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International Business Management: Paving the path towards a transnational market

When the floodgates were opened a few years ago and multinational companies started their business in our country, everyone was skeptical about the nature of growth in our country. But all were pleasantly surprised by the success of globalization. The tremendous workforce in our country contributed to the stupendous annual growth. Due to this, international business management received afresh impetus and the demand of MBA in International Business Management increased manifold.

International business management deals with global commerce and seeks to break the shackles of geographical and political boundaries. Since the internet has acted as a powerful tool in making the world accessible, the variety of careers awaiting the youth is plenty. In this context, MBA in international management has a great future. In order to make it a successful career, you have to develop an interest in global politics, culture, time and money, which play an important role in making you a good business professional. You have to develop a proficiency in knowing the market principles of different countries.

The need for MBA in International Business Management:-

If you want to study MBA in International Business Management, you must have an ear for grasping the economic pulse of different countries. You should be ready to work as an executive whose area of functioning is diverse. You have to develop strategies to deal with multicultural concerns keeping in mind the sensitive international relations.

With the advent of multinational companies in India, the domestic companies are also inspired to spread their wings and venture in different directions outside the country. This factor is causing a tilt towards international business management. Be it government agencies or banks; everyone has a need for people with MBA in International Business management. With opportunities knocking at your door, you should be intelligent enough to grasp it with both hands and make the most of it.

Even if you haven’t done your MBA but are already working in a company which is looking to globalize, you need not worry. You can still complete your education by enrolling for an MBA in International business management now. Not only will this enhance your prospects in the company, but you can look to get into better companies as well. The skills that you learn will certainly help you out.

What will you get after doing an MBA in International Business Management?

Once you apply for a degree in International Business Management, you must be curious to know about your prospects. A general study shows that you can expect an annual salary of Rs. 5 – Rs. 10 lakhs if you are employed by a reputed company. You job may help you to settle in different countries and get a diverse experience. You must however look for job satisfaction and the scope for career growth in whatever you do.

An MBA in International Business management can be very lucrative and will surely provide you with many avenues for developing your skill in international business. You can also develop a passion for learning foreign languages to further your business acumen. With a degree in international business management, you can aim to place India on the top of the world map. There can be no dream better than that.

Some crucial benefits of International trade that everyone should know

The sellers always want to reduce the risk involved for upfront payment. The buyers always do the same or request for payment only after the arrival of their product. Option could be anything but both parties have to trust each other. The global trading has been into existence from many years and still it is flourishing because it has offered so many advantages throughout the globe. It actually means exchanging of goods, capital and services among several regions and countries.

The international trade is also considered as one of the vital sources of revenue for a country. It is more beneficial for developing countries. These days, modern techniques are incorporated for the effective transportation techniques. Outsourcing of services and transnational corporations along with rapid industrialization has put a great impact on international trading. With the support of these aspects, it has cropped up enormously. The trading between numerous countries is not at all a new concept. Actually it is into existence from the last many centuries. The history is the evidence that there are numerous examples of international trading at that time.

The political, social and economic importance of international trade can be explained in Industrial Age. The increase in international trading is the only way to move ahead for globalization. Yes, it is true that international trading constraints may result in the loss of valuable revenue for the nation or for the world as well. In the last few years, international trading has shown great efficiency to make a nation prosperous. Trading can also become crucial contributor in eliminating poverty.

As per a recognized economist explains an international trade can benefit not only to a group but to different parties or individuals. The trading involves the least amount in good production while the volume of output is enormous. It is one of the crucial factors in the growth of economy. The company is one of the major importers from India. They deal in number of products and are recognized throughout world. They have the ability to import products from all over the globe. Therefore, it can be said that this company’s international trade enhances domestic competitiveness amazingly. It increases not only sales but it is one of the major factors for profits. So, it can be said that global trading can stabilize seasonal fluctuations in market.

Some tips to ease pressure for international marketer in the office?

Live as a social member, people received pressure from various aspects of life. Every person should learn how to ease the pressure timely and effectively or someday you will be broken. The situation performs much fiercer on an international marketer. Below are some tips summarized from previous suffered victims might be helpful to you.

