other products rise more than 15%. Food exports pass rate was higher in the first half exports to the United States, European Union, Japan, the rate of food passing more than 99%.

5 is to promote foreign trade growth pattern a lot of work to achieve certain results. According to information provided by the Ministry of Commerce, this year, relevant departments of the State Council, we must take a series of measures to ease the pressure on the trade surplus, such as adjusting the export tax rebate rate of some products and the import-export tariff rate to adjust the processing trade policy, and standardization of outdated “award a limited entry” policy, to a certain extent, to curb some of the high energy consumption, high emission and resource exports. Months, has on the 695 kinds of “two high and one capital” Product elimination of export tax refund or levy to raise export tariffs; raise the access threshold of processing trade enterprises, environmental protection, energy, labor, equipment, level indicators into the scope of the audit , some of the goods included in the prohibited category in processing trade; not approved foreign investment in steel iron, aluminum and other countries limit the high-pollution projects. Departments also strengthened the supervision of the quality of export products, targeted to strengthen regulation and control, to clarify the facts, enhance mutual trust.

Absorption of foreign capital and foreign investment continued to increase

Continue to optimize foreign investment structure. The first half of newly approved 18683 foreign investment enterprises, down 5.4%; actual foreign investment 31.9 billion U.S. dollars, up 12.2%. Improve the industrial structure of foreign investment. Services liberalization and international services to seize the opportunity to transfer, to promote substantial growth in the service sector foreign investment, in the first half reached 13.8 billion U.S. dollars, up 58.2%, accounting for actual foreign investment rose from 30.6% last year rose to 43.2% . Foreign investment to improve quality, high-tech industries, research and development, high-end manufacturing sectors and the environmental protection industry to further enhance the proportion of foreign investment.

Marked improvement in the regional structure of foreign investment. Departments concerned to implement the “China Business” project achieved positive results, and promote foreign investment gradually shift to the central and western regions, central and western regions during the first half actual foreign investment increased 21.7%, higher than the national increase of 9.5 percentage points. Ministry of Commerce to promote the undertaking of international service outsourcing transfer projects have also made great progress, only focused on cultivating 625 companies, 50 multinational companies to undertake service outsourcing business; 11 service outsourcing base cities to undertake business process outsourcing and information technology Outsourcing amount of the first half of this year continued to maintain a rapid growth momentum.

Foreign investment cooperation have developed steadily. In the first half, non-financial overseas direct investment rose 21%. Overseas engineering contracts grew 35%. The new contract amount of more than 100 million U.S. dollars of foreign contracted projects and 59 contract SINO Australia Western Australia iron ore, Nigeria Mombela Station, Sudan Khartoum to Port Sudan railway and a number of large projects. At present, there are 46 enterprises enter the world’s largest 225 international contractors ranks of cooperation from the past to the main civil engineering projects such as labor-intensive development to the metallurgical, petrochemical, power, rail transportation and other capital-intensive fields. Turnover of overseas labor cooperation up 27.7%; 6 at the end of labor service personnel abroad 73.3 million, an increase of 9.8 million people.

Internet Based-international Trade With China

International trade with China is an old trend if you remember Marco Polo and the Silk route the Chinese had established. International trade has taken a full circle and is firmly established as an integral for both US and China. US politicians endorse the international trade with China and believe that it could benefit America. Trade with China has earned the distinction of being known as extremely lucrative of international trades.

-International Trade Policy

Without going deeper, China offers an example of the collapse of the Cold War era trade preferences —a rigid and straightforward export control policy. If there are any growls today, it is that the trade policy is tilted in favor of China and that the playing field is uneven. Politicians and trade representatives from both Republicans and Democrats besides Congress are the policy makers, and since US signed the International trade relations agreement with China, it has taken care of most of the complaints. In addition to signing the normal international trade agreement US has helped China move towards personal empowerment rather than concentrate on economic agendas alone through adapting a long-run policy to normalize international trade relations. Plainly speaking, an international trade is and must be driven by market trends and demands, rather than iron frames and policies must only be made to facilitate benefits of consumers and safeguard it.

-International Trade- Internet based product selection

The present system for international trade with a computer and internet requires you to possess an internet connected computer. Importers will visit vendors’ websites; browse specifications for chosen products. Once done, the products of required specifications can be selected and an order form can be generated for just the selected products of the already selected specification. Before you complete the international trade order, the order can be checked and/or corrected for details of product name, quantity, rate and total price. The order can be cancelled if it is unsatisfactory for any reason. Similarly, confirming it requires importers’ information like name, company’s name contact and shipping addresses, insurance, payment details etc.

