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What is The International Marketing?

While many of the productions that these lines of work sell are targeted at a global audience using a consistent merchandising premix, it is also necessary to understand regional differences, hence the grandness of international marketing.

Organizations must accept that differences in values, usages, speeches and currencies will mean that some productions will only beseem certain areas and that as well as there being world wide marketplaces e.g. for BIC and Gillette razors, and for Coca-Cola beverages, there are significant regional departures – for example advertizing in China and India need to focus on local terminologies. Just as the merchandising environment has to be valuated at home, the oversea potential drop of market places has to be cautiously scrutinized. Determining relevant info takes longer because of the strangeness of some locations. The possible market place size, point and type of contest, terms, promotional differences, intersection differences as well as barriers to sell have to be canvased alongside the cost-effectiveness of various types of transport. The governing body then has to assess the scale of measurement of the investing and consider both short – and long run objects for an equal reappearance.

At its simplest level, international marketing involves the firm in making one or more marketing mix decisions across national boundaries. At its most complex level, it involves the firm in establishing manufacturing facilities overseas and coordinating marketing strategies across the globe

Craft is progressively planetary in background today. There are several reasons for this. One important reason is technologicalbecause of amended transport and communication chances today, craft is now more practical. Thus, consumers and business enterprises now have access code to the very best mathematical products from many different areas. More and more speedy engineering science lifecycles also increases the competition among areas as to who can make the newest in applied science. In portion to adapt these realities, areas in the last several decennaries have taken increasing stairs to promote spherical patronage through understandings such as the General Treaty on Craft and Tariffs, and craft organisations such as the World Trade Organization (World Trade Organization), North American Free Trade Agreement (North American Free Trade Agreement), and the European Union (European Economic Community).

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Industry Spotlight: Christine Wang, Supervisor of International Marketing Department at Sony Music Entertainment China

During my recent trip to China for the Music Matters conference in Hong Kong, I met up with Christine Wang in Beijing. Ms. Wang started in the music business as a MusicDish intern in 2007 and went on to rise up the music ranks to Supervisor of International Marketing Department at Sony Music Entertainment China. Her insights and experiences gained working Sony’s international roster in China should be of interest to anyone considering breaking into its music market. (see also Music Matters – A Window Into The Asian Music Market)

[EDF] So let’s start with the basics. What are your department’s [International Marketing Department] primary responsibilities?

[CW] Our department is responsible for everything related to international repertoire, including publishing, production, press releases, marketing, promotions, events, and strategic marketing. It is all focused on promoting international artists on Sony Music’s roster in Chinese territory.

[EDF] And what are your specific functions as department supervisor?

[CW] My functions include everything above, with a focus on production, preparing all press releases, artist/album information and artist promotions across all media platforms. In addition, while we have a digital department, I am also responsible for online marketing as well as over ten artist global websites plus Sony Music official site updates. In short, we are a small version of a label, except for the A&R function.

[EDF] Right, your roster is given to you. But what a roster I must say! What are some of the artists/projects that you have worked on this year so far?

[CW] The releases I’ve worked on this year include Dido – Safe Trip Home, Pink – Funhouse, Oasis – Dig Out Your Soul, Beyonce – I Am.. Sasha Fierce (2CD), Celine Dion – My Love: Ultimate Essential Collection (2CD), Westlife – Karaoke DVD, John Legend – Evolver, Britney Spears – Circus, Christina Aguilera – Keeps Gettin’ Better – A Decade Of Hits, Il Divo – The Promise, Sarah McLachlan – Closer: The Best Of Sarah McLachlan, The Fray – The Fray, David Archuleta – David Archuleta, David Cook – David Cook, Kelly Clarkson – All I Ever Wanted, and Michael Jackson 4 album re-releases (The Essential Michael Jackson, Thriller, Off The Wall, Invincible)

[EDF] The biggest star in that list is Michael Jackson, who passed away very recently. How did the Chinese media react to his death? And what was it like for you as the media’s main intermediary for the story?