Place a mirror in front of desk. This alleged to be a very efficient way of easing yourself. And it will also help you be a confident person. The time you fell tired or exhausted, take a look at yourself, make a smile to the mirror, the mirror will smile back. The mirror is just like the life you are facing.
Place some fresh and elegant plant near your computer will be good for adjusting your nerve system, eliminate tires generated from works and study. It could be plum, chrysanthemum, bamboo etc. Moreover, it will help to absorb radiation of electronic products around your working place.
Keep 40-50cm away from your screen. It is a safe distance to protect you from being radiated.
Remind yourself to take a short break after steering at screen each one hour.
Lie against your chair with crossed hands holding your head, making your elbows spread towards two sides and head backward. Repeat the action at least three times. This will do much benefit to your neck and shoulder.

Mentally, confidence is very important. The time you start one project, make sure with confidence. No pains, no gains. Sow the seed of hope, cultivate it with endless effort, you will harvest the fruit of success one day. Attention, don’t make relax overacted or you will be slack.Only if you own the help of, or you shouldn’t even think of success.

What is The International Marketing?

While many of the productions that these lines of work sell are targeted at a global audience using a consistent merchandising premix, it is also necessary to understand regional differences, hence the grandness of international marketing.

Organizations must accept that differences in values, usages, speeches and currencies will mean that some productions will only beseem certain areas and that as well as there being world wide marketplaces e.g. for BIC and Gillette razors, and for Coca-Cola beverages, there are significant regional departures – for example advertizing in China and India need to focus on local terminologies. Just as the merchandising environment has to be valuated at home, the oversea potential drop of market places has to be cautiously scrutinized. Determining relevant info takes longer because of the strangeness of some locations. The possible market place size, point and type of contest, terms, promotional differences, intersection differences as well as barriers to sell have to be canvased alongside the cost-effectiveness of various types of transport. The governing body then has to assess the scale of measurement of the investing and consider both short – and long run objects for an equal reappearance.

At its simplest level, international marketing involves the firm in making one or more marketing mix decisions across national boundaries. At its most complex level, it involves the firm in establishing manufacturing facilities overseas and coordinating marketing strategies across the globe

Craft is progressively planetary in background today. There are several reasons for this. One important reason is technologicalbecause of amended transport and communication chances today, craft is now more practical. Thus, consumers and business enterprises now have access code to the very best mathematical products from many different areas. More and more speedy engineering science lifecycles also increases the competition among areas as to who can make the newest in applied science. In portion to adapt these realities, areas in the last several decennaries have taken increasing stairs to promote spherical patronage through understandings such as the General Treaty on Craft and Tariffs, and craft organisations such as the World Trade Organization (World Trade Organization), North American Free Trade Agreement (North American Free Trade Agreement), and the European Union (European Economic Community).

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International Life Insurance ? getting the right cover

International Life Insurance – getting the right cover


When companies send employees abroad or individuals take the brave step to embrace the expatriate lifestyle, one area often neglected is life insurance. International lifestyles are seldom covered by domestic policies and few of the companies who offer life insurance at home will be able to support a policy abroad.

When trying to source international life insurance there are a number of factors to consider:

Occupational risk
If you are planning to work on offshore oil rigs, down mines or at heights then your options are going to very limited. Bellwood Prestbury often creates bespoke policies underwritten by Lloyds’ of London to coverglobal life and accident insurance for people working in risky occupations.
Geographic risk.
Once outside what is generally accepted as the ‘developed world’, life insurance underwriters take a different view of risk. For example, at August 2010:
All the Gulf Co-operation Council countries are viewed as ‘safe’ except for Saudi Arabia, which often attracts a war/terrorism exclusion.
As you might expect, Iraq and Afghanistan are high risk areas and normally underwriters will exclude death as a result of bodily injury, but surprisingly, Pakistan and most of India are treated in the same way.
Almost all of Africa will attract a risk loading as a minimum and exclusions for most Sub-Saharan areas.

Many international companies are unable or unwilling to provide life insurance to expats because they don’t hold the relevant local business authorisations. This means that even if you are working in a safe country (say Germany), you may not be able to access non-German insurance because of your country of residence.

