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International Business Development Using Foreign Language E-communication Tools

International business expansion can be expensive and laden with risks. Well this is true when companies limit themselves to only using traditional marketing methods in their international business development.

This can also be the case when companies use some internet marketing but rely heavily on traditional marketing methods.

Creating foreign language content for one internet marketing communication medium is a good way to start.

Traditional & Internet Marketing Mix

Today’s best marketing practices are based on implementing both internet marketing and traditional marketing campaigns. Companies rarely rely on both methods to the same extent. One marketing environment is often used more than the other.

The emphasis of either of these marketing methods depends on several factors including the company’s culture and history. It can be said that traditional, long standing companies now have to develop real internet marketing strategies, beyond the brochure website. And it is recognized that internet companies will get better results with some traditional marketing added to their marketing mix.

Internet Marketing Reduces Risk In International Expansion

When considering your international business expansion internet marketing reduces the risk in international expansion. But how can you really develop your business with internet methods? Some companies put up a website and think this opens their doors to international clients. Yes, it may. But the results will be very limited.

An interactive internet marketing campaign must be carried out in each and every foreign market you want to target. Simply having your website written in a way that communicates with you will not get you many international clients.

A Single Foreign Language Blog Can Start Your International Development

Today most businesses understand the value of having a blog. Instead of thinking with traditional marketing mindset, why not use today’s trend in social media and start off your international business expansion with a single communication tool specifically targeting one foreign country.

For example, Abercrombie & Fitch has a blog in French specifically targeting the French market. They are not physically present in France. It is getting recognition.

Creating foreign language content for one internet communication medium will greatly reduce your costs. It would be easier to keep control on from where you are now and reduce a large percentage of the risk involved with your international expansion.

Companies seeking international business development should look at how they can use this to their advantage. Internet marketing can be used as the sole marketing strategy when targeting a foreign market in the beginning.

A Dynamic Foreign Lead Generation System

Once you get some feedback from your foreign market you would be in a position to adjust your offer to fit better with your foreign market and develop your first foreign client base using only internet marketing strategies. Your first clients could finance further foreign language communication to create a more dynamic internet marketing lead generation system.

An effective internet marketing campaign will give your company the knowledge you need to make the international business decisions. You will then be able to choose which traditional marketing you should use to further your expansion. As your international business you will then move towards localized websites in all of your foreign markets. This is how to become a truly international company.

Are you committed to speeding up your international sales cycles?

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International Business Development With an Easy 5 Step International Marketing Plan

So you want to get more international clients, and realize that you need to do some international marketing. But you are not quite sure what to do.

Well let’s have a look at the different areas of international marketing. Companies often go through these steps one after the other, but not always. You could start an export business for example without going through the first step of Domestic Marketing.

Each step clearly explains:

where your company is selling, and

what product you are selling.

You will see very clearly where your company’s business requirements are today with regards to International Marketing. This will also give you a better understanding of what your next step is towards getting more international clients.

1 – Domestic Marketing

First of all there is Domestic Marketing. This is where most companies start. This is the marketing you do for your local market in your own country. There are no international links in this business.

Your Company:

A domestic company, buying and selling its products within one country.

Your Product:

Is a domestic product for the domestic market.

2 – Export Marketing

This is often the second step towards International Marketing. If this is effectively a company’s second step to International Marketing, the company needs to spend a little time and effort on the foreign market research and analyzing all client feedback during this phase.

Your Company:

Sells the same product for his domestic market to a few other foreign markets. There is no effort to adapt the product to the foreign market’s needs. The company remains centered on its domestic market, with minimum cross cultural marketing efforts.

Your Product:

Is a domestic product for a foreign market.

3 – International Marketing

This is a vital stage for the company. The company will have to adapt to the market on several levels. There is often a real learning curve to adapt your products, marketing and sales to foreign markets.

The good news is that most of the skills your company will acquire to adapt to one market will be used again for all of the other countries you want to target.

Your Company:

Is now adapting its marketing, communication and products to the foreign market. At this stage in International Marketing the company is only dealing with a 1 or 2 countries.

Your Product:

Becomes one foreign product for one foreign country.

4 – Multinational Marketing

This is the fourth step. It is a logical extension of International Marketing. This is a term that might be a bit obsolete today, with the internet. It seems to be used more for the large established companies.

Your Company:

Now sells to many foreign countries. And the company now has the skills to go into more countries and will naturally tend to expand into the neighboring countries.

Your Product:

Becomes one foreign product for one wider foreign region covering a group of countries.

5 – Global Marketing

This is the last phase in International Marketing. There are few companies involved. They are the companies with brand names known worldwide.

Your Company:

Operates in such a large number of countries, you could almost say it sells its products worldwide.