[CW] Yes, Michael Jackson’s death had a huge impact on us. Do you know how I found out about his death? The news was announced around 3 AM Beijing time. I still clearly remember that morning. I was waken up by a phone call from a media outlet requesting his album information.

The Chinese media was so shocked by Michael Jackson’s death. Early morning radio shows did features on him, print and internet all wrote positive reviews on his life and career. By noon, there were already programs dedicated to him on TV. So it was really widely covered and lasted for a couple of weeks. There are still TV programs rotating Michael Jackson’s stories every day. Our department provided as much as information we could to the public, including sending out press release and audio/video content to support the media’s coverage.

[EDF] The artists you work on are some of the biggest names in the music industry. So what works in reaching your chinese audience: radio, TV, print, web?

[CW] For international artists, the web naturally offers the most information, followed by radio and print. In the case of radio, despite the dominance of domestic repertoire, stations love to play the newest western music and they’ll rotate a single quite often in the first two weeks, generally. Some radio stations even follow the US or UK charts.

But with respect to the artists that attracted the most media attention: Beyonce, Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera and Kelly Clarkson. They all enjoyed good levels of print coverage, which also serves an important role in reaching our audience.

In regards to TV, there’s very limited coverage for international content.

[EDF] People are surprised when I say, “Chinese people don’t like Western music.” Of course, it’s not that they don’t like Western music, but we in the West tend to assume they do. So I use the phrase to drive a point: international repertoire represents a sliver of the overall chinese market.

[CW] Yes, the international repertoire represents a very small portion of the overall Chinese market. The domestic repertoire is very dominant. However, Chinese consumers do like big names and established pop/ R&B artists, such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys, Westlife, Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Dido, Beyonce, Avril Lavigne, and Michael Jackson, of course. In more recent years, rock bands and hip-hop artists have been gaining popularity. In terms of sales, though, major Chinese pop stars seem to attract a broader audience.

[EDF] How difficult is it to create awareness around a new project?

[CW] It is relatively easy to create awareness on a new project for a globally established artists. However, the difficulty is in broadening the audience beyond their existing fanbase, or, even more challenging, breaking in new artists. Ten years ago, the domestic repertoire market was not very well developed. There weren’t nearly as many pop stars as today. Most of the artists you’d hear of would be from Taiwan, Hong Kong or the West.

But over the past ten years, the Chinese domestic market has grown dramatically. More people are paying attention to the domestic repertoire now. This is particularly true for those with language barriers — in other words, most Chinese — who are being offered an ever-growing number of opportunities to enjoy Chinese music instead of being “forced,” out of a lack of choices, to listen to western music.

Many assume that because the market is more open than before and young people have more foreign experience through higher education, there would be a larger amount of people enjoying western music. And while It’s true that more people appreciate western music today, at the same time there are many new ways to access information and music. These people are innovative and creatively discovering unknown music. The chinese youth is more active than ever before and are finding their own cultural identity through music.

The Chinese media market is generalized and complicated; unlike the U.S. market which is fragmented along genres and lifestyles, such as, Disney Radio for pop music and The Source for hip hop. The lack of niche media markets in China makes it difficult to know which consumers you are reaching through a media outlet. This makes it particularly challenging to break new artists. For the people who like western music but cannot find a great music platform to know what is new, they tend to stick to the established names, which makes this small group of people very loyal to the artists, such as Celine Dion and Dido.

To add to the point about media, people working in the industry tend to have a preference for Chinese music. Therefore, DJs tend to play Chinese music more often and journalists are more likely to cover Chinese artists they know, rather than spending the time learning about what’s new in western music market. In order to create greater awareness among media and the consumers, education still has a long way to go.

[EDF] The key point I retained is that China is a very challenging market, in large part because it is still on a path of development, from a copyright regime to supporting creativity. There is no question that the Chinese music industry and consumers will become increasingly sophisticated over the next decade. The question is how to position oneself to be able to play a role in that development.