Bellwood Prestbury has the experience and expertise you need to get the right level of international life insurance cover. Because we have access to underwriting at Lloyd’s of London as well as the full (but limited) range of international life insurance providers, we have yet to find an international life insurance brief we couldn’t fulfil. What’s more, because we get a commission from the provider, helping companies or individuals through the international life insurance minefield doesn’t cost our clients a dime. Or a penny. Or a cent.

To find out more about international life insurance options, call our experienced team on +44 (0) 1242 584 558.


International Tax Plan: The Hurt Felt Around The World

President Obama recently revealed that he has intentions of revamping the rules governing international taxes. This has caused quite a stir among businesses that operate internationally and rightfully so. The President’s plan aims to cut back on the tax advantages that international companies enjoy. Obama defends his plan by saying that by increasing the taxes that these businesses have to pay, it will allow more jobs to be created domestically. In addition to encouraging US based jobs, the plan would restore fairness in the taxes being paid by multinational and domestic businesses. The plan would have three main effects on businesses. It would not allow businesses to defer their taxes in other countries so that they will not have to pay the US taxes. Also, the legal effects the use of low-tax offshore accounts used by international companies would be changed. Finally, companies would no longer be able to shift their earnings into them to avoid the higher taxes and create foreign-tax credits. The Obama administration wants to close these “tax loopholes” in an attempt to recover over billion a year that is lost tax dollars. President Obama has said that he thinks the tax code is wrong because it lets people to pay lower taxes on jobs created outside the United States. For example, creating a job in China would cost less in taxes than a job being created in New York. He also has announced that he plans to add almost a thousand international tax inspectors in an effort to combat offshore bank accounts used on an individual level.

The problem with raising taxes for these multinational businesses is that it will cripple their ability to compete internationally. The countries that the United States competes against have these tax breaks, which is why the US should also. If they are able to pay lower taxes, so should we. Currently, as long as the income earned in another company stays in the country that it is earned, it is acceptable for tax not to be paid on it in the US. This is a fair prospect because tax is being paid in the country where it is earned and it should not have to be taxed twice if it is staying in the same country it was earned and taxed in. Creating jobs in the US seems like a hopeless effort for the most part in today’s global economy. The fact is that we live in a world where countries compete and work with one another. Trade is abundant and by globalization, prices can be lowered. Global business is not going away and a tax increase is not going to help the American economy. If anything, it will hurt it. Prices will increase and worse, companies will be forced to sell their international branches to countries that do not have taxes on offshore profits.

President Obama is striving for a working situation in the US that is not possible because of our standards of living, labor laws, and mandatory wages. Businesses need to send their jobs to other countries in order to keep prices low. By strong-arming businesses to keep their jobs in the US, it will greatly increase the money they spend on wages and benefits for their employees. Labor is cheap and readily available in countries such as India and China, so it makes sense to pay less taxes in creating a job overseas! A company simply cannot pay an American worker the same wages that they will be able to pay overseas. It is easy for people to say buy domestic and keep jobs in the US, but they would not be singing the same tune if they were unable to walk into Walmart and purchase their DVD players for .

Therefore, it makes sense that American businesses that are operating globally should be able to continue to receive the benefits of the current tax system. They are not skipping out on taxes. They are making money in another country, paying taxes on it there and putting those same profits back into the subsidiary in that same country. The United States is the only country that has double-taxes. If they are expected to be able to compete globally, they need the deferral rule so they stay on a level playing field with the other international businesses. Globally competing businesses from the United States support jobs domestically and to cripple them would have a trickle down effect on the domestic jobs. The economy needs to be stimulated, but tax increases are not the solution. Ronald Reagan believed that decreasing taxes and giving people more of their money back would increase spending and help the economy and expand the tax base, known as the Laffer curve. Reaganomics worked then and would work now. International taxes need to be left alone.

Reliv International, an International Business Opportunity

If you are looking for an international business opportunity, the Reliv International company might be what you are looking for. This company is known for its health and wellness products. Reliv company was founded by Robert and Sandra Montgomery in 1985. The company has over 70 thousand consultants around the world. Their main corporate office is in Missouri. They have other corporate offices in Germany, Canada, Philippines and a few other countries..

