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Exporters Awaiting Sops From Interim Foreign Trade Policy

Small and medium exporting units in India may soon heave a sigh of relief once the much-awaited interim foreign trade policy is announced this month. The export sector has pinned its hopes on the interim foreign trade policy.

It feels that the policy would help the exporting units strengthen their position in the global contracting market. The sector is now eagerly hoping that its issues are addressed and demands are met by the government.

Exporters are positive that the government would offer benefits and extend sops and tax incentives to help the sector mitigate the impact of the financial crisis.

The impending interim foreign trade policy is expected to include measures that would simplify procedures and cut down transaction costs for exporters and importers in India.

These moves are likely to ease the burden on the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are facing fierce competition in the export-import business. Moreover, measures like extending the time limit for meeting export obligations against duty-free imports of machinery and raw materials, and allowing revalidation of expired licences are also on the anvil.

The announcement of such policies can help revive the export sector, which is perhaps going through its worst crisis.

Though the interest rate subvention scheme was extended for the export sector in India last week during the interim budget announcement, SME exporters sought additional sops from the government.

Exporters are hopeful that the government will not disappoint them and consider their demands this time around. They are expecting interim foreign trade policy of 2009 to include benefits under duty reimbursement schemes and steps that would reduce the average export obligation of exporters.

A delinking of grant of benefit under the duty entitlement pass book (DEPB) scheme is another incentive which the export segment can expect from the interim foreign trade policy.

Though the government may not offer more fiscal sops to exporters, by implementing some procedural simplifications and incorporating crucial measures, it can certainly make the going easier for them during these tough times.

Conquer the Business World with an MBA from Centennial College

A Masters of Business Administration (MBA) postgraduate degree is one of the most coveted credentials for college graduates who plan on entering the competitive business world. It is, in fact, one of several business degrees that have an impact on a professional’s salary and career advancement options. But MBA programs have evolved since their launch in the early 1990s. For one, programs are often shorter in length as a result of the highly competitive nature of business. Also, MBA courses have gone from being strictly full-time to part-time, modular, international, distance learning and even online. An MBA from a reputable institution such as Centennial College’s school of business is proof of that evolution.

With a broad range of program offerings that focus on the integration of information and communications technology, Centennial College is known as a leader in the business arena. With program choices ranging in everything from Human Resources Management and International Business Management to Financial Planning, Strategic Management and much more, there’s something for everyone. Aside from variety, Centennial College’s programs are custom-tailored to meet the needs of a competitive job market. Students obtain skills that are guaranteed to make them job ready and marketable. Many of the programs are also an excellent way of obtaining work experience, as they offer co-ops, internships and work placements. These options allow students to apply everything they’ve learned in their MBA courses to “real life” scenarios with actual customers, co-workers and employers. Many students are hired at their place of work following graduation. However, if you’d rather pursue further education upon graduation, Centennial College’s International business college also has many programs that are recognized by universities through articulation agreements.

There are some essential skills that students develop during their time in Centennial College’s MBA programs, which make them successful in the field. These skills include mastering economics, finance, marketing, operations management and accounting. However, MBA programs also teach students critical skills such as leadership, teamwork, ethics and communication, all of which are essential to success as business professionals.

But where can a Masters of Business Administration come in handy? From upper management positions to executive careers, the opportunities for MBA holders are extensive. In fact, many companies limit their searches for upper level managers to those with MBA degrees. However, business isn’t the only field in which an MBA is important. Professionals working in healthcare, engineering, music and education can also make good use of an MBA. That’s because the skills learned during their studies ensure that they’re able to work in administrative and leadership roles, giving them a great amount of mobility.

Why to get the removals international done from a professional company?

This era of globalization of businesses has seen increased movement of the people to different countries. There have been temporary as well as permanent migrations of the people to the other countries. These movements have also led to the movement of the belongings of the people to the new destinations. Whether you wish to move the household articles like furniture or your office materials or even you vehicles, the same can be done with ease by the moving service provider companies which are engaged in the removals international business.


