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PGDM Courses- An Important Step Before Stepping Into the Business World

PGDM or Post Graduate Diploma in Management is equivalent to an MBA. There are a number of PGDM Courses one can choose from. The following are the different PGDM programs available





Full-time program

Part-time program

Distance Learning program

Executive program

Online program

A full-time PGDM program is usually of 2 years and comprises 4 semesters, 6 months each. Students can opt for their interest of specialization and have the option to choose from minor and major subjects. The choice of subjects includes the following:



Human Resources

Operations and Logistics

Information Technology


International Trade and Business

Consumer Behavior

Risk Management

Entrepreneurship and many other.

The part-time and Executive PGDM are for those who are working executives and want to take up the course to further enhance their working skills. The part-time, distance and online learning programs are flexible whereas the Executive PGDM is strictly designed keeping the working people in mind.

These specialized PGDM Programs help one in assessing whether they are willing to continue to work in their field of interest. The curriculum of the courses is such that the person learns to deal with all situations. A manager needs to be able to motivate and guide his subordinates and should respect his superiors. Apart from imparting the basic know-how of the business world they also teach these things which are crucial to an organization.

Admission to a top-PGDM course can be obtained by appearing for the necessary entrance exams. Once the student clears the entrance tests he/she has to undergo a Group Discussion and Personal Interview after which he/she is selected and enrolled for final admission. The admission to the Top B Schools is sought by taking exams like the CAT, XAT, GMAT, NMET, MAT amongst others.

Once a student has successfully completed the PGDM Course he or she can apply for lucrative job opening which are offered. The PGDM Course boosts confidence and instills certain traits that are very important in the business world. One also becomes aware of certain latent skills and abilities that the program draws out during the course.

Completing your education world with a PGDM before stepping into the corporate world is the best thing in the competitive and demanding business environment today.


Essential International Marketing Advice ? Why is International Internet Marketing so Important?

The most important part of modern business strategy is to think on a global scale, however this doesn’t mean that businesses can afford to ignore their local market. The world is continually changing. The most noticeable change is perhaps in the way businesses operate; over the past few decades this has changed considerably. Businesses are able to operate on an international scale fairly easily, but that doesn’t mean that they can lose touch with their local customers. Consumers and businesses can buy any product from anywhere in the world thanks to the internet. Top business strategies include multilingual website marketing and International internet marketing.

Competing on an International Level

It can be quite difficult for firms to start competing at an international level. An international marketing strategy has to be developed depending on the products and services which the business intends to offer to their customers. It is also important for businesses to realize what their long term goals are when creating these strategies. There is very little point for a company to target their domestic market on a few short term goals. Most firms will be targeting the global market and to be competitive you should also target compatible markets firstly and those with greatest cultural differences lastly. This means you need to find out the preferences of all of these markets, this will require a well founded research.

When you select your international marketing strategy then it is certainly a good idea, however that doesn’t mean to say that it is risk free. You should select a common strategy which saves you a lot of hassle. A common strategy will mean that you don’t have to develop strategies for individual markets. International marketing strategies are becoming increasingly important in many businesses all around the globe.

Firms which utilize international internet marketing to the best of their ability have a very good chance of making high levels of profit. It is true that the proportion of products sold over the internet is very tiny when compared with traditional retail outlets. However the trends have shown that the popularity of internet shopping is increasing and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. If a firm is willing to use multilingual marketing then they are able to interest people in many countries all around the world without actually having to adjust their marketing strategy. When doing business on an international level you cannot just rely upon English. Hundreds of companies are starting to realize just how important international marketing strategy and multilingual marketing strategy are.

If you adopt a common international marketing strategy for all markets then the business will be able to benefit from increased economies of scale caused by the multilingual marketing. It all depends what the aim of the multilingual marketing strategy is, different approaches would yield different benefits. Advertising campaigns and multilingual marketing can be used alongside each other to make potential customers from both countries feel much more secure.