The Reliv company is a network marketing company. It has products for your general health, weight loss, joint health, heart health, anti-aging, plus many other vitamins and supplements for your health. This company is known for its high quality products it produces and that the ingredients they use are easily absorbed into the body when used correctly combined with other ingredients. They also have a line of products designed specifically for children and women. The Reliv company has its own manufacturing facility with a Scientific Advisory Board that was started in 1992. The company can guarantee and stand behind the quality of its products because of having their own facility.

Reliv’s growth has been so successful that it has a growing income into the high seven figures. That is fantastic growth! This company is a solid and growing company with a great and strong leadership. Being a network marketing company, they are able to produce a huge and solid down line. The Reliv company is a good business opportunity if your looking to get into network marketing to increase or replace your income.

The compensation plan is very generous, it pays out in various ways. It pays in retail profits, wholesale income, different bonuses and offers trips to top distributors. To become a Reliv distributor you need to purchase a start up fee, which covers your start up products. Then you need to keep a monthly autoship order of products going.

In order to generate numerous leads and generate traffic you need to know the strategies and techniques to build your down line. Most companies do the traditional and new way to get prospects. The old traditional way can get you started but can’t keep you going. Family and friends can only get your business off the ground, but you need serious leads and traffic daily to keep it going.

With this company having a strong foundation and having continuous growth, a business opportunity is available to the right person to make a great profit. By reading and learning all you can about network marketing, you could build yourself a huge successful business. It is all in knowing how to market the products. Using your warm market along with marketing online you will be able to have leads and prospects coming to you. Not only learning how to market but being able to apply what you have learned will get you the success you need.

The Reliv International company with its unique products is a wonderful international business opportunity if you are looking for a home based business to bring in the income you need. Along with time, patience, determination and the will to succeed you can have the success you dream of and the life style you deserve.

Internet Based International Trade

The streamlining of international trade process was made available to simplify information and data access for SMEs in order to conduct their international trade.To begin with, the system was developed to include the expenses on communication, banking, insurance, and inspection in addition to the traditional production & trading expenses. With the new system for international trade, SMEs can now research the market, pickup leads in a seamless ambience for online transactions.

-International Trade- Internet based product selection

The present system for international trade with a computer and internet requires you to possess an internet connected computer. Importers will visit vendors’ websites; browse specifications for chosen products. Once done, the products of required specifications can be selected and an order form can be generated for just the selected products of the already selected specification. Before you complete the international trade order, the order can be checked and/or corrected for details of product name, quantity, rate and total price. The order can be cancelled if it is unsatisfactory for any reason. Similarly, confirming it requires importers’ information like name, company’s name contact and shipping addresses, insurance, payment details etc.

-International Trade – Providing Payment Details in International Trade

This is the most critical part of online international trade; it requires sensitive information like bank account/credit card and telephone number to be transmitted. To eliminate fears of this information from being intercepted, check the credentials of the websites.

-Use the following foolproof steps to secure your information and payment.

1.Secure websites will have secured protocols like https:// unlike the usual http://

2.When secure pages load, an icon of a lock shows up at either within the address box or right most corner of your browser.

3.Secure pages are certified by agencies like Verisign and Thawte corporations

4.Certificates can be viewed by clicking on the icon of lock to confirm validity and encryption details.

-International Trade System

The computerized system for international trade works through internet and initiates by importers choosing and placing orders on suppliers over their websites. Websites can be owned by a single exporter or collectively by their associations. Processing the trade sends the completed form to a server linking with the particular client’s computer who receives the order. The system works efficiently even for websites with plurality of suppliers and the orders are transmitted to the chosen supplier and is never misdirected. The systems are robust to handle transactions flawlessly and servers are configured to send orders to definite suppliers and a confirmation will be sent you and the whole system will be automatically updated for stock position and lead time data. It provides a secure method, albeit through internet, for international trade and saves time for both buyer and seller and if configured provides a negotiating platform for both buyers and sellers.

