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Electronic Commerce and International Trade

Electronic commerce, e-commerce for short, allows domestic and international trade over the Internet. E-commerce is boon for both global sourcing and import and export. The boost to global sourcing through E-commerce is because of it’s to conduct online marketing, monitoring supply chain and monetary & data transaction in a dependable manner. E-commerce makes global sourcing easier to monitor with its evolutionary phases.

International trade depends much on E-commerce. International trade community was skeptic about e-commerce let alone conducting import/export and global sourcing. It is harsh to blame them for not conducting their regular global sourcing and international trade activities as there were gaping security concerns as there was lack of awareness. E-commerce isn’t all about money transfer and/or credit card processing over internet as was assumed.

E-commerce permits online shopping, e-filing of customs documents enquiry floating and invoicing before a single dollar is transmitted. All these are exact same activities involved in offline import/export in a global sourcing scene with huge amounts of time and labor removed.

In an international trade, either for import/export or global sourcing, never mail our account or credit card numbers to anyone or don’t scribble it on papers for any reason. E-commerce companies in international trade are constantly innovating and have succeeding in their endeavor. Amazon and BizRate are doing not just global sourcing but import and export also through e-commerce backed up by ground operations. If stock/commodities trading and banking around the globe is a success, it’s mainly due to the robust e-commerce. Import and export as well as international trade laws are suitably amended to ensure secure commerce.

E-commerce has arrived on the global sourcing scene as both import and export and international trade partners are accepting it. Despite its growing stature and popularity E-commerce is still thriving in retail sector domestically and the international trade needs to cover a long distance before it catches up. Another reason for import/export operators’ leaning towards E-commerce is the growing costs of delays in processing POs and invoices through traditional methods which render global sourcing useless.

Oratory Commerce with spontaneous event marketing strategies

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Oratory Commerce with its operations based in Liverpool, UK has been successful in rendering specialised services to many of the prominent clients within and outside territorial boundaries. The international standards at which Oratory Commerce 2 operates wins faith of all the people associated with it. By catering to the changing needs and demands of the market, the company’s thrust is on delivering quality services to its potential clients rather than depending on the quantity aspects.

Oratory Commerce 2 mainly works with reputed companies and big brands. This big sales experience has helped the sales representatives to think big and act big. Leader in direct marketing, the company has gained amazing results with its event and marketing techniques. The target market is identified and business campaigns are organised by viewing the credibility and scope of the product or service in the market.

When the client companies are in need of an immediate boost up for the products and services offered, the specialists at the company are ever ready to makes a difference. They take any type of product or service straight into the target market and ultimately make that difference in sales volumes and customer acquisitions.

Oratory Commerce has a client base of many national and multi-national companies from a broad spectrum of industries like major banking and financial institutions, telecommunication networks, registered charities and sporting organisations all exclusively unique to its services.

All the brands are assured to reach in safe hands. The systematic marketing processes designed by the experts simply help in attaining results. The sales personnel are well trained in delivering the fundamentals of Oratory Commerce, which involves event marketing, client representation and event organisation and management.

Oratory Commerce thus, introduces the products and services to the customers through various methods like live events, trade shows and many more methods that assure results.


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Scotiabank joins forces with international payment gateway, First Atlantic Commerce, to offer 3D Secure solutions across the English Caribbean Region

First Atlantic Commerce (FAC), a leading, international, multicurrency payment and risk management solutions provider, and Scotiabank, an international bank based in Canada and the leading bank in the Caribbean, have joined together to offer 3D Secure services to online merchants in 7 countries across the English Caribbean.

Through this partnership, Internet merchants in the Caribbean will now be able to support 3D Secure for Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode on their web sites for the first time. The service will be available to merchants in Jamaica, Bahamas, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Anguilla, Turks & Caicos and Guyana with rollout to an additional 11 countries in the English Caribbean planned in the near future.