Your Product:

The company will naturally move towards cutting costs and will aim to find one product for all countries. In Global Marketing the product will not be created for the domestic market and sold abroad, as in Export Marketing. In Global Marketing one product is created to satisfy the needs of all markets – all foreign countries and your domestic market.

Where Is Your International Marketing Today?

By looking at where your companies markets and products are today you can identify the type of International Marketing you should be using. You can then move towards your next step in International Marketing. These steps logically follow one after the other for brick and mortar companies and the majority of todays e-businesses.

The internet makes international business development easier today than ever before. Remember, simply having a website online will not make your company global. You will have to work at it a little. You will need to apply the right international marketing for your business’ current market and product range.

Your company will get more and more international clients as it moves through the different marketing stages. The whole notion of global business become more accessible for everyone.

The Second Guangzhou International theme parks, playgrounds, recreation center facilities development

Start time:  2006-04-01 End time:  2006-04-03 Venue:  Guangzhou? Chinese Export Commodities Fair Liuhua Complex

Contact:  Hu Yuhua Contact Phone:  (+86-20) 62861726 Sponsored by:  Council for the Promotion of International Trade Guangdong Branch of China Chamber of International Commerce Guangdong Chamber of Commerce

Sponsor:  Guangzhou Grandeur Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. of Guangdong International Trade Exhibition Company

Show Overview: 2005, Guangzhou’s first international theme park, playground, recreation center facilities exhibition was in June 2005 successfully held in Guangzhou, 1-3, the first exhibition Exhibition The area of 5200 square meters, show features the world’s most advanced amusement equipment: Netherlands VEKOMA roller coaster, Hengrun dynamic film, Heng Wang dynamic film industry, Zibo Hualong bungee jumping, Playwright game machines, Gwangyang game machines, male over yacht , Sheng Sike yacht, Shun Yip ship, model sailing team in Tianjin, Ward climbing facilities, recreation up to recreational facilities, children’s play facilities than the rich, his childhood home playground equipment, Ozzie gas model, Shanghai permanent recreational vehicles, Wei made swimming pool and so on. A constant stream of customers all over the world come to visit, negotiate, the audience, including parks, playgrounds Operate Managers, Real estate Developers, sporting goods Dealers , Travel Area, a resort business units, club managers, school administrators, etc. A total of 8,000 professional visitors, exhibitors on the exhibition highly. Among them, 54.83% of the exhibitors on the General Assembly Organization Satisfied with the work, 43.42% of exhibitors expressed more satisfaction.

2006 Second Guangzhou International theme parks, playgrounds, recreation center facilities, the exhibition is the third Guangzhou International Leisure Industry Exposition of the important topics to the Innovation, entertainment, as the topic to the advanced play together Facilities for production, distribution entities, enterprises, set exhibition, Business , Leisure and entertainment. Sincerely invite you, and your friends to participate in this exhibition, also will welcome customers to visit our partners in this event. We will provide you with a comprehensive service to you through this exhibition, market, make friends from home and abroad, access to business opportunities, create brilliant!

Exhibits: ? Park rides: roller coasters, roller coasters, Ferris wheel, carousel, bumper cars, go-karts, Ferris wheel, sightseeing ropeway, Recreation Robot , Water recreation equipment, rafting equipment, water slides, bumper boats, yachts, model, water fountain, water treatment equipment, wave devices, optoelectronic integration type play equipment, ride film, 3D, 4D movies, movie equipment, water curtain, performance equipment, special camera equipment, special three-dimensional film projector, special Sound , Light , Theater equipment, vending machines, playground and recreation center management software.

Playground equipment: game machines, analog machines, remote control devices, hitting Games , Residential fitness equipment, game consoles (GB), arcade, home consoles and peripherals, video games Games And other kinds of entertainment and entertainment related products machine parts, educational and entertainment equipment.

Children’s play facilities: Baby , Battery car, swing car, children’s playground, preschool facilities, inflatable amusement equipment, inflatable, children’s play frame, slide, swing, swing chair, wheel, naughty fort, trampoline, seesaw, combination amusement toys, safety mats, Educational Toys And so on.

Exhibitors are: 1, according to application form ( Contract ) Format requirements fill out the form by fax to the organizing committee. For exhibitors at the exhibition within 7 days of one-time fee to import the General Assembly designated account.

2, exhibitor participation fee remittance, please fax the remittance draft to the Organizing Committee for the verification, invoice unified open access during the exhibition.

3, booth arrangements, and venue for the congress, exhibitors must submit to the General Assembly arrangements. Exhibitors can refer to floor plan is expected to stand, within 7 days after application, import the General Assembly without the stand fee account, the right to stand on its scheduled adjustment. (By first come, first pay, first principle of organization.)