Grow your wholesale business by entering in international trade

A wholesale business becomes successful when it realizes the need of growth and expansion to survive in a highly competitive environment. When a wholesale business captures a local market and further expansion is not possible, wholesalers prefer to capture the international markets to grow further. With a few risks involved in going international, its advantages are many. Wholesalers open up new horizons for themselves by entering into bigger markets and sell their products to a large number of suppliers, customers or retailers.  Some of the reasons or benefits which force wholesalers to enter in international trade in order to grow are discussed below.


Sales or increase in profit is a major sign of growth for any business. Without sales a business is nothing. When a wholesale business goes international, monetary benefits in terms of increase in revenue and profits are attained and sales potential of the wholesale products increases. These profits or gains can be utilized in the business for further expansion of the business. Competition on local level as well as on international level increases which increases the quality of your wholesale products. Local producers constantly improve the quality of their products as their competition is now with the international wholesale products. This competition builds curiosity in a business to grow further.


Wholesale business grows when it serves international markets by ensuring large production because production is carried on to meet the demands of the local suppliers, retailers etc as well as the international people. Large scale production brings economies of scale to the business which reduces the cost of production and increases the profit margins. By this increased production, incomes of the people increase and their living standards improve.


When your social circle increases, your business relations improve. Good business relations develop your credibility and help to grow your business. International wholesale business builds closer ties between the two countries. These relationships help to bring more business to you. Your business grows with the use of latest technology you use in it. Your international relations help to bring advance technology at lower rates in your business and push it to grow by providing quality products.


One of the greatest things is that gaining more market share brings more business to the wholesalers. When wholesale business goes international market share increases and it gives volume to your business. Wholesalers can get the merchandise at the lower rates by making comparative analysis of the local or international wholesale suppliers. This facilitates to improve the profit margins.


Hence you can grow your wholesale business by entering into international trade as it on one hand brings the benefits of diversifying your investment which reduces the risks and on the other hand increases the profit and wholesalers should know that increase in the profit is the biggest sign of growth.

Industry Spotlight: Christine Wang, Supervisor of International Marketing Department at Sony Music Entertainment China

During my recent trip to China for the Music Matters conference in Hong Kong, I met up with Christine Wang in Beijing. Ms. Wang started in the music business as a MusicDish intern in 2007 and went on to rise up the music ranks to Supervisor of International Marketing Department at Sony Music Entertainment China. Her insights and experiences gained working Sony’s international roster in China should be of interest to anyone considering breaking into its music market. (see also Music Matters – A Window Into The Asian Music Market)

[EDF] So let’s start with the basics. What are your department’s [International Marketing Department] primary responsibilities?

[CW] Our department is responsible for everything related to international repertoire, including publishing, production, press releases, marketing, promotions, events, and strategic marketing. It is all focused on promoting international artists on Sony Music’s roster in Chinese territory.

[EDF] And what are your specific functions as department supervisor?

[CW] My functions include everything above, with a focus on production, preparing all press releases, artist/album information and artist promotions across all media platforms. In addition, while we have a digital department, I am also responsible for online marketing as well as over ten artist global websites plus Sony Music official site updates. In short, we are a small version of a label, except for the A&R function.

[EDF] Right, your roster is given to you. But what a roster I must say! What are some of the artists/projects that you have worked on this year so far?

[CW] The releases I’ve worked on this year include Dido – Safe Trip Home, Pink – Funhouse, Oasis – Dig Out Your Soul, Beyonce – I Am.. Sasha Fierce (2CD), Celine Dion – My Love: Ultimate Essential Collection (2CD), Westlife – Karaoke DVD, John Legend – Evolver, Britney Spears – Circus, Christina Aguilera – Keeps Gettin’ Better – A Decade Of Hits, Il Divo – The Promise, Sarah McLachlan – Closer: The Best Of Sarah McLachlan, The Fray – The Fray, David Archuleta – David Archuleta, David Cook – David Cook, Kelly Clarkson – All I Ever Wanted, and Michael Jackson 4 album re-releases (The Essential Michael Jackson, Thriller, Off The Wall, Invincible)

[EDF] The biggest star in that list is Michael Jackson, who passed away very recently. How did the Chinese media react to his death? And what was it like for you as the media’s main intermediary for the story?