Essential International Marketing Advice ? Why is International Internet Marketing so Important?

The most important part of modern business strategy is to think on a global scale, however this doesn’t mean that businesses can afford to ignore their local market. The world is continually changing. The most noticeable change is perhaps in the way businesses operate; over the past few decades this has changed considerably. Businesses are able to operate on an international scale fairly easily, but that doesn’t mean that they can lose touch with their local customers. Consumers and businesses can buy any product from anywhere in the world thanks to the internet. Top business strategies include multilingual website marketing and International internet marketing.

Competing on an International Level

It can be quite difficult for firms to start competing at an international level. An international marketing strategy has to be developed depending on the products and services which the business intends to offer to their customers. It is also important for businesses to realize what their long term goals are when creating these strategies. There is very little point for a company to target their domestic market on a few short term goals. Most firms will be targeting the global market and to be competitive you should also target compatible markets firstly and those with greatest cultural differences lastly. This means you need to find out the preferences of all of these markets, this will require a well founded research.

When you select your international marketing strategy then it is certainly a good idea, however that doesn’t mean to say that it is risk free. You should select a common strategy which saves you a lot of hassle. A common strategy will mean that you don’t have to develop strategies for individual markets. International marketing strategies are becoming increasingly important in many businesses all around the globe.

Firms which utilize international internet marketing to the best of their ability have a very good chance of making high levels of profit. It is true that the proportion of products sold over the internet is very tiny when compared with traditional retail outlets. However the trends have shown that the popularity of internet shopping is increasing and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. If a firm is willing to use multilingual marketing then they are able to interest people in many countries all around the world without actually having to adjust their marketing strategy. When doing business on an international level you cannot just rely upon English. Hundreds of companies are starting to realize just how important international marketing strategy and multilingual marketing strategy are.

If you adopt a common international marketing strategy for all markets then the business will be able to benefit from increased economies of scale caused by the multilingual marketing. It all depends what the aim of the multilingual marketing strategy is, different approaches would yield different benefits. Advertising campaigns and multilingual marketing can be used alongside each other to make potential customers from both countries feel much more secure.

When searching on the internet most people will use their native language, in fact only 1% of users search in other languages. This goes to show just how important multilingual website marketing campaigns are to modern day businesses. Bear in mind that not all of Europe speaks English, using an English website you can expect to communicate to around 16% of the population, however if you have a German, Spanish, Italian and French website then you can deal with 74.1% of the European market.

It is important to remember that a multilingual website marketing strategy is not just a simple translation of your English website; it should also cater specifically for that unique country. Businesses can use multilingual advertising to supply the necessary information to users all around the world quickly and efficiently. The information should be displayed so that it suits their culture. Basically you have to be willing to adapt your business in order to get them on board.

Another very important reason why businesses should consider using multilingual websites is because websites presented in their own language will make visitors twice as likely to remain on the website and continue reading. People will also be four times as likely to buy from a website in their native language.

Some big names in the world of internet business have suggested that in the not too distant future the internet will have huge multinational online shopping malls which will dominate the international internet marketing scene. If this does happen then you can be sure that many multinational companies will be using these malls to market their goods and services. Any International marketing strategy needs some careful consideration, there’s no doubting that multilingual website development and multilingual marketing will be here to stay.

Dubai crisis export volume of foreign trade marketing price rise down

More than a year after the financial tsunami, people thought that the crisis has passed. However, the Dubai debt crisis atmosphere of the global financial market downturn, raising fears that a new round of financial crisis struck. Dubai on November 26, 2009 announced restructuring of its largest business entity of Dubai World, Dubai World and the debt moratorium for 6 months.

HC screen Special printing network December 2009 trade sentiment index closed at 1378.49 points, down 23.00% ring last month, showing a decline in the trend; foreign trade price index closed at 110.20 points, ring up a 13.60 percent the previous month, showing a rising trend. Trade confidence index closed at 981.48 points, down 12.24% last month, Central, was a marked decline in the trend.

