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Hong Kong Stationery Fair Yiwu merchants received a large foreign trade on hi one

Yesterday, just 2008 Hong Kong International Stationery And exhibition back Yiwu merchants Lu Deguang told reporters that he produced Folder Etc. Stationery Very popular in Hong Kong show, dozens of foreign Purchase Operators are interested in their products, and said orders after the show. And Lu Deguang, as more than 10 enterprises in Yiwu Stationery Hong Kong International Stationery Fair 2008, ushered in the new year on the trade a good sign. It is understood that the city of Hong Kong Stationery Fair this year’s first exhibition outside the exhibition tour, the city and outside the company, said buyers have reached a satisfactory intention to order.

2008 Hong Kong International Stationery Fair on January 7 -10, held, the show is second only to Germany Flange Kefu Office Supplies Development of professional stationery exhibition by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Messe Frankfurt (HK) Limited, was known as the international industry’s most professional and most famous one of the stationery show. Yiwu pens and other stationery industry, a place in the country, so this exhibition is also optimistic about the city business. Yiwu City Foreign Trade Bureau has six years to organize a delegation.

Yiwu International Chamber of Commerce, according to the person in charge, and other International Stationery Fair, the Hong Kong International Stationery Fair Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair, held on the same period also, which is Asia’s largest and second largest toy fair in the world, so many international buyers are attracted years. As the two coincides with the exhibition, Buyer Can buy stationery and toys in one fell swoop, for the exhibitors to create more opportunities for negotiation. It is understood that the four-day exhibition attracted 269 exhibitors from around the world business, there are 10,006 more than a thousand from more than 120 countries and regions of buyers attending the event.

Show, the city was light stationery stationery Co., Ltd., more than ten companies have got to open the first-year red big business. Among them, the Golden Eagle Crafts , Bo Cheng stationery enterprises have continuously participated in the event four or five times, they said, the show exhibits an array, including the document with other writing tools Paper products And Paper Products, office supplies, art equipment, teaching aids, and children’s stationery and school supplies, this year’s results would be worthy of exhibitors than in previous years. Yiwu Flying Pen is the first exhibition, general manager Wang told reporters yesterday’s very emotional, they produce Ball point pen Show flourished as a venue in Hong Kong. “I never expected that SME’s products actually favored by foreign buyers, customers in our booth to visit very much, we received 23 firm orders and ten, with several customers on the spot orders to us, the effect far beyond what we expected We do not want to miss this opportunity next year. “According to the majority of Yiwu Entrepreneur Revealed that the current Hong Kong Stationery Show, and the signing of multi-Yiwu business customers in Southeast Asia, and some international purchasing group. In recent years, more and more “Yiwu create” stationery through Hong Kong constantly cover world trade transit point for Southeast Asian countries.

The name of the company, who declined to say, despite the recent impact of foreign trade has been weakened by various environmental, but let him see the Hong Kong show business in 2008 bode well. He suggested, Yiwu enterprises, especially SMEs, should get out more.

Hong Kong International Stationery Fair is an international stationery exhibition this year, the city will also tour this year, International Chamber of Commerce to participate in international stationery, office supplies industry event are: International Office Products Fair in Frankfurt, Germany, Japan Tokyo International stationery, office Commodities Fair, Sao Paulo, Brazil International stationery, office supplies exhibition, Frankfurt, Shanghai and other stationery show. It is understood that the International Office Products Fair in Frankfurt, Germany is the world’s largest office products exhibition, held this month, 23 -27 days, the city will have 30 companies participating in the exhibition and be held with the same period a Christmas gift, bodily development.

It is understood that this year, the city plans to send International Chamber of Commerce will participate in nearly 40 exhibitions abroad were involved in beauty salons, stationery, office supplies, Paper products Class, Clothing Apparel , Fabric Accessories Classes, gifts, household goods, Consumption Category, Home Textiles Etc.

Exporters Awaiting Sops From Interim Foreign Trade Policy

Small and medium exporting units in India may soon heave a sigh of relief once the much-awaited interim foreign trade policy is announced this month. The export sector has pinned its hopes on the interim foreign trade policy.

It feels that the policy would help the exporting units strengthen their position in the global contracting market. The sector is now eagerly hoping that its issues are addressed and demands are met by the government.

Exporters are positive that the government would offer benefits and extend sops and tax incentives to help the sector mitigate the impact of the financial crisis.

