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International Market Research: Translation Is the First Step

International online testing of product concepts and brand perception requires multilingual surveys. Best practices in international market research show that your prep work needs to go beyond translation.

The survey template will need to allow for different languages. The number of words in the survey will increase when you translate it into languages like Spanish or German. Leave extra space in the design of the template, or consider using a slightly smaller font.

Brand names can differ from one market to another so make sure your questionnaire is correct for each country.

Are there any weights and measures in the survey? Double check that they are correct for the markets where the study will take place.

Use local units of currency. The use of commas and decimals in numbers can be different than in the U. S.: ,000.00 would be written as .000,00 in some countries.

Some of your graphics and icons may be unfamiliar to some respondents. Look for images that are more commonly used in that region. Icons as simple as exit signs are not the same in every country.

The online survey is only one part of the translation project. Any point of contact with the participants needs to be in their languages including:

Invitation emails
Introductory text
Captions on buttons (Back, Next, etc.)
Any validation or error messages
Messages thanking respondents for their participation

If you are inviting people to participate by email, remember that greeting strangers by their first name is considered rude in some markets. Using titles and last names to address respondents can increase the number of respondents.

Participants in some markets will not provide the personal information (age, income, level of education, etc.) commonly requested in market research surveys in the U. S. Reduce the number of personal questions to increase response levels. reports in the first 10 months zhuhai foreign trade exports narrow

The global financial crisis to zhuhai foreign trade import and export ZhiYu unprecedented down, Since this year, the whole city together, crucial, make zhuhai foreign trade export month is expected to rise by November, is expected to turn down.

According to the customs statistics, before October, zhuhai foreign trade import and export value for 167.2 billion dollars, 19.4% year-on-year drop. Which exit 128.6 billion dollars, 14.5%, Import 38.6 million dollars, 32.3%. But in October, zhuhai foreign trade import and export value is 17.2 million us dollars, including export 1.42 billion, down by 6.8%, decline in less than 10%, Once in the first 10 months of export trade, export by observing the whole province, obviously lower level.

Shaoxing customs officials said: “in October this year, a drop of shaoxing foreign obviously narrow has less than 10%, and a decline in accordance with this single-digit since march, shaoxing export rising steadily this situation, believe in November shaoxing export will restore the first is for more than a year.”

Insiders, November positive growth is the main reason of the national government has issued a series of measures to protect growth, including the appropriate loose monetary policy and fiscal policy and to improve the export tax rebate rate, etc, to reduce the operating pressure.

But, it is worth noting, from this year, 7, 8, 9, 10 this four months of monthly export appeared to lift the situation, in October compared and the export of seasonal factors, although it with long and relevant, but also shows the export of basic enough firm, since last November, the base year November for growth of exports, but almost no suspense next 2 quarter after export medium-term trends remain very uncertain.

Shaoxing customs officials suggested that enterprise should make full use of the opportunity, the next world expo, say some good project technical content is higher, the light pollution, the unit output higher project to shaoxing, settled in shaoxing, make our foreign trade development potential increase, Second, the enterprise should make full use of the exhibition and promotion of shaoxing, publicity our manufacturing, to create your own brand, to the long-term health of shaoxing export development foundation. Reports Beijing’s Foreign Trade Of Goods Distribution Center For The First Time

Have been positioned in the high-end of the Metro City shopping center, because the business is now fully closed down gloomy. End of this month, the Metro City will Bianshen large collection of foreign trade growth stage, called Guangdong, Shandong and other places settled in foreign trade enterprises to seek orientation in consumption and differences in operations. It also formed Beijing’s first large-scale operation of foreign trade goods stores.

Metro City is located in the East Fourth Ring large pavilion bridge the rural southwest, is the largest suburban department store kiosks more influential trend of marketing and Metro City opened less than two years, but that is shut down. Although the industry would be inconvenient cool down to business, the main reason for Metro City, but was operating large stores optimistic about business at home, there was some surprise, house and field competition for several major household brands; and ultimately Metro City Beijing Qin-chun China and the United States Commercial Management Limited plate, the opening of “365 large foreign collection.”