One, in December 2009 a marked decline in foreign trade sentiment index

1. Dubai turmoil in Shaoxing Textile Export markets. In Financial More than a year after the tsunami, people thought that the crisis has passed. However, the Dubai debt crisis atmosphere of the global financial market downturn, raising fears that a new round of financial crisis struck. Dubai on November 26, 2009 announced restructuring of its largest business entity of Dubai World, Dubai World and the debt moratorium for 6 months. After the news came out, not only revive the momentum of the global economic crisis weakened, but also the Middle East as the main export market, textile enterprises in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province has been the industry began to re-examine the metaphor of the “golden channel” of the “New Silk Road.” China Textile City in Shaoxing, from Dubai and the Middle East buyers more. Dubai’s debt crisis, with the Dubai Textile City, and other Middle East trade by a certain influence, part of the Textile City, Dubai, business users have been orders from the performance of caution. Industry, “said Dubai crisis” of the textile enterprises in Shaoxing’s exports to the Middle East region can not be ignored, especially in gray cloth, fabric and Clothing Other downstream products, exports to the region have been more active, especially with batik fabric, rayon fabric, and synthetic fabrics such as a more direct impact. Shaoxing, according to customs statistics, 1 October 2009, Shaoxing County, the UAE exports 410 million U.S. dollars, exports of textile fabrics and garments mainly. Shaoxing County officials said the bureau of foreign trade, the debt crisis may result in Shaoxing textile export volume reduced recently, and Shaoxing, the direct impact on the UAE this year, export growth target. “Dubai crisis” caused by the outbreak of the textile industry in China is indeed a certain shocks, particularly textile and garment enterprises in Shaoxing. But the debt crisis of the whirlpool – Dubai World company mainly involved in transport logistics, shipping docks, urban development, investment and financial services investment in the long term point of view, Shaoxing’s textile and garment exports in general have limited impact. These areas of investment and direct business contact Shaoxing textile is not very close, so, although the short term or on Shaoxing’s textile exports to the Middle East will be some impact, but long-term implications of the crisis may also further attention. Dubai, after all, only in the Middle East transit point for trade in textile export enterprises face is behind the broader Middle East, Africa. Dubai While “crisis” being, but the world economy is gradually recovering, visionary textile enterprises should avoid short-term speculation to long-term investment philosophy to invest in Dubai, after all inventive move.

2. Low-carbon economy led to reduced consumption in textiles, textile enterprises energy saving on Environmental protection Higher demands. United States, France and some other developed countries, the introduction of carbon tariffs gestation, a time of sweeping global low carbon economy, as industries subject of concern. The so-called low-carbon economy, by definition, is to Energy Changes in the core, to achieve maximum use of limited resources. Low carbon economy involves a wide range of industries and fields such as textile and garment industry, printing and dyeing industry, steel and other manufacturing industries. Take textile and garment industry, low carbon economy led to reduced consumption in textiles, textile enterprises on environmental protection put forward higher requirements for energy conservation. In fact, as early as environmental issues are included in the global crisis, Chinese textile and garment industry known for high pollution, high energy consumption for the world knowledge, which is very conducive to development of the industry. In the philosophy of environmental protection is increasingly important today, textile and apparel industry must be energy saving as a task to practice, and only really needs to reach Europe and the United States and other countries environmental protection, China’s textile and apparel industry can be brilliant to go out. Regardless of whether the imposition of carbon tariffs if other countries like Europe and the United States, environmental protection has long been a variety of fields of production practice. Face of the global advocate the development of revolutionary ideas a low carbon economy, to encourage the development of new industries of textile, textile products to support high-tech research and development applications, has become China’s textile industry restructuring new proposition. Shaoxing County is the gathering place of the national textile industry, many textile enterprises have already set an example, the textile industry in the technological transformation projects Tazhun the “low-carbon economy,” the pace, but some small and medium textile enterprises in Europe and America and other countries are still difficult to achieve the requirements of environmental protection.