For taking the removal overseas services, you would invariably require the services of a company which is capable of handling the international shipping. Some of the benefits of taking the services of such a company are:

Get the packaging done in the right way: The Company would know the requirements of moving the good in different conditions and by different modes of transportation. Therefore, it can do the packaging in the right way from the start itself.
Coverage against the risks of shipping: The companies also have tie ups with the insurance companies for removal overseas purposes. The insurance can be had quite easily against the different types of shipping risks to the goods by using the services of these companies.
Getting the clearances: The removals international require the clearances to be done for the materials which are to be shipped from one country to the other. These clearances are obtained after meeting certain conditions which are known well to the company providing these services. The trade import and export removal services can be best handled by the experience companies.
Tell about all the moving requirements of the special items like vehicles and the pets: While moving household items you might need to move your vehicle as well as the pets, like dog, cat, etc. The companies who do these removal overseas services know what all documents are required to be arranged prior to moving these items. You might also need to carry your automotive in a safe way and these companies are good at providing these services.
Storage needs taken care of: In international movement of goods, it is quite often the case that the goods are required to be stored before delivery to the destination point in the other country. The experienced companies have the tie ups with the storage service providers so that the goods remain safe.

The household removals can be full container or shared container. The full container will pack only your goods whereas the shared one will pack your and others belongings into one. The advantage of sharing is that the costs can be reduced and the removals international company can club the right types of goods together so that there is no damage or objection to the clubbing of these products.

All these points prove that the removals international companies are in a better position to meet the goals of your movements without any issues, hassles or damages.

Business News From Overseas

Lovers of the Cadbury brand of chocolate may be saddened to hear the business news of another takeover – Cadbury has been taken over by Kraft. Cadburys was first started in 1824 by a Quaker of that name who sold coffee, tea and hot chocolate for people to drink rather than alcohol. From such humble beginnings a giant emerged that spread over 60 countries and employed 40,000 people. Mr John Cadbury would have been astonished had he still been alive.

Todays consumers of chocolate may not realise that the brand also owns six other common names of chocolate, according to business news. But all that may change once Kraft takes over as experts in business news seem to think that Kraft traditionally reduces staff and makes other major changes to companies that they buy up. Kraft is not as old as Cadbury, having been founded in Illinois in 1903 as a simple cheese wholesaler.

However as happens with most companies there were takeovers, mergers and additions of all kinds according to business news. Today Kraft owns over 40 historic brands  and many more that are not considered to be historic. They employ even more people than Cadbury at 98,000, in their 168 processing and manufacturing plants worldwide. The only trouble with buying other companies is that it costs money and so there is debt to be paid in some way or other.

Frequently, that is paid for by employees in terms of lost jobs. Shareholders also have to give their approval, but this is not expected to pose a problem in this case.

Updates from the courts- arbitration on foreign trade matters

As we know, an arbitration proceeding is a quasi-judicial in the framework of which an arbitrator, appointed by the parties, judges a dispute between the parties and decides on the disagreement between them. The deliberations in an arbitration proceeding may be less formal than the deliberations in the court, but the ruling of the arbitrator obligates the sides and they may attack it only by the means set in the law.


Reference to arbitration proceedings can be done on the initiative of the parties, out of an ad hoc mutual decision or as a result of an arbitration clause that the parties included in a contract signed between them before the relationship began. Occasionally, there is an arbitration clause in the agreement, but one of the sides decides to bring the legal dispute before the court. In such a case, the other side can refer to the court and request delay of the proceedings before the court for the purposes of transferring the dispute to arbitration.


The institution of arbitration also exists for international disputes, and there is an international convention (the New York Convention) that regulates the issue.


Recently, two decisions were given relating to international arbitration, which ought to be brought before the community of those who deal in foreign trade.