The impending interim foreign trade policy is expected to include measures that would simplify procedures and cut down transaction costs for exporters and importers in India.

These moves are likely to ease the burden on the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are facing fierce competition in the export-import business. Moreover, measures like extending the time limit for meeting export obligations against duty-free imports of machinery and raw materials, and allowing revalidation of expired licences are also on the anvil.

The announcement of such policies can help revive the export sector, which is perhaps going through its worst crisis.

Though the interest rate subvention scheme was extended for the export sector in India last week during the interim budget announcement, SME exporters sought additional sops from the government.

Exporters are hopeful that the government will not disappoint them and consider their demands this time around. They are expecting interim foreign trade policy of 2009 to include benefits under duty reimbursement schemes and steps that would reduce the average export obligation of exporters.

A delinking of grant of benefit under the duty entitlement pass book (DEPB) scheme is another incentive which the export segment can expect from the interim foreign trade policy.

Though the government may not offer more fiscal sops to exporters, by implementing some procedural simplifications and incorporating crucial measures, it can certainly make the going easier for them during these tough times.

Dubai crisis export volume of foreign trade marketing price rise down

More than a year after the financial tsunami, people thought that the crisis has passed. However, the Dubai debt crisis atmosphere of the global financial market downturn, raising fears that a new round of financial crisis struck. Dubai on November 26, 2009 announced restructuring of its largest business entity of Dubai World, Dubai World and the debt moratorium for 6 months.

HC screen Special printing network December 2009 trade sentiment index closed at 1378.49 points, down 23.00% ring last month, showing a decline in the trend; foreign trade price index closed at 110.20 points, ring up a 13.60 percent the previous month, showing a rising trend. Trade confidence index closed at 981.48 points, down 12.24% last month, Central, was a marked decline in the trend.

One, in December 2009 a marked decline in foreign trade sentiment index

1. Dubai turmoil in Shaoxing Textile Export markets. In Financial More than a year after the tsunami, people thought that the crisis has passed. However, the Dubai debt crisis atmosphere of the global financial market downturn, raising fears that a new round of financial crisis struck. Dubai on November 26, 2009 announced restructuring of its largest business entity of Dubai World, Dubai World and the debt moratorium for 6 months. After the news came out, not only revive the momentum of the global economic crisis weakened, but also the Middle East as the main export market, textile enterprises in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province has been the industry began to re-examine the metaphor of the “golden channel” of the “New Silk Road.” China Textile City in Shaoxing, from Dubai and the Middle East buyers more. Dubai’s debt crisis, with the Dubai Textile City, and other Middle East trade by a certain influence, part of the Textile City, Dubai, business users have been orders from the performance of caution. Industry, “said Dubai crisis” of the textile enterprises in Shaoxing’s exports to the Middle East region can not be ignored, especially in gray cloth, fabric and Clothing Other downstream products, exports to the region have been more active, especially with batik fabric, rayon fabric, and synthetic fabrics such as a more direct impact. Shaoxing, according to customs statistics, 1 October 2009, Shaoxing County, the UAE exports 410 million U.S. dollars, exports of textile fabrics and garments mainly. Shaoxing County officials said the bureau of foreign trade, the debt crisis may result in Shaoxing textile export volume reduced recently, and Shaoxing, the direct impact on the UAE this year, export growth target. “Dubai crisis” caused by the outbreak of the textile industry in China is indeed a certain shocks, particularly textile and garment enterprises in Shaoxing. But the debt crisis of the whirlpool – Dubai World company mainly involved in transport logistics, shipping docks, urban development, investment and financial services investment in the long term point of view, Shaoxing’s textile and garment exports in general have limited impact. These areas of investment and direct business contact Shaoxing textile is not very close, so, although the short term or on Shaoxing’s textile exports to the Middle East will be some impact, but long-term implications of the crisis may also further attention. Dubai, after all, only in the Middle East transit point for trade in textile export enterprises face is behind the broader Middle East, Africa. Dubai While “crisis” being, but the world economy is gradually recovering, visionary textile enterprises should avoid short-term speculation to long-term investment philosophy to invest in Dubai, after all inventive move.