“This is an extremely important service for online merchants,” said Andrea Wilson, CEO of First Atlantic Commerce. “The objective of 3D Secure is to reduce fraud through the verification of the cardholder at the time of payment in a ‘CardNotPresent’ environment, such as the Internet. When implemented, 3D Secure protects online merchants from the financial losses associated with “I didn’t do it” chargebacks. We are very excited about making this more available in the Region.”

Both Visa and MasterCard offer chargeback liability shift for fraud related chargebacks when the transaction is authenticated through Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. This also includes liability shift for attempted Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode requests, which means that even if the cardholder is not enrolled, the merchant is not liable for certain Reason Code chargebacks. So the benefits to both Scotiabank International and its merchants are significant.

“The launch of this service to our existing and prospective Internet merchants is yet another way that Scotiabank is helping our clients in minimizing online fraud, while maximizing sales,” said Rob Macdonald Scotiabank’s Director, Merchant Acquiring Services. “We have worked with FAC for many years processing millions of dollars of credit card transactions for a range of businesses and Government bodies, and implementing 3D Secure is a natural next step in the evolution of our solutions to these important customers.”

The benefits associated with 3D Secure:
- Provides internet merchants with the ability to verify a consumer’s true identity through a secure, electronic, non “face to face” authentication process.
- Enables all parties in an eCommerce payment transaction to transmit confidential and valid payment data
- Provides verification to the merchant that the buyer is the authorized owner of a card account
- Offers immediate protection from fraudrelated chargebacks (“I didn’t do it” chargebacks.)

Global Commerce Goes Hand In Hand With Translation Services

Opening markets in other countries can be risky, and Spanish speaking markets are no exception. Major barriers to success come in the form of language and cultural differences. A professional translation service can remove these barriers in several ways. To begin with, high quality and accurate translations ensure that your message is communicated clearly and effectively.

Whether performing Spanish to English translations or English to Spanish translations, a professional service will apply high quality standards so that the meaning and nuances you want to communicate are captured accurately. Document translation services pay careful attention to word usage so that your message is presented in a way the target audience will understand. Properly done translations of annual reports, brochures, catalogs, marketing campaigns, contracts, packaging and operating manuals present your company in a professional manner. Avoiding the confusion of inaccurate translation is their specialty.

You may wonder if using translation software would be just as effective. The answer is that Spanish translation for a market in Latin America would be different than for the market in Spain. And while Spanish is spoken in all but one Latin American country, the language varies not just by country but by region within each country. For example, the phrase used in Mexico to say “to throw water on” would mean “to get someone pregnant” in parts of Cuba.

Furthermore, acceptable words in some regions can be vulgar slang in others. Imagine creating an advertisement that is well accepted in Chile but is considered obscene in Mexico. This embarrassing mistake can be avoided with the use of language translation services. Software or inexperienced translators will not be able to address these regional variations.

Translation services also can include oral interpretation on site or over the phone, for meetings or for conferences. Narration of advertisements and subtitling of video or television programs are other important services. In every case, the goal is to communicate with your target market so they feel like they are dealing with one of their own. Other services of professional translation agencies include international brand research.

Images or words that resonate with an English-speaking audience may not be so attractive to Spanish speakers. Proper research can uncover potential negative connotations, keeping you from offending the local culture or becoming the topic of its jokes. Professional translation services help businesses design and develop content that is appealing to the local audience, free of embarrassing language or image errors that can drive away potential customers. These services will give you higher search engine rankings, the first step to increased sales.

Additionally, web audits can be performed of your existing website to determine how effective it is in the Spanish speaking market. International commerce can dramatically improve after revising your website to be more understandable to a global audience. Avoid expensive mistakes through the use of language translation services. With the assistance of professionals who understand the subtleties of the local market, you can reduce the risks of expanding into international markets.

More Information About Commerce In The Global Scale

The business of exportation can at times be overwhelming. International commerce is extremely influenced by both seen and unseen factors. Continuous checking of the international commerce is a must for someone who is in the export business. Highly priced goods can sometime drop in price in a heartbeat. Contacts might come and go. Quality of products or services can change several of times throughout a year. Sometimes a need for a new supplier is deemed to be the wisest thing to do.

