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Top Business Schools in India

Not long ago the student’s choice for best profession was either to become a doctor or an engineer, but today India is the 7th largest economy of the world and Indian companies are making their presence felt all over the world. Rise in economy has given the people of India good standard of living as the people are being paid well by the companies. The reason behind this boom can be credited to various business institutes in India providing world class infrastructure with global education. The students enter in these institutes by sitting for common aptitude test (CAT) which happens once in a year and is regulated by the government. The result of these test which is based on ones marks or percentile get them inside these business colleges.

These schools then train their students for the professional corporate world. Business colleges like Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indian School of Business Hyderabad, XLRI, and IMT are some of the world famous institute which provide MBA degree or diploma and give its students a secure future by providing good jobs in well known companies. Some of these institutes are private colleges and some are government regulated. IIM is one such institute regulated by the government and is most reputed and is present in six cities that are Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Indore, Calcutta, Bangalore and Kozhikode.

These institutes have a history of giving some of the well known entrepreneurs to India and since then have become a major attraction for students. The fee of these business institutes in India is relatively high making it difficult for students belonging to lower class to enter and a challenge for the institute which has to choose talent over money or vice-versa. India boosts of several business schools but only few of them provide high quality education with excellent track records. The students in these institutes get a placement or a job directly from the campus with high pay packages. Once a student enters in one of these top Indian business schools, it is evident that the next road ahead towards life is much more comfortable. The idea of such institute is to give as much exposure of corporate world as possible by providing internships between the programs. The internship helps the students to choose what type of job profile is best for them.

Lots of private Management institutes in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore etc are opening as the demand of such institutes is high. The attraction of money given to MBA graduates is another major reason of so many students opting for MBA in their masters which is directly proportional to the rise in business schools. The lure of money is enough to attract many students to pursue a career as an MBA. These schools play an important role in fulfilling the human resource needs of various sectors with profitable outcome to students, institute and the company respectively.

To achieve this success consistently it is important for institutes to focus on latest techniques and changes in teaching style to make it most sought after institute. Hence, Indian business schools will only double in number in coming years as the economy of India in coming years is going to rise but few institutes manage to keep their image and will remain on top. Business schools are a backbone of a nation that gives competent, world class and hard working professionals and entrepreneurs to its country which eventually helps the economy to improve and make a nation more visible on a global world.

Now, An International MBA in India

Irrespective of age everyone should think of rejuvenating his or her career in the corporate world. Globalised Business environment demands knowledge and exposure to International business knowledge, cultures and business practices. Jaro Education is committed to meet this need of the working professional by offering International programs and that too at the convenience of learning anytime anywhere.

Jaro Education in collaboration with Europe’s leading business school United Business Institute (UBI),Belgium has introduced International MBA and Executive International MBA programs to suit requirements of working professionals, entrepreneurs, housewives and others wanting to pursue a global career.

Q1.How International MBA (1 year) would help me to get a fast career growth?

An International MBA program is designed to provide you knowledge of domestic as well as international management subjects, insight in international business culture and environment which would give confidence to secure a good managerial job in India as well as overseas.

We offer lectures from senior industry experts who share their industry experiences which is essential in today’s ever growing and fast changing business environment. During guest lectures students get business knowledge from CEOs, V.Ps. / G.M.s and an opportunity to interact with executives from different industries, functions and having diverse background and profession.

Q2.How is an International Executive MBA (nine months’ duration) better for working professionals?

International Executive MBA is designed for working executives, businessmen, housewives etc for careers of increased responsibility with focus on international relations and business strategies. Working executives are trained to work in domestic and international markets. These factors help them for international jobs and career.

Q3.Does UBI has any accreditations?

Yes, UBI and Jaro Education have multiple accreditations from authorities like

a. European Association for International Education (EAIE)
b. United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA)
c. United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS-UK ) & other bodies

Q4.How is your International MBA program different from other programs?