2. Low-carbon economy led to reduced consumption in textiles, textile enterprises energy saving on Environmental protection Higher demands. United States, France and some other developed countries, the introduction of carbon tariffs gestation, a time of sweeping global low carbon economy, as industries subject of concern. The so-called low-carbon economy, by definition, is to Energy Changes in the core, to achieve maximum use of limited resources. Low carbon economy involves a wide range of industries and fields such as textile and garment industry, printing and dyeing industry, steel and other manufacturing industries. Take textile and garment industry, low carbon economy led to reduced consumption in textiles, textile enterprises on environmental protection put forward higher requirements for energy conservation. In fact, as early as environmental issues are included in the global crisis, Chinese textile and garment industry known for high pollution, high energy consumption for the world knowledge, which is very conducive to development of the industry. In the philosophy of environmental protection is increasingly important today, textile and apparel industry must be energy saving as a task to practice, and only really needs to reach Europe and the United States and other countries environmental protection, China’s textile and apparel industry can be brilliant to go out. Regardless of whether the imposition of carbon tariffs if other countries like Europe and the United States, environmental protection has long been a variety of fields of production practice. Face of the global advocate the development of revolutionary ideas a low carbon economy, to encourage the development of new industries of textile, textile products to support high-tech research and development applications, has become China’s textile industry restructuring new proposition. Shaoxing County is the gathering place of the national textile industry, many textile enterprises have already set an example, the textile industry in the technological transformation projects Tazhun the “low-carbon economy,” the pace, but some small and medium textile enterprises in Europe and America and other countries are still difficult to achieve the requirements of environmental protection.

Five Foreign Trade Enterprises Face Difficulties In Transition

In recent years, China’s textile exports have hampered the United States and the European Union have come up with “anti-dumping” as a front to block the influx of cheaper products from China, a large number of their own, be regarded as “plague” is not. In fact, the dumping does exist, or else the Ministry of Commerce Bo Xilai, Minister Knight will say such a thing?? “China’s export 800 million shirts, but also not one for Airbus.” Can imagine that the so-called brand in China, lack of technical content and added value products in some countries abroad Sell Blocked, can really lead anywhere?

Particularly saddened that a few years ago a lot of foreign companies to do the rush around the occasion, and not considered “winter” will be coming. Hindered face of the export enterprises can not digest too much capacity, the only way is to develop the domestic market, business transformation, but our lovely foreign trade enterprises will be reported in addition to the declaration, other than tax return, do not really know what will do? In addition to the quality of their products other than perhaps a little plausible, from the technical research and development, to production, management, market Marketing , Brand value, tracking services, simply and domestic predators who were unable to form peer competition between large, very raspberry, but the key point is to adjust as business model simply can not adapt to the domestic market and consumer demand, the results lead to defeat can be imagined. Shanghai Jin Release Strategies for foreign trade based on years of research institutions, research and consulting company in transition, found that many foreign trade enterprises of the following questions:

1, the plight of the industry chain extension?

An operational headquarters in Shanghai Yanan Road Grade A office space for foreign trade companies, the boss is a Stanford economics background “sea turtles”, through relationships with overseas venture capital, and shift the beach in the imported ” Medical Devices “Profiteering. How much profit medical devices, went to hospital for a” magnetic resonance “will know. The last few years have accumulated enormous wealth, do not believe in the wealth rankings, the real money are the main general way: he to the huge amount of cash or transfer overseas, or through various name and means to invest in eight non-related industries. such as processing of agricultural products, real estate, logistics, warehousing, Print So that the money would dry, and she won several national underwriters the right to purchase fruit base, began to export to the United States Canned fruit And processed products. And several well-known U.S. food companies to do contract work, such as Pizza Hut pizza, which is entirely with the peach available to them. You know this business year just how much profit selling you peach? 60 million!

Why the business is doing so well is not a business happens to meet, make their own products into the domestic market, the profit of light for foreigners working or too thin to settle old scores. So the enterprises to export a Plastic cups The “canned fruit” used as competitive products, began aggressively on the market. Very funny is actually the product name to “really.” Thanks to the boss or the top students to stay over ocean, actually the name, the United States Kraft’s “Guozhen” instant Drinks 30 years has been marketing the world, in China ten years, in the absence of any market research, based on racking our brains Gaoge the same name, is destined to doom the fate of this product. If you’re in Shanghai, casual look to a convenience store, but also to find its traces. In 2004, the “sea turtles” put out huge amounts of money to market, channel terminals are doing well, also giving a pleasing and creative advertising films, that is, not sellers for the simple reason that it is positioning its products to another Gaode unintelligible the … …