Though, finding a new one can be very hard if not tricky. The distance makes it virtually impossible. Not to mention the scammer and contacts who over rate their capabilities. It takes a good judgment and a bit of luck to locate a reliable international contact. An investment must never be taken lightly. A considerable amount of cash is never that easy to come by. It would be sensible to do extensive background check to a potential contact.

The history of commerce can be traced back as far as the early times. It started a simple barter driven to fulfill self-sufficiency. The rules were simple. Two carrots for two potatoes. As time progressed, those rules weren’t applicable anymore. For instance, a tailor maker wants his farm tended. He would then employ a farmer to do it for him. In this situation, the tailor would not be able to sew sufficient dresses to pay the farmer or he may not want a dress for payment in the first place. This conflict of interest brought us the concept of currency. It solved the problem.

It enables everybody to appraise any service of stock with a certain value and be compensated accordingly without being forced to accept a payment that is just convenient to the payer but not for the payee. From this basal concept, commerce evolved and at last reached in global scale. International commerce was then invented.

The trading was not anymore limited to a local area. International trading and investments was made possible by the invention of ship, then plane and now the web. Finding contacts abroad is not as easy as surfing the net and the communication between two parties are finally made a lot simpler.

An Increase In Mexico’s International Commerce

Mexico is now rising as an economic player in the world’s economy. With a wider range of investments, imports and exports than ever before, Mexico’s economy and contribution to global commerce is impressive and diversified. Diversity is proved with the following statistics: Mexico is the world’s 12th biggest economy and the 15th most significant country in the world in terms of international trade in goods.

It is the seventeenth most important country in the world in terms of it’s proven oil reserves and thirty fifth biggest in terms of its natural gas reserves. It is 8th in the world in tourism locations. It is the 3rd largest silver producer, producing 16% of the world’s silver. One out of every 8 cars sold in the US is made in Mexico.

Mexico has many strategic industries that export a variety of goods all round the world. Commerce in Mexico, through exports, includes aerospace products, automobiles, automobile parts and medical, surgical, dental & veterinary instruments. Television sets and silver are among several other exports. Other upcoming exports include computers, and telecommunication equipment. Imports include electrical machinery, electrical equipment, mineral fuels, oils, vehicles and plastics. Trade between the US and Mexico has increased dramatically.

Between the years 1997 and 2007, commerce increased from 6.37 billion to 3.97 billion. That is a 7.5% a year increase. Mexico is 3rd just to Canada and China in trade with the United States. Trade and commerce with the US and Canada are favored due to Mexico’s North American location. As a matter of fact, the government of Canada has named Mexico as a Global Commerce Strategy priority market.

Market opportunities include automobile and manufacturing, motor vehicles and parts, electrical machinery and electronic gear. The modern Mexican economy has market potential in water treatment, solid waste management and renewable energy too.

There are several reasons to invest in Mexico. The nation’s growth of the political and economical environment makes it perfect for investment. Investments are ideal because the local currency is strong and unemployment is on the decrease. Investments come mostly from the US and Spain and consist of real estate, tourism and an rising mortgage market.

Other investments include construction and the re location of businesses to Mexico because of it’s low property taxes, and free trade zones. Mexico’s economy is right for investment, trade and commerce both domestically and internationally

Making International Commerce Easier With The Internet

Are you the kind of people who’s thinking of having a business? If you previously have one, are you considering moving up? If you have plans to go and do a bit of international commerce then you should not worry much. You could have your say when it comes to international commerce as well as take part in the communities built around it.

It would cost you lots of money in the earlier days if you wanted to get into international commerce. Imagine yourself having to do everything old school (i.e. snail mail, telegram and a lot more…) just so you can make the goods and products you have noticeable in other countries. It’s not very pleasant now, is it? Not to mention, it could get very monotonous really quickly. But now, thanks to the Internet, you can go ahead and get into international commerce without much worry. Communication, file transfers and video calls with employees are now easy thanks to the wonders of the World Wide Web.