Refusal of the court to appoint an arbitrator


In one case, the District Court of Petah Tiqwa dismissed the request of the UTI Logistic Israel Company to appoint an arbitrator for a dispute that arose between it and the Trans Terra Investments Ltd. company.  The dispute arose in the framework of three different agreements that were signed during different periods by the sides: a forwarding agreement that dealt with the formation of agency relations between the sides; an activity purchase agreement which ended the forwarding agreement and involved the purchase of the properties and activities of Trans Terra by the UTI company; and a trusteeship agreement dealing with the deposit of a sum of million in the hands of a trustee for a period of a year and a half, at the end of which, in the event that no action is filed by the UTI company, the money will be released to the Trans Terra company.


Later, UTI demanded a sum of .6 million from Trans Terra for misrepresentation and causing financial damages. At the same time, UTI filed a request for the appointment of an arbitrator in accordance with the arbitration clause appearing in the purchase agreement.


However, the District Court of Haifa dismissed the request of UTI regarding the appointment of an arbitrator. The court ruled that UTI did not act according to the dates set in the agreement and did not activate the four-staged mechanism needed for arbitration to take place. Accordingly, the court ruled that the arbitration agreement was void and disappeared on its own.


The court further found that UTI’s action was based primarily on a claim of fraud and that in such a case that rule is that when issues of fraud are involved- it is preferable that such cases be clarified in court: “The party against whom claims of fraud, or other claims that may sully his good name, are made, should not be deprived of the opportunity to clear its name in a public clarification in court and should not be forced to submit to the clarification of such claims by arbitrators who will discuss the matter in private and whose decision on the facts cannot be appealed…”


4941-04-09 UTI Logistics Israel Ltd. v. Trans Terra Investments Ltd, decision given 4.8.09


Delay of proceedings due to the existence of international arbitration agreement


In another case, the District Court of Petah Tiqwa accepted the request of a foreign company manufacturing tires to delay proceedings filed against it in the court by Israeli companies, due to the existence of an arbitration agreement.


Between the foreign tires company and the Israeli company for marketing tires, an exclusive distribution contract was signed, under which the foreign tires company gave exclusive distribution rights to the Israeli company without any time limitation. Over time, a dispute arose between the parties which lead to the cancellation of the exclusive distribution contract. The Israeli company filed an action against the foreign company and other Israeli companies that it claimed had given false information to the foreign tires company about the business activities of the Israeli company, which caused the foreign company to cancel the exclusive distribution contract and transfer it to one of the other Israeli companies.


The foreign company filed a request to delay the proceedings due to the existence of an arbitration clause between it and the Israeli company. The arbitration clause stipulated that the sides must solve any dispute relating to the execution of the exclusive distribution contract via the institution of arbitration, with the arbitration proceeding being conducted in France.


normally, when there is an arbitration agreement between the parties, and nevertheless an action is filed in court, the court will delay, at the request of one of the parties, the proceedings in the case to allow the examination to be made in arbitration. On everything relating to international dispute, paragraph 6 to the Law of Arbitration conditions the delay of proceedings on the existence of an arbitration agreement between the sides, and on the existence of an international convention that “Israel is party to” which instructs that proceedings in court be delayed in such a case. And, in fact, Israel is party to the UN Convention on international arbitration on commercial matters (“The New York Convention”) of 1958, which sets stipulations regarding delay of court proceedings and transfer to arbitration. Therefore, the court accepted the claim of the foreign company that the court should honor the arbitration clause and delay the proceedings to allow the deliberations to be transferred to arbitration.

In contrary, the Israeli company claimed, inter alia, that the action was also filed against Israeli companies and not just against the foreign company, and therefore the proceedings should not be split up, transferring the deliberations against the foreign company to arbitration and leaving the action against the Israeli companies before the Israeli court.