[CW] Yes, Michael Jackson’s death had a huge impact on us. Do you know how I found out about his death? The news was announced around 3 AM Beijing time. I still clearly remember that morning. I was waken up by a phone call from a media outlet requesting his album information.

The Chinese media was so shocked by Michael Jackson’s death. Early morning radio shows did features on him, print and internet all wrote positive reviews on his life and career. By noon, there were already programs dedicated to him on TV. So it was really widely covered and lasted for a couple of weeks. There are still TV programs rotating Michael Jackson’s stories every day. Our department provided as much as information we could to the public, including sending out press release and audio/video content to support the media’s coverage.

[EDF] The artists you work on are some of the biggest names in the music industry. So what works in reaching your chinese audience: radio, TV, print, web?

[CW] For international artists, the web naturally offers the most information, followed by radio and print. In the case of radio, despite the dominance of domestic repertoire, stations love to play the newest western music and they’ll rotate a single quite often in the first two weeks, generally. Some radio stations even follow the US or UK charts.

But with respect to the artists that attracted the most media attention: Beyonce, Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera and Kelly Clarkson. They all enjoyed good levels of print coverage, which also serves an important role in reaching our audience.

In regards to TV, there’s very limited coverage for international content.

[EDF] People are surprised when I say, “Chinese people don’t like Western music.” Of course, it’s not that they don’t like Western music, but we in the West tend to assume they do. So I use the phrase to drive a point: international repertoire represents a sliver of the overall chinese market.

[CW] Yes, the international repertoire represents a very small portion of the overall Chinese market. The domestic repertoire is very dominant. However, Chinese consumers do like big names and established pop/ R&B artists, such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys, Westlife, Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Dido, Beyonce, Avril Lavigne, and Michael Jackson, of course. In more recent years, rock bands and hip-hop artists have been gaining popularity. In terms of sales, though, major Chinese pop stars seem to attract a broader audience.

[EDF] How difficult is it to create awareness around a new project?

[CW] It is relatively easy to create awareness on a new project for a globally established artists. However, the difficulty is in broadening the audience beyond their existing fanbase, or, even more challenging, breaking in new artists. Ten years ago, the domestic repertoire market was not very well developed. There weren’t nearly as many pop stars as today. Most of the artists you’d hear of would be from Taiwan, Hong Kong or the West.

But over the past ten years, the Chinese domestic market has grown dramatically. More people are paying attention to the domestic repertoire now. This is particularly true for those with language barriers — in other words, most Chinese — who are being offered an ever-growing number of opportunities to enjoy Chinese music instead of being “forced,” out of a lack of choices, to listen to western music.

Many assume that because the market is more open than before and young people have more foreign experience through higher education, there would be a larger amount of people enjoying western music. And while It’s true that more people appreciate western music today, at the same time there are many new ways to access information and music. These people are innovative and creatively discovering unknown music. The chinese youth is more active than ever before and are finding their own cultural identity through music.

The Chinese media market is generalized and complicated; unlike the U.S. market which is fragmented along genres and lifestyles, such as, Disney Radio for pop music and The Source for hip hop. The lack of niche media markets in China makes it difficult to know which consumers you are reaching through a media outlet. This makes it particularly challenging to break new artists. For the people who like western music but cannot find a great music platform to know what is new, they tend to stick to the established names, which makes this small group of people very loyal to the artists, such as Celine Dion and Dido.

To add to the point about media, people working in the industry tend to have a preference for Chinese music. Therefore, DJs tend to play Chinese music more often and journalists are more likely to cover Chinese artists they know, rather than spending the time learning about what’s new in western music market. In order to create greater awareness among media and the consumers, education still has a long way to go.

[EDF] The key point I retained is that China is a very challenging market, in large part because it is still on a path of development, from a copyright regime to supporting creativity. There is no question that the Chinese music industry and consumers will become increasingly sophisticated over the next decade. The question is how to position oneself to be able to play a role in that development.