You will be able to get into international commerce in many ways. Here are some of them:

1. Outsourcing can make our business grow – US companies have made a lot of savings as a result of outsourcing. These companies spend less when outsourcing since they get inexpensive labor abroad. Not just that, they even don’t have to pay for any extra benefits compared to employing those who reside in the US. Due to this, it would be simpler for you to do your business here and in abroad. This opens you to take advantage of new ventures.

2. Go global – it would be a lot more helpful for you if you not just have business in your country but in others as well. You can sustain your business by tapping into the international commerce vein since the overseas markets have a huge deal of possibility.

3. Know about all the laws in the country you want to invest in – international commerce has its own rules as well as regulations. These laws and policies must be followed so as for you to increase your chances of achieving success within the markets in other countries and even doing it without breaking the laws of that country you are investing in.

Thanks to the magic of the World Wide Web, you too can participate in international commerce. The speed at which files can be transferred is fast, to say the least. Because of this, you do not have to worry about logistics whatsoever and you just go and take a slice out of international commerce.

Identify The Possibilities Of International Commerce With Investments Into Mexico

When it comes to the possibilities that exist with international commerce, several companies are searching for 2 main factors to help in their expenses and investments. The very first factor which a company has to search for is, to discover a nation which offers a great base of citizens in which they could merchandise their goods and services to. The second factor that companies are trying to take advantage of is found with methods to reduce expenses so that profit can be increased, whether that’s through the opportunities of importing or exporting. When your company is searching for the next significant opportunity which exists with international commerce, look no further than the benefits which can be discovered with investments into Mexico.

As you look to discover chances for your business to save money, there are a wide variety of potential opportunities that exist with investments into Mexico production. The country supports an incredibly unique workforce opportunity for companies to take advantage of with the average age of Mexican citizens being 29. In addition, Mexico holds onto 11 different trade agreements which give them access to forty three markets. This is equal to 66% of the world’s GDP which a business can benefit from from one location. When you combine this with the amazing opportunities that exist with exporting from their forty nine global access points, the possibilities which exist with Mexico for a company are incredible.

Besides the great possibilities which exist with a company investing in the production potential that exists with Mexico, companies can even find the unique resource that exists with their workforce. Every year Mexico produces 3 times more graduated engineers than that of the United States. Additionally, Mexico supports over 680,000 IT specialists who can aid your clientele and improve the opportunities that exist in client assistance. When you combine this with all the expertise that’s discovered in electronics, electrics, aerospace, engineering, automotive, and several more industries that citizens are educated in, it proves to be a great resource for every company to effectively use.

While possibilities such as production and exporting offer outstanding opportunities for a business in decreasing their expenses, there are extra benefits that are found with investments into Mexico through international commerce. Mexico supports the domestic market of more than 112 million individuals which creates a multitude of opportunities for companies looking to make sales in this country.

Accompanying the opportunities that are present with this incredibly large domestic market is even found with all the low cost benefit which exists with importing into Mexico. The nation of Mexico has decreased import tariffs from 13% to the incredibly low 4.8%. When seeking the benefit from international commerce, the possibilities that exist in Mexico will serve as a great advantage to any company.

ProMexico is the Mexican Government institution in charge of strengthening Mexico’s participation in the international trade (<a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link']);” href=””>comercio</a>). With this objective in mind, the institution supports the export activity of companies established in the country and co-ordinates actions to attract foreign direct investment to national territory. ProMexico was established on June 13, 2007, as a sectoral public trust under the Ministry of the Economy, and operates through a network of 25 offices throughout Mexico and more than 27 offices abroad.

Mexico And Its Incredible Role In International Commerce And The International Economy

The international economy has immensely grown over the past few decades as a lot more resources are developed that maximize the opportunities of importing and exporting, as well as greatly increasing the potential of international communication. Several businesses have made the move to make the most of this international economy through investment into resources such as outsourcing, which allows them to reduce their expenses and increase the opportunities of maximizing profit.