Globally accepted MBA Degree – Awarded by UBI, Belgium, Europe, which is recognized worldwide
Affordable Fees – Fees Rs 45,000/- for International MBA (one Year Duration) inclusive of online lectures with installments or bank loan facility. For weekend lectures extra fees is Rs 12000/-
Online lectures & examination  - Provides flexibility & better time utilization since exams are held on Sundays or holidays
Fast Career Growth – Developed specially for students / working professionals to enhance their managerial skills and capabilities to ensure fast career growth
Virtual classroom Facilities – Students / working executives can attend live or recorded lectures at their convenient time and location
Learning methods – Books, Virtual lectures, online discussions
Global Understanding – To ensure success in the competitive global environment, the curriculum includes subjects commonly taught in Global Universities/ Institutes.
Faculties – The members of the teaching faculty have distinguished academic achievements and work experience and are actively involved in teaching at top B-schools
Weekend lectures and Doubt Clearing Sessions – For better learning and understanding of management concepts, Personal Contact Programs (PCP) are provided on weekends for the students enrolled for the same. Before the exams students can clarify their doubts through online interaction with the faculty
Job Opportunity – The program would also help its students to identify    international job opportunities and access to potential local & global markets.

Q5.Can I afford Distance Learning International MBA course?

Yes, the fees are economical. Fee for International MBA (one Year Duration) is Rs 45,000/- and for International Executive MBA (9 Months Duration) is Rs 43,000 /- (Inclusive of online lectures), for weekend lectures extra fees of Rs12, 000 /-

Explore Foreign Trade Courses in India?Foreign Trade MBA in India

Liberal economy of India allows different countries to expand their business here. Today liberalization and globalization are two big terms for India. MNC’s and other firms are growing their business here and their joint ventures with Indian companies are increasing rapidly. Outcome of these new ventures is many scopes for professionals in foreign trade. Liberalization and other economic policies of India are attracting more people to work here. Foreign trade is wide term and education in this field is providing more opportunities to Indian professionals.

Understanding Popularity of Foreign Trade Courses in India & Abroad

Presently, skilled personnel in foreign trade are limited but scope is unlimited and to balance this enormous scope this industry need numerous people. Students studied economics; finance, business administrations, sales and marketing have wide scope of managing the foreign trade. MBA degree is must for this and students pursuing this master degree program can grab good opportunities as many of the biggest firms are waiting to hire professionals in this field.

Gaining Admission into Foreign Trade MBA in India

MBA colleges in India are providing professional training to post graduate students who have scored at least 50% aggregate marks. Masters in business or foreign trade is an advantage to grab good jobs with MNC’s and international private firms. Students from commerce stream are likely to get more opportunities here. Knowledge of economies of different countries, understanding the modern trend in business, leadership and managing skills, are basic requirements for the job of foreign trade managers.

Business schools in India are offering this course at bachelor level as well. Students interested in building their career in international trade market can pursue bachelor courses offered by top b schools of India. After that students can continue their MBA degree to get complete professional skills and knowledge about the foreign trade. It’s a well paid career option for fresher students and they can even start with the salary of Rs 10000 per month as well. As your experience raise you are likely to earn more as MNC’s and international firms pay higher packages. Business management colleges in India are easy to find these days and from any part of the country you can pursue this course in renowned or top management colleges in India.

Top Management Colleges Offering Foreign Trade Courses in India are listed below:

• Indian Institute of Commerce and Trade

• Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi

• The Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University

• Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (IIM L)

• FMS – Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi

• Institute of Management & Technology, Ghaziabad (IMT)

• International Management Institute, Delhi (IMI)

• Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi (IIFT)

• Jamia Millia University, New Delhi

• Hamdard University, New Delhi

More international companies are expected to expand their business in India and with results Indian professionals will get more opportunities to build remunerative career with them. Business Management Colleges in India polishes the skills and provides knowledge to the students to work with these multinational firms.

Requirement of Top Business Schools in India ? Importance and Relevancy

One just can’t deny the relevance of a top business school in today’s competitive world. In the last few years, demand for post graduates and management graduates has increased to a great extent. With a large number of small as well as large companies being set up in the Indian economy, requirement of top business school pass outs is also increasing. Students from top b schools are being offered good jobs in various sectors including banks, IT, telecom and engineering as every company looks out for business professionals who can handle administration, business activities, client management, operations and HRM.