4, the General Assembly after receipt of participation fees, or send or fax “Participation Confirmation”, exhibitors with exhibitor confirmation report exhibit.

5, to facilitate the domestic and foreign buyers and distributors to understand the situation and the arrangements for the show exhibits purchase products, please register as early as the exhibitors participating and providing products, or photos, the organizers will be through the electronic network transmission of information as soon as possible, early registration, early benefit.

How to Mix Global Website Development With Traditional International Marketing

One way for businesses to plan for their international business expansion is to look at their progress in:

Websites as they move towards global business websites
The different stages of traditional international marketing towards global business marketing

This can help businesses to:

Clearly identify where they are today on the scale of international business
Create an International Internet Business Plan

Progression Towards Website Globalization

It is very interesting to note the online marketing progression today goes something like this:

From website internationalization = domestic website + all foreign & domestic markets
To website localization = one foreign website + one foreign market
To website globalization = all foreign websites + all foreign markets

To make the process easier, quicker and cheaper to manage there is a distinct trend for good global websites today to use website templates throughout all of their country websites. This leads towards one website template for all markets.

Progression Towards Global Marketing

But compare this online process to the traditional international marketing process where companies progress to global marketing as follows:

From Domestic Marketing = domestic product + domestic market
To Export Marketing = domestic product + foreign market
To International Marketing = one foreign product + one foreign country
To Multinational Marketing = one foreign product + one foreign region of a few countries
To Global Marketing = one product + all foreign countries & domestic market

So the progression goes from one market and one product through different products and different markets back to one market and one product.

International Internet Marketing Progression Plan

Small businesses just starting out in international business expansion need to create real communication with their international markets.

If you mix the progression towards global marketing with the progression towards website globalization this gives you a structure for an international internet marketing plan.

1 – Domestic Website For Domestic Marketing

One domestic website
Customized content and communication for your domestic market only
Marketing your domestic product
Marketing to your domestic market

This is where more companies start: in a market they are familiar with.

2 – Internationalized Domestic Website For Export Marketing

One domestic website
Customized content and communication for both your domestic and all foreign markets
Marketing your domestic product
Marketing to your domestic market and all foreign markets

This can be the exact same website as the one used for your domestic market. It all depends on how culturally specific your domestic website needs to be for your business.

In any event, you can always review your domestic website to make sure you are not unduly pushing away international visitors.

Some companies may opt for a separate international website.

This may be the case for French companies for example. They may keep their domestic website in French and start their international internet marketing with a separate international website targeting all foreign markets.

3 – Localized Website For International Marketing

One foreign website – begin using website templates
Customized content and communication for one foreign market
Marketing your product adapted to your foreign market
Marketing to one foreign country

A localized website is a second website. You would still keep your domestic website or your internationalized website for your domestic markets.

You will create one localized website per country you market to, until you have a regional group of localized websites.

4 – Group Of Localized Websites For Multinational Marketing

A group of foreign websites – continue using website template
Customized content and communication for each foreign country in the group of countries.
Begin implementing one set of unique content adapted into each language for each country.
Marketing your product adapted to your foreign market
Marketing to a group of countries in one foreign region

There are some regions in the world where you can use a regional sales and marketing strategy.

This step really depends on the nature of your business and how you conduct your business in these regions.

5- Global Website For Global Marketing

Dozens of foreign websites, one website per foreign country – using website templates
One set of unique content adapted into each language for each country website based on templates.
A culturally specific content and communication plan for each country
Marketing one product for a global market
Marketing to all foreign countries & your domestic market

Global websites are usually for the big multinational companies.

But from a marketing standpoint, if you have one product to sell throughout a global market, your best online presence is through one global website giving access to a series of localized websites using templates.

Use Cross Cultural Communication Tools

The above plan gives you an outline of how you can use your website with an International Internet Marketing plan to progressively move towards full international business development.

Your international sales success depends on three things:

Your content and communication must be customized for each market along the way.
You need to use online tools to stimulate international feedback continuously.
You must systematically track, analyze your results and adjust your marketing to fit with your international market.

You need to identify the format and marketing mix to use for delivering your content that is best suited for each of you international markets. You also need to add in culturally appropriate tools for good cross cultural communication online.

Your International Internet Business Plan will evolve through a learning process as you become more knowledgeable about your international markets. There are often many adjustments needed when expanding your business internationally. Take small steps and adapt your plan when needed.

Cross cultural communication experts identify five different cultural behavioral values. Studying these values gives you insights into the tools you can use online to adapt your communication to your different foreign markets.

Over the next five weeks I will review one set of these tools in the Get International Clients Newsletter. Sign up now and find out what you can do to market to different cultures.

Are you committed to speeding up your international sales cycles?

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