When searching on the internet most people will use their native language, in fact only 1% of users search in other languages. This goes to show just how important multilingual website marketing campaigns are to modern day businesses. Bear in mind that not all of Europe speaks English, using an English website you can expect to communicate to around 16% of the population, however if you have a German, Spanish, Italian and French website then you can deal with 74.1% of the European market.

It is important to remember that a multilingual website marketing strategy is not just a simple translation of your English website; it should also cater specifically for that unique country. Businesses can use multilingual advertising to supply the necessary information to users all around the world quickly and efficiently. The information should be displayed so that it suits their culture. Basically you have to be willing to adapt your business in order to get them on board.

Another very important reason why businesses should consider using multilingual websites is because websites presented in their own language will make visitors twice as likely to remain on the website and continue reading. People will also be four times as likely to buy from a website in their native language.

Some big names in the world of internet business have suggested that in the not too distant future the internet will have huge multinational online shopping malls which will dominate the international internet marketing scene. If this does happen then you can be sure that many multinational companies will be using these malls to market their goods and services. Any International marketing strategy needs some careful consideration, there’s no doubting that multilingual website development and multilingual marketing will be here to stay.

Important Qualities to Look For in an Online Business School

Business colleges online are becoming increasingly popular. This is especially true if time constraints are an issue for pursuing higher education. Full-time jobs, families, and other commitments may make attending the traditional college or university impractical. Today, there are more online business school options than ever before, offering all levels of degree and certification programs. So what are the most important qualities to look for when researching online business schools?

The Online Business School Meets Your Particular Needs

An obvious starting point is to determine what kind of degree you want to earn. Most business schools offer a variety of majors, such as business administration, human resources, marketing, accounting, and other specializations. The first thing to look for in an online business school is their selection of majors and the available coursework for each major.


Although business schools online are relatively new compared to traditional colleges and universities, more and more employers are accepting online business schools as legitimate vehicles for providing well educated employees. The reputation of online schools is fast becoming just as important as traditional schools. Take the time to check whether the school has a good reputation with potential employers and former students.


Another way to determine the reputation of a school is to find out if it is accredited or not. Schools become accredited through accreditation associations. The associations put institutions or schools through a peer review process to determine whether the quality of education the school provides meets the standards set forth by the accrediting association.

Job Placement

Sometimes getting that first job is the most difficult part of starting a new career. Some online business schools provide post graduation job placement programs or some other form of assistance in finding a job.

Qualified Teachers

Faculty members for online business schools should be able to deliver theoretical and thought provoking lessons like any academic educator, but should also be able to share real world experience and practical knowledge that can be applied on the job.

Class Interaction

Class interaction is another very important quality to consider. Although students are not meeting face-to-face, the ability to interact with one another is significant. Interactions may take place via forums or through group projects. This adds another dimension to the learning process by sharing ideas and experiences with other students.

Online business schools not only offer you a degree upon completion, they can help you develop valuable skills such as time-management, focus and initiative. And these are the kind of skills that are highly valued in the business world.

Why is International Market Research so Important?

Market research gives businesses essential information on customers, competitors, and market. Most businesses claim to understand the value of this research because they are using this information to sell their product to their clients.

Market research is just as important for international business. And even more so…

Your success in foreign markets will depend on your international market research. It is especially important during your business planning phase.

Reasons For International Business Planning

There are two main reasons to be very thorough when researching your international markets. During this planning phase you need to learn:

what you can hope to accomplish
what to not to do and avoid cross cultural blunders

The Difference In International Market Research

The difference between domestic and international market research is the importance of the smallest details and the differences in the smallest details can influence your success.

Different cultures respond differently to your product, your marketing, your business. This implies more than simple interest in your product. Some markets may actually use your product differently than you expect. You need to know exactly how each of your markets respond to your product, your company, your marketing.

Cross cultural communication differences will influence everything you can think of and more. If you are not intimately familiar with the cultures you are targeting plan for surprises.