This international economy has also helped in boosting the opportunities of international commerce, as companies expand their business into countries around the world which offer strength in the domestic market. Mexico is one of the nations that has discovered the greatest advantage created by the international trade.

Mexico has fast become one of the greatest nations of opportunity for a business organization to take advantage of when looking to develop their profits with imports and increase the opportunities of producing exports. With looking to make the most of the opportunity of importing, Mexico supports a really large domestic market of over 112 million citizens.

When you combine this with the average age being 29, you discover a marketplace which provides great promise for a company looking to invest in international commerce, into a relatively untapped resource. To further aid companies in benefiting from this opportunity, Mexico has reduced their tariffs on imports from 13% to 4.8%, creating incredible savings for any company looking for investment into this foreign market.

Whilst the opportunities of importing are exceedingly positive, one more advantage a company could utilize when seeking the best possibilities in the international economy is found with production and exporting in Mexico. With the average age of citizens in Mexico being 29, it enables businesses to tap into a very youthful workforce that will help in maximizing production potential. Furthermore, 28% of the population is under the age of 15 which will allow you to continuously tap into a youthful workforce that’s well-educated and driven towards creating high-quality products. The educational growth in Mexico is highly important, taking advantage of fields such as engineering, electrics, automotive, information technology, aerospace, and many other areas that will benefit your production opportunities.

One of the greatest possibilities in Mexico which exist with international commerce and taking advantage of the international economy is found with location. As a central point in the world, Mexico offers incredible access to high areas of international commerce, like those found in North America, Latin America, Asia, and Europe. Mexico supports 49 international access points, 76 seaports, 85 airports, 26,700 km of railroad, 366,000 km of roads, and even 11 trade agreements that give them access to 43 markets equaling 66% of the world GDP. No other country can match the international opportunities of importing and exporting which exists with Mexico.

ProMexico is the Mexican Government institution in charge of strengthening Mexico’s participation in the international trade (<a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link']);” href=”″>comercio</a>). With this objective in mind, the institution supports the export activity of companies established in the country and co-ordinates actions to attract foreign direct investment to national territory. ProMexico was established on June 13, 2007, as a sectoral public trust under the Ministry of the Economy, and operates through a network of 25 offices throughout Mexico and more than 27 offices abroad.

Steps to Use International Commerce in Your Business

To convince consumers about the value of your product and to manage the logistics was very cumbersome. But now the Internet allows for super fast communications, transfer of files, and information sharing with amazing ease and this makes it easier to face the challenges of international commerce.

Step 1 Outsource to grow your business

Companies in the U.S have saved drastically by outsourcing services from a developing country as they get cheap labor because they are not required to pay the benefits, which was draining their resources if they employ U.S citizens to do the same work. It is now as easy to conduct business within your own country as it is outside a nation. Saturation in one’s own country poses no big problem as international commerce opens up new avenues for a businessman to expand.

Step 2 Get global

In this age of globalization where there are enough opportunities to be exploited in the world market, it is not enough to sit on one’s laurels earned in one’s own country. Sustainability is dependent upon monies earned from every corner of the globe possible. Every effort must be made to tap the potential of the international markets.

Step 3 Follow up on the regulations and policies of foreign countries

International commerce is governed by certain rules and regulations. These policies must be adhered to increase the chances of succeeding in the foreign markets without breaking any laws.

With the advent of the Internet and super fast transfer of files and information, it is much easier to conduct business in the international community. Without having to worry about the logistics, one can go ahead with his plans and be successful in international commerce.

Gary Spirer holds a bachelor’s degree in Literature from New York University graduating magna cum laude, and an MBA in Finance from Columbia University.

Mr. Spirer began his career at the prestigious investment banking firm Lazard Freres, where he worked at their real estate affiliate. Subsequently, Gary founded his own real estate company, Capital Hill Realty. In real estate Gary has developed, syndicated and invested in properties that in today’s value, aggregate over 0 million.

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