“Really, is not a jelly,” which scared the consumer to the product as a jelly, they fear consumers recognize this is a real “jelly packaging” canned fruit, and finally, get out of a “really, not a jelly,” 4 not as geek to. Really regret, the top students at Stanford University that even the most basic market positioning also ended up this way really is to consumers as a pig’s brain. A nondescript, not in the minds of consumers the impression that the establishment of clear and focused, the consumer experience into the larger, the greater the loss, I have a special taste a bit, really not as good as usual canned fruit, 150 grams of packaging, and solid 50% do not matter, pricing turned out to be four five, and the stealing of money is really no different, and to consumers is simply the negative consumer experiences with devastating.

City streets sell foreign trade clothing rigged

At a time when apparel sales season, the city streets more and more clothing stores the name of “clothing” signs. Recently, the city industrial and commercial sector “12315″ PE Link received some members of the public consultation, there would be no question so much clothing? In the end is true or false? Then the business sector and visits to check and found that the name of “clothing,” the sign business, the sales of clothing antecedents errors are quite conspicuous, more numerous near the famous counterfeit air max 2009 products.

Recently, “12315″ Personal Emergency law enforcement officers in a nearby market, “foreign sports apparel shop” to be checked. Inspection found the shop that sold Nike, Adidas, Kappa and other foreign brand apparel line, the price a lot cheaper than the regular stores, the basic are about 100 yuan, compared with fabrics and workmanship and also genuine differences. Law enforcement officers to require production of “trade dress” procedures and purchase documents, the owner could not get by the law enforcement officers repeatedly questioned, the store owner admitted into the wholesale market goods are the goods from the South, only 10-40 million purchase price, is generic brand products.

According to business personnel, through visits, now the city has dozens of North Third District, the banner of “clothing” shops, clothing stores do not have Chinese labels, tags or English, no text or a graphic. Good business and these shops have a fixed group of consumers has a cheap air max 24-7, popular style is the main reason to attract customers. But these stores are also common, “posing” the phenomenon of true and false mixed with the sale,

According to industrial and commercial staff to understand, these “foreign trade clothing store,” are generally processed in China from the brand-name manufacturers and near the stock. One of the best is the original single shipment, which is said out of order extra clothing, from formal manufacturers of these goods are produced. In addition, the most commonly seen clothing called “A version of goods”, which is the counterfeit products, counterfeiting the most realistic one, is usually modeled by the processing factories near the new specialized workshop production of private goods or, worse, Some are black and workshops counterfeit foreign brand fabrics, styles unauthorized processing, paste fashion label, disguised as trade dress, not the experts is difficult to see flaws.

How to identify genuine and fake clothing? Business personnel, real clothing requirements for pin high, the number of pins per inch, with strict requirements, and not so many fakes are often taken into account. In accessories, the real trade of clothing materials and exquisite workmanship, zippers, air max LTD, buttons with a brand features, or is likely to be fakes. In addition, many of them are really pre-trade clothing washing process, this is not easy to shrink, feel good, but this process is not fake, fabrics feel poor.

Business sector said counterfeit clothing damaged the interests of consumers, such behavior would be affected.

Guangdong's foreign trade import and export growth in April before the three percent

From January to April, total imports and exports of Guangdong 2,151.66 billion U.S. dollars, up 32.4%.

    Guangdong Provincial Reform Commission website on May 21 message, in April, Guangdong’s imports and exports continue to maintain rapid growth of restorative, total imports and exports 61.959 billion U.S. dollars, up by 31.7%. Of which: Exports 34,445,000,000 U.S. dollars, up 24.4%; imports 27,514,000,000 U.S. dollars, up 42.0%.

    From January to April, the province’s total imports and exports total 2,151.66 billion U.S. dollars, up 32.4%. Of which: exports 1,203.72 billion U.S. dollars, up 22.1%; imports 94.794 billion U.S. dollars, up 48.2%; achieve 25.578 billion U.S. dollars foreign trade surplus, down 26.1%. Import, export volumes were more than the same period before the outbreak of the financial crisis levels, respectively, from January to April 2008, an increase of 7.8% and 0.2%. Main features are:

    1, processing trade export growth accelerated. April, exports of processing trade in Guangdong 21,310,000,000 U.S. dollars, up 28.0%, an increase of more than 4.4 percentage points higher general trading, 2.7 percentage points last month to speed up; processing trade 14,422,000,000 U.S. dollars, up 45.0%, an increase of 6.6 lower than the month percentage points. From January to April, the province exported 72.009 billion U.S. dollars of processing trade, imports 46.725 billion U.S. dollars, up by 19.0% and 41.3%.