After the lock-directed consumer Bianshen

Beijing Qin Chunhua America plate under the Metro City Commercial Management Co., Ltd. Block B, will be set up next to Parkson Shopping Center, “set of 365 large foreign trade.”

To address the difficulties of export enterprises, the Beijing Municipal Commerce Commission as early as the beginning of this year started to offer a “trade fairs,” foreign trade commodities in the market a faceless, its high quality, innovative design advantages caused consumers to buy great enthusiasm, “selling stock-out “has become endemic in a large foreign trade sets the market’s positive reaction also attracted attention from retailers.

Following the Government to support large collection of foreign trade, after going separate ways “folk” version of the trade fairs, are also staged at various shopping malls springing up, but new entrants to the domestic market in tradable goods face charges of domestic retail industry and other “hidden rules” do accustomed to a large single-business, a cash-hand goods is relatively simple trade merchants, retailers, the domestic market out of the slotting allowance, checkout point deduction, and so “hidden rules” can not accept; and has been ranked for “Retail as a king “of the domestic retailers, but also reluctant to give up or loose its by” hidden rules “profit model, the two sides into a see-saw once the state, but also aroused great concern.

The industry believes that in the final analysis, foreign trade of goods sold back into the domestic market, a range of issues arising from the market interests, but the market will ultimately resolved by the market. For those who have influence in the channel, and has a large number of domestic suppliers, retailers, surplus in the current commodity market conditions, can stick to the profitability of its existing model, but certainly there will be about to start or improve the transformation of businesses, will trade goods as a “treasure”, all the way to introduce the green light in front BBK Hunan inexpensive department store will be open audience of foreign trade of goods imported, after the Beijing Metro City Bianshen “365 foreign trade fairs,” is a chance in the inevitable.

2007 1 to 6 months in China toys export ranking the first in the world – the export statistics, toy exports, foreign trade data – the toy industry

This year, China’s foreign economic and trade fields to conscientiously implement the scientific concept of development, efforts to change foreign trade growth, focus on improving the quality of foreign investment, accelerate the pace of foreign economic cooperation, to enhance our level of opening up, promoting economic development and make a positive contribution.

  Gradual transformation of foreign trade growth mode

According to statistics, during the first half of this year, China’s import and export volume reached 980.9 billion U.S. dollars, up 23.3%. Among them, the export of 546.7 billion U.S. dollars, up 27.6%; import 434.2 billion U.S. dollars, up 18.2%. Annual import and export volume is expected to more than 2.1 trillion U.S. dollars, exports are expected to further enhance the global ranking. China’s foreign trade showed the first half of the five significant characteristics:

First, foreign trade grew steadily. Accession to the WTO five years, sustained and rapid development of China’s foreign trade, average annual growth of 28%. This trend continued during the first half of this year, import and export growth essentially flat last year. Trade growth is good with the main partners, China and the EU, the United States, Japan, the respective volume of trade reached 158.4 billion, 140.6 billion, 110 billion U.S. dollars, up by 27.3%, 17.4%, 14.5%.

Second, new progress in market diversification. In the first half, China Russia, India, South Africa, ASEAN and Korean exports rose by 71.9%, 64%, 40%, 32.8%, 31%, significantly faster than my US-Japan trade growth in EU and other economies. China to ASEAN, South Korea, Russia, India, Africa, Latin America exports in total exports rose from 21% last year rose to 24%.

Third is to optimize trade structure. The first half of this year, in addition to iron and steel products, other types of “two high and one capital” export growth decline markedly negative growth of fossil fuel exports, which unwrought copper and copper products, wooden products, rare earth, leather, coal, coal tar , rock phosphate and other products of export volume decreased substantially, while the mechanical and electrical products, high-tech products and agricultural exports have increased sharply. Air-conditioning, DVD, camera, notebook computers, mobile phones, color television sets, containers, shoes, toys, bags and other merchandise exports continued to highest in the world.