Courses offered by top B schools in India:

Top B schools in India offer management programs and courses for students. These courses are not only applicable in a practical manner but also prepare the students to face all the possible challenges of the global business world. The top B schools try to follow an effective educational approach so that it becomes easy for students to become good managers in the future.

In today’s competitive world, companies cannot afford to avoid the need for good managers. Be it a financial company or a hard core marketing firm, business students will be required in every sector. For instance, if you take up marketing as the major course, you can end up grabbing a good job with a hefty salary package in a reputed marketing firm because they are always on lookout for candidates who are efficient and can perform good sales.

The culture of having top B schools that provide quality business education should be encouraged. Since there is are a large number of top B schools in India, it is very important to select the right institute. The first and most important factor that can help you make a choice is the ranking of business schools. You can check out the ranking of top B schools in India and make a list of few schools you would like to consider.

If you have determined what stream you are going to choose at the school, you can look for names that offer the best courses in your stream. Consider the fee structure and also the institute’s reputation in placement of students. For instance, a business school such as Indira Global Business School gets its students placed in some of the top companies in India. So, do proper research and then make a decision.

Current Business News in India

News is the communication of information on current events which is presented by print, broadcast, Internet or word of mouth to a third party or mass audience. Newsworthiness is defined as a subject having sufficient relevance to the public or a special audience to warrant press attention or coverage.

The news plays a vital role in human affairs. The importance of news has been increased greatly by the spread of education. Education sharpens one’s curiosity about events in distant lands.

There are several types of news available for several professionals. For example people who are involved themselves in business; they always look for world business news & current business news.

The news should, however, be lived with caution, for its capacity to do harm is great. Most people believe everything that is reported by the news agencies. As a result, the news exerts a profound influence on the audience. Therefore, when some news is reported wrongly either by mistake or design, it may cause a lot of harm. On the other hand, if the policy of the news agency is to promote the welfare of the people, it could do a lot of good. For example, it could exercise its influence to persuade the government of a country to do many things for the benefit of the people. In a country like Malaysia, where there are many races of people, the newspaper could also use its influence to promote good-will and harmony among the people.

Advances in web technologies and their growing usage have made the production, distribution, and sharing of information so much easier than what it was only a decade ago. These days Internet has become the most popular way to access news. Busy executives, decision makers and other people taking advantage of computing in work and they find Internet as the best source to gain latest news.

India business news is meant to tell you the present market scenario

There are few types of things that one can get to acquaint him from the India news associated to business. If you are concerned in making investments; then, you need to keep a confirmation on the price of shares of various companies. One thing is sure that you will have to carefully judge the market condition of a particular company, before making investments. Another part of news taken into deliberation is the sensex and its affect on the Indian economy. Well, sensex is a data intended on the basis of readily available stock for sale. With the assistance of this data, you will be able to know that whether a corporation is going to suffer loss or earn profit and probable hike or downfall in the price of commodities.


The border line of India business news does not conclude here. You can also look out the trade segment of newspapers or television news channels to gather news on the mergers of two companies or takeover of a company, hike in interest rates or debts taken by business tycoons. Yet another thing that can be grasping is the budget news that tells you about the rise of numerous products and lessening of prices in various sectors. If you start checking every part of business news India; you will need to have a sign over practice business strategies and lexicon of business terms. In fact, all this has its own significance because does not seem to move without any form of business.


In the present world of events, lack of knowledge has no place. Each and every moment is being enclosed and reported to the masses. This is the reason that business India news is always imperative in our lives. The single day when we don’t read newspaper or watch news channel, it seems that something is gone astray. Such is the value of news that has formed a fence of knowledge around us. Whether it is political news, bollywood news or business news, all have a different and special place in our lives. At the present time, the talk of the town surrounds commerce market. With an increase in inflation and rising prices of commodities, business news has shown the status graph.


One more reason to keep a track of business news India is that it is astute judgment to know the market flow and the direction to which market is going. It will help you to plan the work progression for your business and envisage the future market conditions. Moreover, it is an essential part to know all these facts for better performance in business.