    Second, general trade import growth slowed. In April, the province’s general trade import 9.962 billion U.S. dollars, up 41.3%, down 30.4 percent growth the previous month; exports 11.052 billion U.S. dollars, up 23.6%. From January to April, the province’s general trade exports 40.369 billion U.S. dollars, imports 36.426 billion U.S. dollars, up by 31.1% and 59.8%.

    Third, exports of foreign-invested enterprises increased rapidly. April exports of foreign invested enterprises across the province 21,649,000,000 U.S. dollars, up 30.1%, an increase significantly higher than state-owned, collective and private enterprises; imports of 16,935,000,000 U.S. dollars, up 42.0%. From January to April, the province’s import and export of foreign-invested enterprises 1,313.58 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for the province’s total foreign trade 61.0%, an increase of 31.0%, an increase of less than 1.4 percentage points all import and export.

    Fourth, ASEAN, Japan, Taiwan trade deficit continues to grow. From January to April, the province of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Japan, Taiwan exported 9.526 billion, 6.291 billion and 1.486 billion U.S. dollars, from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Japan, Taiwan imported 14.229 billion, 14.002 billion and 12.643 billion U.S. dollars. ASEAN, Japan, Taiwan continues to maintain three major sources of imports for the status of Guangdong, Guangdong on the three regions and countries of the deficit was 4.703 billion, 7.711 billion and 11.157 billion U.S. dollars, than the same period last year were up 78.1%, 91.4% and 45.4 %.

    5, the traditional intensive exports improved slightly from last month. In April, the province’s exports of apparel and clothing accessories, 1.73 billion U.S. dollars, growth of 29.1% year on year went down 0.8%; from January to April, the province’s exports of apparel and clothing accessories rose 8.2%, textile yarn, fabrics and related products up 19.7 %, footwear, furniture, plastic products, and luggage were up 7.7%, 27.1%, 3.0% and 0.4%.

Wenzhou Foreign Trade Export And Other Industries Affected By Red Light Pens

“Sub-prime” spread to foreign trade enterprises, exports slumped, the export surge in bad debts, the rapid development of China’s foreign trade sector under the awareness of risk re-vacancy.

Involved the sub-prime crisis, the United States has become the hardest hit exporters, especially China’s foreign trade enterprises.

“By the sub-prime crisis, in the first half, we received a number of national reported year on year increase of 125%. The United States since the outbreak of the sub-prime crisis, many U.S. and European companies encounter cash flow difficulties, some of which European and American companies will shift the risk to China’s export enterprises . “Wenzhou, China Export & Credit Insurance head office, said Zhou Yi told reporters.

The sub-prime crisis in U.S. corporate default rates rise. According to the China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation Wenzhou Office statistics, in March 2007 to February 2008, the Department received Wenzhou export loss cases reported involving a total amount of 8.7938 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 639% (the national values of the same period in the case of reported loss an increase of 250%). The reported loss in the case of Wenzhou, 75% of the cases the amount from the United States. Demonstrated by the U.S. sub-prime mortgage crisis has caused a major economic slowdown in developed countries, the impact on exports are constantly emerging.

Reported loss increased by 639% behind the case, which reflects the economic environment in large under the influence of China’s foreign trade sector, especially export-oriented enterprises in Wenzhou suffered a debt crisis is being upgraded, but also to be getting worse.

Wenzhou sub-prime crisis has led to “a low and one high” International 5 1000 households in arrears Bangshangyouming

Ultimately passed on to the impact of a series of export enterprises themselves. To Wenzhou footwear companies, for example, buyers are relatively concentrated, the United States is the main market, due to the sub-prime crisis, dragging down the U.S. economy in general degree of consumer markets, leading to market demand. According to statistics, compared with a loss of Wenzhou shoe enterprises increased by 138% over the same period last year, dollar-denominated export growth rate of just 0.3%, if the calculation of export delivery value of the yuan business volume is actually a negative growth!