The court rejected this stance. The court ruled that regarding international arbitration, the stipulations of the New York Convention do not negate the transfer of proceedings in a case of splitting up the proceedings due to the involvement of third parties, and therefore the action against the foreign company should be transferred to arbitration.


civil case 2878-01-08 Transityre B.V v. Asher Tire Distribution Company Ltd. Decision given 3.8.09

Creating A Global Business From Home

A global business is one that makes use of the variety of customers all over the world to create a massive interest in the products being sold by the company. That is how major companies keep their business volume strong and ride out any small glitches in the market. Even if business from one country slows, the business that is available from the other countries around the world will more than make up for it.

Six Figure Income

Earning a six figure income is far more likely when you have the largest possible pool of customers. What better way to create a large pool of customers than to make a business available to anyone in the world? That creates the very largest pool of customers. A high volume of sales is only possible when large numbers of customers find out about a business and what it sells.

Though domestic sales can result in a six figure income, a global presence means even more income for a business by appealing to a high volume of people. Having a steady stream of income that comes in from various locations around the globe makes the income steady and reliable.

Marketing a Global Business

Business marketing online is geared toward marketing a business globally rather than locally. Searchers all over the world can find anything that is on a public website. Even the smallest websites geared toward niche markets attract international visitors.

Since anyone from anywhere can find a website that interests him or her, no matter where the site is based, marketing a business on a global scale online takes no more effort than local online marketing. Creating an online presence that grabs attention is all that one needs to do.

Additionally, businesses do not have to be geared toward every country that they want to target in order to attract customers from those countries. It only needs to have an online presence.

Worldwide Sales

If you want worldwide sales, it’s best to choose to go into a business that sells something that is appealing to people all over the world. Look at the item being sold and decide whether the item is something that appeals to people outside your general area.

There are many products, such as travel deals, that appeal to a wide variety of people. However, smaller, niche products that aren’t as appealing worldwide could require extra marketing. Specific regions will need an introdution to what is being sold and why it is something worth buying.

Choose Global Products to Keep Advertising Prices Low

Without having to create specific marketing for each specific area, marketing and advertising costs online can be kept low. This gives every small business owner the chance to market effectively online to reach a global audience without having to spend more than they can afford on that marketing.

With Internet marketing in place, global business is possible from the smallest of businesses. A small budget and a big dream can translate into worldwide sales that stream into a home business.

International Relations Degree From an Australian University

If you are considering a career with the State Department and are planning to pursue an international relations degree, you might think about attending college in Australia. The Australian National University offers one of the most comprehensive courses of study in this field in addition to its other fine degree programs.

One of the advantages to attending an Australian college is the fact that they speak your language. The culture of Australia also shares many similarities with that in the U.S., while the differences are intriguing; both nations were founded prior to the 19th Century as colonies of the British Empire, and patterns of settlement were similar. In both countries, there were conflicts with indigenous peoples that had a major impact on how those societies developed. In Australia, college does not differ greatly from that which you are already familiar.

Among Australian colleges, ANU’s Department of International Relations is considered to have one of the leading such graduate degree programs in the world.  The program combines theory and practical applications with an emphasis on Asia and the Pacific Rim. This program is the only one of its kind in Australia, and scholars from all over the world come to ANU in order to study geo-political issues that are slowly transforming the planet. This graduate degree draws on a number of disciplines in the social sciences, including:

•    political science
•    sociology
•    history
•    anthropology
•    law
•    economics
•    philosophy

In order to qualify for this program, you will need to have successfully completed a bachelor’s degree in one of these fields and maintained a minimum academic standard.

Another key is preparation. If you are planning to complete an international relations degree at the Australian College of Asia and the Pacific at ANU, you will have to get started at least a year in advance. Applications can take time to process; in addition, you’ll need to make certain your passport is up-to-date, make travel arrangements as well as living arrangements while you are in attendance.

Degree programs through a college in Australia can be tremendously rewarding and allow you to earn the credentials you need while giving you a broader perspective in the field of international relations and diplomacy.