Fourth, the quality of growth improved significantly. Raise the overall price level of export products, color television sets, automatic data processing equipment and parts, automobiles and automobile chassis, container and other products rise more than 15%. Food exports pass rate was higher in the first half exports to the United States, European Union, Japan, the rate of food passing more than 99%.

5 is to promote foreign trade growth pattern a lot of work to achieve certain results. According to information provided by the Ministry of Commerce, this year, relevant departments of the State Council, we must take a series of measures to ease the pressure on the trade surplus, such as adjusting the export tax rebate rate of some products and the import-export tariff rate to adjust the processing trade policy, and standardization of outdated “award a limited entry” policy, to a certain extent, to curb some of the high energy consumption, high emission and resource exports. Months, has on the 695 kinds of “two high and one capital” Product elimination of export tax refund or levy to raise export tariffs; raise the access threshold of processing trade enterprises, environmental protection, energy, labor, equipment, level indicators into the scope of the audit , some of the goods included in the prohibited category in processing trade; not approved foreign investment in steel iron, aluminum and other countries limit the high-pollution projects. Departments also strengthened the supervision of the quality of export products, targeted to strengthen regulation and control, to clarify the facts, enhance mutual trust.

Absorption of foreign capital and foreign investment continued to increase

Continue to optimize foreign investment structure. The first half of newly approved 18683 foreign investment enterprises, down 5.4%; actual foreign investment 31.9 billion U.S. dollars, up 12.2%. Improve the industrial structure of foreign investment. Services liberalization and international services to seize the opportunity to transfer, to promote substantial growth in the service sector foreign investment, in the first half reached 13.8 billion U.S. dollars, up 58.2%, accounting for actual foreign investment rose from 30.6% last year rose to 43.2% . Foreign investment to improve quality, high-tech industries, research and development, high-end manufacturing sectors and the environmental protection industry to further enhance the proportion of foreign investment.

Marked improvement in the regional structure of foreign investment. Departments concerned to implement the “China Business” project achieved positive results, and promote foreign investment gradually shift to the central and western regions, central and western regions during the first half actual foreign investment increased 21.7%, higher than the national increase of 9.5 percentage points. Ministry of Commerce to promote the undertaking of international service outsourcing transfer projects have also made great progress, only focused on cultivating 625 companies, 50 multinational companies to undertake service outsourcing business; 11 service outsourcing base cities to undertake business process outsourcing and information technology Outsourcing amount of the first half of this year continued to maintain a rapid growth momentum.

Foreign investment cooperation have developed steadily. In the first half, non-financial overseas direct investment rose 21%. Overseas engineering contracts grew 35%. The new contract amount of more than 100 million U.S. dollars of foreign contracted projects and 59 contract SINO Australia Western Australia iron ore, Nigeria Mombela Station, Sudan Khartoum to Port Sudan railway and a number of large projects. At present, there are 46 enterprises enter the world’s largest 225 international contractors ranks of cooperation from the past to the main civil engineering projects such as labor-intensive development to the metallurgical, petrochemical, power, rail transportation and other capital-intensive fields. Turnover of overseas labor cooperation up 27.7%; 6 at the end of labor service personnel abroad 73.3 million, an increase of 9.8 million people.

Scotiabank joins forces with international payment gateway, First Atlantic Commerce, to offer 3D Secure solutions across the English Caribbean Region

First Atlantic Commerce (FAC), a leading, international, multicurrency payment and risk management solutions provider, and Scotiabank, an international bank based in Canada and the leading bank in the Caribbean, have joined together to offer 3D Secure services to online merchants in 7 countries across the English Caribbean.