Not just shoe, Wenzhou’s foreign trade can not be optimistic about the overall situation. Wenzhou City Development and Reform Commission, according to the disclosure of material: from January to April this year, the city’s import and export, export, import growth in all three indicators below the national, provincial average, respectively, lower than the national 5.7,0.5 and 18.3 percentage points lower than the full Province, 6.2,2.9 and 17.8 percentage points.

Wenzhou’s foreign trade sector as a whole in lower, the market also have to accept a not good news, “higher” phenomenon. Zhou Yi, told reporters that in 2008 a quarter of U.S. buyers do not increase the number of reported cases of loss, but the surge in the amount of reported losses. A quarter of U.S. buyers loss Chuxian the number of cases reported increased by 12.2% year on year; while the total amount of reported losses year on year increase of 144.4%. An increase in the number of cases reported little damage cases, the reported surge in the amount of damage, which indicates that in 2008 a quarter of U.S. buyers Chuxian single cases reported a higher loss rates, risk is more concentrated.

In fact, Wenzhou is not the case, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other risks faced by foreign trade enterprises are increasing. Some buyers have even export enterprises due to payment arrears has been frozen China Export & Credit Insurance underwriting credit. So far, around the world because of China’s export enterprises in arrears payments to overseas buyers, as well as the loss of solvent due to the bankruptcy of overseas buyers there are five more than 1000 families have been registered.

Nationwide, the first half of this year, China Export & Credit Insurance helps insurance companies tens of thousands of customers in the overseas corporate customers credit qualification survey. To private economic underdevelopment of Liaoning, for example, the first two months of this year, China’s Export Credit Insurance Corporation, Liaoning Branch received a total of more than 20 companies reported export risks, the case of the value of more than 6 million U.S. dollars, respectively, 283% higher than the same period last year and 286 %. From the reported situation, the first two months this year, export enterprises face the risk has two characteristics: First, a low level of risk and areas of Europe and the United States and other developed countries the incidence of the risk of proliferation, accounting for more than half of the total reported over the same period last year by 333%; 2 in the report of “rejection” a total of nine cases, the ratio of up to 39%. “Rejection” proportional increase, often means that the buyer’s ability to pay is inadequate and has made clear the buyer’s degree of the host country’s market economy down, these have led to the export business of property, loss of profits. Zhou Yi, told reporters that the United States the risk of buyers from the corporate type of view, involved buyers from various industries, traders, manufacturers and chain operators are, from the industry, the general area of a majority of consumer goods .

3% of the export credit insurance coverage below the international standards, the amount of reported losses over the same period two and half times Bizeng

Should be pointed out that the international trade event in the international arena debt default had long existed, but other countries, export credit system is very advanced for its own foreign trade sector has played a very good hedge and preventive role, while the China Export & Credit Insurance As the late start, many enterprises lack of knowledge, the U.S. sub-prime mortgage crisis has led to this phenomenon is very prominent.

China’s Steel Industry, Foreign Trade Policy Will Make A Major Adjustment

Foreign trade policy of the Chinese steel industry faces a major adjustment. This adjustment is to adapt to the new international trade situation, and also will join the W TO requirements.

   Now China’s foreign trade restrictions on steel imports of the main policies include: limited registration, the designated operational, the “middle jacking”; export-promotion policies are: export tax rebates, preferential loans. The management of state departments that, in order to adapt to the future accession to WTO requirements, this policy will be adjusted or canceled.

    The source analysis, limited registration may be canceled during the year. According to WTO rules that allow member states for their own products, imports automatic registration in order to monitor imports and exports, but are not allowed to quantitative restrictions on imports. As early as 1992 China had promised to abolish quotas and licenses steel products, Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea and other countries on China’s limited registration policy currently in force is very sensitive to the authorities repeatedly questioned. According to an authoritative experts predicted that, if China this year to join the WTO, this measure will change.

    The source also pointed out that after the abolition of the designated operational how to control the import into an urgent task. According to commitments, China will join the WTO five years, cancellation iron and steel enterprises of the designated operational, that is, by 2005 all foreign trade enterprises can operate the right to operate the steel trade. The designated operational control of iron and steel products in China has been an effective means of imports, after the removal will adopt administrative measures to control imports more difficult. 5 years after the WTO should seize the time trying to use market means to control the import, ensure that after the abolition of the designated operational control of China’s steel trade Buzhi Yu.