With the increasing ratio of communication and exchange of technologies between China and other countries, it has now become easy for companies to get access to new technologies. With the changing liberalization policies in the whole world including China, a good number of companies are garnering benefits from international trade and investments. From expansion point of view many multinational companies in China are increasing their level of work so that they can gain maximum share of international trade and investments. These corporations are also busy in increasing the goodwill of their brand name and are continuously striving to make their presence felt in international trade. On account of increasing competitiveness in international market, multinational corporations are paying sufficient heed to provide qualit

2009 China (Shanghai) International Exhibition Mass Sports – sporting goods, fitness equipment, outdoor sports – sports and leisure industry

Start time:  2009-07-29 End time:  2009-07-31 Venue:  Shanghai New International Expo Center (No. 2345) Contact:  Xu Yang Contact Phone:  13671772488 Sponsored by:  Shanghai Sports Federation of Sporting Goods Association, Shanghai International Trade Promotion Commission, Shanghai Pudong Branch of Shanghai Pudong Branch of China Chamber of International Commerce Sponsor:  Shanghai Pudong, Shanghai Jing Mu International Exhibition Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd. Events 2009 Shanghai International Festival of Sports 2009 China Sports Industry Forum Chinese sports brands 2009 Model Contest Finals With the improvement of living standard and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo will be held, and all the people Fitness Comprehensive campaign to promote, sporting goods consumption has undergone major changes in public consumption is becoming the new fashion, sports industry in an unprecedented development. To this end, the first held in Shanghai International Mass Sports Festival, and actively promoting the “National Fitness and Expo counterparts,” the aim is to further promote the sports industry with the international market, expanding domestic demand and stimulate economic development, strengthening and foreign enterprises Cooperation And exchanges. The Expo has been included in the “Shanghai International Festival of Sports,” one of the important activities. China’s sports brands in the world through this opportunity to dash about the stage, looking forward to meet your 2009 in Shanghai, China. Audience Organization Organizing Committee will be invited from the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Canada, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Belgium, Mexico, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan and so nearly a procurement organizations to will visit, procurement. country by participating in the same exhibition, organized by the promotion, press conference, the industry to promote fair information. Organizing Committee will send out invitations through, invitations, tickets, presentation and invite related government departments from across the country, Sports Authority, large enterprises, large entertainment venues, parks, community sports centers, stadiums, schools, fitness clubs, clubs, yoga hall, body slimming room Guesthouse , Shopping malls, commercial buildings, e-commerce, TV direct sales, production and retail, wholesale, import and export traders, Proxy And dealers, etc. will visit the exhibition site visits, negotiations. Scope of Exhibits stadium, equipment, facilities: plastic stadium, grassland construction and equipment, venue Sound , Chair, leisure facilities (including swimming pool equipment), playground equipment, electronic equipment (remember, the score, the display), field management of information and communication, security, energy, environmental protection, lighting technology. Sports Equipment: Sports Competition, competition equipment, sports equipment, equipment, special sports equipment and facilities Referee and coach equipment , Sports goggles, snow sports equipment, off-road cars, Formula One racing, motorcycle, bicycle, Skateboard , Safety protection series. fitness equipment: fitness equipment, equipment accessories, fitness facilities, massage chairs (bar \ device \ Miriam), club facilities, club facilities ball games: Billiards , Taiwan, clubs, billiard cloth, bowling, table tennis, foot basket volleyball, golf, baseball, softball, handball, rugby, squash, gate ball, nest ball, and related ancillary facilities clothing and shoes: all kinds of sports wear, casual fashion, swimwear, all kinds of sports shoes, hats, helmets, gloves, socks, accessories, etc. Outdoor Sports: outdoor sports, travel and leisure products, including golf, snow sports, diving, water skiing, camping, mountain climbing equipment and equipment, bicycles, electric cars vehicles, parts and ancillary supplies; fishing tackle, fishing gear type, extreme sports, beach umbrella, canvas, etc. comprehensive: sports professional equipment, raw materials; sports science and technology achievements, special signs and products, audio-visual products; souvenirs, trophies, prizes, collections; sports organizations, sports medicine, sports agent, sports industry marketing projects