Through this partnership, Internet merchants in the Caribbean will now be able to support 3D Secure for Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode on their web sites for the first time. The service will be available to merchants in Jamaica, Bahamas, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Anguilla, Turks & Caicos and Guyana with rollout to an additional 11 countries in the English Caribbean planned in the near future.

“This is an extremely important service for online merchants,” said Andrea Wilson, CEO of First Atlantic Commerce. “The objective of 3D Secure is to reduce fraud through the verification of the cardholder at the time of payment in a ‘CardNotPresent’ environment, such as the Internet. When implemented, 3D Secure protects online merchants from the financial losses associated with “I didn’t do it” chargebacks. We are very excited about making this more available in the Region.”

Both Visa and MasterCard offer chargeback liability shift for fraud related chargebacks when the transaction is authenticated through Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. This also includes liability shift for attempted Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode requests, which means that even if the cardholder is not enrolled, the merchant is not liable for certain Reason Code chargebacks. So the benefits to both Scotiabank International and its merchants are significant.

“The launch of this service to our existing and prospective Internet merchants is yet another way that Scotiabank is helping our clients in minimizing online fraud, while maximizing sales,” said Rob Macdonald Scotiabank’s Director, Merchant Acquiring Services. “We have worked with FAC for many years processing millions of dollars of credit card transactions for a range of businesses and Government bodies, and implementing 3D Secure is a natural next step in the evolution of our solutions to these important customers.”

The benefits associated with 3D Secure:
- Provides internet merchants with the ability to verify a consumer’s true identity through a secure, electronic, non “face to face” authentication process.
- Enables all parties in an eCommerce payment transaction to transmit confidential and valid payment data
- Provides verification to the merchant that the buyer is the authorized owner of a card account
- Offers immediate protection from fraudrelated chargebacks (“I didn’t do it” chargebacks.)

Becoming an Executive PA in an International Company Could be a First Step to Working Abroad

Copyright (c) 2011 Alison Withers

As part of the UK economy’s efforts to recover from the economic downturn one piece of advice that businesses are being offered is to look to export their services overseas.

As the global economic centre of gravity shifts towards India, China, Brazil, Russia and other emerging and growing economies the chances are that job opportunities will also become available, particularly in sectors where there are skills shortages.

This provides a real opportunity for specialist recruitment agencies to develop their range of offerings, but it needs planning. The REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) has recently suggested that many such agencies do not have a business plan to help them grow and has published a new guide, called Planning for Success, to help them to develop and grow and to be able to take advantage of new opportunities.

Candidates, also, can improve their skill sets to take advantage of new opportunities that could take them overseas. It may be that many dream of living and working in another country, perhaps after taking a gap year travelling and experiencing other cultures.

For someone with excellent secretarial skills the first steps to achieving that dream may be to learn another language. It is no coincidence that the rise of China as a powerful global economy has coincided with an increase in UK schools offering Chinese languages and with an increase in students choosing such courses.

Plainly some ability to speak one of the more unusual languages is likely to be a significant bonus.

Equally understanding how business is carried out in different cultures is important. In many countries the hierarchy of positions in the workplace is much less fluid than it is in the UK, so that there are conventions of behaviour when dealing with people in more senior positions than one’s own.

Often working in another country means that the culture, relationships and dress codes for men and for women are more formal than perhaps some UK workers are used to, not only at work but at other times too. Women, for example, are generally expected to dress more modestly in most Asian, S Asian and Muslim countries.

For someone with exceptional secretarial and PA skills, a first step to eventually working abroad could be to register with a specialist recruitment agency in a large city, where there are opportunities of placements at senior level in companies that operate internationally.

Gaining a placement as an executive assistant or PA in an international company not only helps to polish skills and experience, but also may provide an opportunity to make contact and interact with colleagues in other countries.

It will also mean that if there are opportunities for working in one of the company’s overseas offices do arise someone already working for the company will learn about them first, especially if they have let it be known that they would like to be considered for an overseas posting and can demonstrate some knowledge of the language and the culture of the country they are interested in.