    According to industry pointed out that the “middle jacking” the current approach are: iron and steel enterprises will be approved steel sold to export processing enterprises will be exempt from value-added tax of 17%. Such a policy would ease the contradiction between supply and demand in the market and improve the variety, quality, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, increase enterprise efficiency is undoubtedly of great significance.

    Although from a formal point of view of the policy is not a clear violation of WTO rules, but in essence it is an import-substitution policies, laws and regulations are a “gray area”, once the accession to WTO will certainly be challenged by other member states. Therefore, the iron and steel enterprises should take advantage of this rare opportunity, as soon as possible to improve product quality, and actively develop new markets, improve after-sales service, improve the international competitiveness of enterprises to strive for long-term occupation in this area.

    The face of the plight of the steel trade, China’s introduction of a “middle class jacking” approach to stabilize the trend of steel, China’s iron and steel to achieve high-quality products win the market will not be too much by the impact of foreign and limitations. China’s steel market to remain stable over the next five years. In addition, the steel products export tax rebate policy will also change the export tax rebate rate will be increased.

Analysis of the financial crisis, foreign trade enterprises shoes three dilemmas (Photo) – shoes, sh

2009, China’s foreign trade road shoes are destined to encounter a lot of broken off. At present, the sunset review of the final result has not come out the end of this month if the sunset review of the results for China, then China’s foreign trade will be more narrow road.

HC Shoe Net Foreign trade Shoe In the financial crisis, the world situation in the consumer market shrank, the situation increasingly difficult, and because the financial crisis caused by the original experience of other human let foreign shoe endured headaches. For example, credit issues, foreign unwarranted returns, trade barriers and other issues is broken head of foreign trade enterprises.

Export Shoe orders to guard against credit risk

With the financial crisis affecting the real economy to the penetration of international trade friction has entered a phase of high-fat, with the terms of trade tend to harsh, the overall increase in the export enterprise credit risk. Sinosure Chen, general manager of the Guangdong branch connected from the introduction, in order to return, withdrawals, money recovery difficult, and malicious bankruptcy to avoid debt in the form of a variety of export credit risks are increasing, the first quarter of this year, statistics show the number of cases companies reported losses and were up 3 times the amount.

Exported shoes (HC shoe net with graph)

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This, HC Network reporter reminded footwear footwear export enterprises should be more complete in the trade terms of the contract signed, and strengthen management of accounts receivable, timely attention to bank credit risk, exercise caution and reduce unnecessary losses.

Foreign gratuitous return

The context of the financial crisis, many importers to exporters not explain the reasons for breach of contract, but also single-refundable, but not delivery. Many goods have been delivered to the port, but refused to pay the rest 70% of the purchase price, demands return of Chinese shoes enterprises. According to the survey, the other is not can not afford to accept the goods, but to use the crisis as an excuse to want larger producers, press section, the final decision to force the Chinese footwear enterprises, rather all back, nor can it be fraud, eventually returned all the goods. “Zhejiang customers of a company to export a group of Spanish shoes, loans have been received, the customer does not pick up. Unable to contact to the customer, the goods have been stored in the port, exporters, sea freight and port advance the charges can not be redeemed.

In fact, the “return” issue, foreign trade enterprises in China are no strangers, but mostly because of previous experience return encounter barriers, or because they do not know each other’s markets have violated some laws to regulate the procedure, or there is a certain product quality problems. However, in the context of the financial crisis, many importers there is no reason for breach of contract, breach of contract not to explain the reasons for exporters, but also single-refundable, but not delivery. View more Industry News>>>

Bathroom Hardware Industry How To Deal With Three Foreign Trade Difficulties, “the Mountain”

Bathroom industry is experiencing a lot of ups and downs of the financial crisis led to decline in the international market demand rigidity, rising trade protectionism and other countries, technical barriers to health enterprises in China faced increasing pressure to export. By the financial crisis, sanitary export enterprises are facing varying degrees of difficulty, and we have to think more, domestic bathroom how to deal with overseas exporters to the market changes, turning crises into opportunities.