Schedule More Time For International Business Planning

This is why it is essential to have a strong international market research strategy. Here is what to do:

Schedule more time researching prior to any launch.
Continue with your international market research.
Diversify your research channels.
Use web marketing to stimulate international market feedback.
Question everything possible.
… And be methodical.

Market Research For Online Businesses

International web marketing allows you to jump into sales faster than ever before. In fact, if you have an online business you might even get non-domestic sales without doing anything in particular to sell your products abroad. But don’t make the mistake of not implementing good international business practices.

You can easily set up a new market research strategy in parallel with your current business.

Once you start getting sales inquiries internationally, start researching those new markets. This will allow you to see your potential international business opportunities.

Remember, you can’t rely on analyzing your online international sales alone. Only by researching your market can give you the whole picture.

Continuous Market Research

It’s important to actively carry out your market research continuously throughout all of your online sales and marketing efforts. This is key to developing your business internationally.

Internet can be an easy solution and an essential part of your expansion plan… only if you do sufficient international market research. Don’t simply put your order page up and sit back.

Create your website to help you in your information.
Set up a good tracking tool to measure your results.
Direct your international market research based on your measurements.
Start an international market research plan.
Add a little web marketing to get more market feedback.
Continue researching all of your markets.

You will learn how to develop your markets internationally, and what to not do. That is why market research is so important and is one of the foundations for successful international business.

Are you committed to speeding up your international sales cycles?

Learn how to combine cross-cultural marketing tools and international sales strategies for faster sales.

Join us on the International Sales Road Map.

Would you like to develop your international business?
Are you a beginner at international sales and marketing?
Read the Beginners Guide Discover Your International Business.

Why Are Foreign Trade Consultants Important?

Today’s international trade relations are more complicated than before. At the dawn of human civilization trade used to take place through barter system where goods were exchanged for goods, but modern international trade is more complex in nature given the international trade rules, political and economic scenarios of counties taking part in the trade. Foreign trade therefore requires special considerations.


The increased volume and complexities of foreign trade has made the foreign trade consultants invaluable for businesses. If you are an organization looking to venture into a new location you may find the services of foreign trade consultants absolutely necessary for the following reasons:


Experience: Often companies venture into foreign land and suffer a set back because of lack of experience. The rules and regulations along with culture, purchasing power of the customers vary widely between the counties. Therefore a product, which is a success in the domestic market may or may not succeed in a foreign market. Foreign trade consultants come into the picture in making a product successful in its foreign ventures.


Cultural differences: While it may be easier to collect the statistical data on a country’s economy, it might not be easy to get the firsthand knowledge of its culture, which is likely to play a very important role for a company’s success in foreign setups.


For eg- The diverse land mass and 1.1 billion population of India has made them a favorite choice for the international businesses. India is also the fourth in terms of purchasing power.  But businesses at the same time need to understand the sentiment of the Indian people to market their products successfully. If the company’s Indian trade campaign isn’t designed carefully, it’s more likely to fail. Experienced foreign trade consultants can help businesses in gaining the firsthand knowledge on a country’s culture.


Help building relationship: To establish your business in a foreign land it is important to establish a successful business relation, which demands both time and patience. Businesses trying to spread their wings in overseas markets are required to build relationship both with the customers and their distribution channels. The lack of firsthand knowledge of the cultural and social values of different countries makes it difficult for the businesses to operate successfully.


The foreign trade consultants can help businesses in establishing an efficient channel of distribution with their expertise and help businesses saving on both time and money.


Legal assistance: The professional foreign trade consultants can also help businesses with legal issues, such as-custom, trade laws, laws regarding setting up shops and showrooms; and also with bureaucracy.


Financial assistance: To establish your business in overseas location you may have to deal with both your domestic as well as foreign bank. Foreign trade consultants can further help businesses in establishing relation with various banks and financial institutions.


The professional assistance of foreign trade consultants is of indisputable importance in establishing a business overseas. It takes more than just good products and marketing skills to taste success in a foreign market. The foreign trade consultants can help in eliminating the cultural and geographical differences between the parties and facilitate a successful trade relationship.