Measures of trade barriers for a breakthrough in scientific and technological innovation

For a long time, China’s sanitary products low prices, popular foreign distributors and consumers, exports doubled. However, with the export volume gradually increased, and the international economic situation worsened, more and more countries are beginning to implement similar stringent technical standards create barriers to trade, increase the health of our enterprises to develop foreign markets more difficult. Faced with this trend, the issue of trade protection, health enterprises in China to do is first of all rely on technological innovations to implement industry standards upgrades. According to experts, technical barriers to trade first, breakthrough product must meet standards to ensure products meet market standards, the manufacturer shall establish the control system. Sanitary products in addition to meeting local technical standards, should also meet the local residents living habits and ways of thinking. At present, the pressure in the case of exports, the Chinese are increasingly focusing on relevant international sanitary standards, product quality and significantly improved compliance with the relevant technical standards as far as possible to avoid the standard barriers to exports caused by disputes. With the strength of our health enterprises gradually, the current product standards more and more health enterprises have met or exceeded stringent product standards in foreign countries. High standards of product, reasonable price will be the key factor in breaking the barriers in order to win a larger market abroad.

Measures 2 to maintain U.S. and European markets open up new markets

By the financial crisis, the United States, Japan and Europe the three major trading partners demand fell sharply in the international market decline. According to statistics in recent years, the United States, Japan and Europe market share of China’s exports accounted for more than 60%. But the United States, Japan and Europe because of the financial crisis led to the economic downturn, demand greatly reduced. It is understood that the Canton Fair exhibitors from Europe, the United States, Japan, orders have different levels of reduction, which causes a sharp decline in export orders, making the survival of many export-oriented enterprises are facing pressure.

Fair trade on the data analysis that will be bullish in 2009 Autumn Canton Fair, “A lot of European and American buyers will consume the inventory completed in the second half, I believe that in 2009 the turnover will increase the fall Fair.” But in the current, facing difficulties right now, on the one hand try to maintain in Europe, the United States, Japan’s major markets, and actively invite new customers to the scene procurement; the other hand, the search for new markets as another, vigorously develop South-East Asia, South Asia, Middle East , Africa, South America and other emerging markets. For many domestic exporters, the current economic situation is certainly difficult, but also a lot of hidden opportunities. Chinese market in the eyes of the world as a legendary luminous pearl, strong domestic demand will be important future economic growth. Many companies in the past focused on the export market began to rethink their strategy and this vast fertile ground for Mao, the development direction of future development.

Measures three-brand strategy to speed up overseas marketing

China is a big exporter sanitary ware, but mainly in the form of OEM or OEM export, making a small processing fee, while low-risk and quick results. Form from the export trend is extremely unfavorable terms, foreign companies have long used the advantage of cheap labor in China allows domestic processing enterprises in the production of only a modest amount of processing costs, resulting in the number of China’s foreign trade towards the simple expansion of exports the amount of increase is substantially less than the increase in export volume, exports decreased efficiency, into the only important foreign exchange, does not hit the error card. Despite our many products in the quality, performance, process and technology with the international advanced level has been small, but the disadvantage is the increase brand bathroom, fully passive state, the current crisis gives us a clear understanding of a single export processing risk and the conflict between sustainable development. China’s health in the future development of enterprises should pay more attention to construction and development of own brands and develop its own brand, brand awareness and good planning. For the characteristics of foreign trade enterprises, enterprises should fully understand the market changes, moderate grasp the scale of processing, the creation of OEM and own brand combined with the OEM to determine a reasonable proportion of own brand, not only through the OEM learning master the world-famous brand management and technology, but also broke through its own brand reputation in the domestic and international markets, expanding its own brand of market share, improve the competitiveness of enterprises. Before the crisis broke out in Chaozhou several foreign trade enterprises in the Southeast Asian market had started its own brand marketing, brand joined in the form of open stores, so when the economic crisis, the impact on small businesses.

In short, with the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises in China sanitary increasingly, in industry standards, product quality, production technology and other aspects of advanced health and growing gap between the small enterprises. With increased competition in international trade, the traditional low-cost export processing path in the new form must be properly adjusted. The formulation of national policies in the future will also encourage innovation and brand strategy guide, rely on cheap labor and the expense of non-renewable resources and the environment, foreign trade development mode will gradually be limited, China should take advantage of health enterprises to speed up enterprise restructuring, the crisis, self-improvement, to develop a viable response to the development of strategies to broaden the market.