Sales Jobs Ebay Sales International Marketing

Sales Jobs eBay Sales International Marketing – A Small Business PBX System is a Profitable Investment

A trivial business PBX system is a favorable investment to garner your small liveliness requirements. This system saves a lot of proceeds that you spend in pleasing more staff being answering calls. Visit here Now

n business, whether big or small, the telephone is an important item of letter between the customer and the organization. So it is necessary to provide a suitable phone form which contributes a lot to the enhancement of the business. Today, as a result of the velocious abide in the fields of propaganda technology besides telecommunications, there are a number of products and services which are affordable for the small business establishments. To maintain surpassing business relations, a small business PBX cast is a profitable investment to draw in your small business requirements.

A paltry rush PBX system saves a lot of catch that you spend in engaging more staff in that answering calls. The auto attendant facility answers the inbound calls, providing important details of the products and services of your business. perceptible is also provided bury a user friendly board smuggle touch tone option that allows the customers to choose a subdivision or person they want to talk hide.

A meagre business PBX cast is a beneficial proposition because:

• right increases the productivity and considerably lowers the cost of doing business.
• Avoids invaluable visible commodities connected to each office telephone, as the employees share a certain number of phone lines.
• The auto fax detection feature provided eliminates the demand of a committed fax line and automatically redirects faxes which help to save a lot of income.
• It is easy to forward calls
.• The mark out queue feature helps the customer to stay on hold or to forward a message, and the employees are alerted of the calls in queue so as to respond immediately.

The important point is to choose the right small business PBX system based on your requirements. It is said to serve more profitable, if you purchase the minor business PBX system from the resellers.

It can be rightly finished that a paltry proposition PBX system is a profitable investment as evident helps you a collection to saunter the operation in a smooth and highly professional manner smuggle increased employee productivity again savings in your report. Visit here Now

Multicultural Marketing – 3 Easy Steps to Attract International Business Through Your Website

Your online business can have global visibility. But is your message getting across to different cultures as you expect it? Are you able to adapt quickly to global market opportunities you see pop up? Or would you like to know how to quickly target different international audiences, with little investment on your part?

With a little thought and some careful preparation you can have an effective international presence through your current local business. Sure, language skills can help you open doors. But careful consideration to different cultures can give you a great advantage.

Get more business from non-native English speakers

Today there are more non-native English speakers in the global web market than there are native English speakers. And the e-businesses in many foreign language countries is expanding rapidly.

Today you need to know if your sales message is getting through to everyone, everywhere they have a market. You need to nurture communication with each specific cultural market.

A lot of foreigners do speak English. But most don’t. And the people who do speak English as a second language, do not have the same level of understanding as native English speakers do. The problem is your international readers have different levels of English language skills.

Language is only part of the complexity in multicultural communication. There are also the whole set of cultural differences in mindset, in habits, and in other aspects of communication as a whole. Miscommunication in some form or other happens very easily. Sometimes without either parties realizing they are not of the same understanding.

Written English also has its pitfalls in cross-cultural communication. Of course people have more time to understand when reading. But the person writing can’t tell the effect his writing is having on the reader. Is the reader understanding what the writer intended in the first place? Is he even interested?

Step 1 – Internationalize Your English

Avoiding miscommunication requires constant awareness at all stages of communication. The process is fairly easy:

1. Acknowledge constant risk of miscommunication

- Be prepared to be patient and forgiving.

2. Clear communication

- Use plain English; avoid slang and local or national expressions
- Give clear explanations.
- Always go through processes slowly, methodically, logically.
- Give full explanations; don’t assume everyone does things like you do
- Speak slightly above your listener’s level of English.

3. Stay calm – Question your own communication first.

- If your gut reaction is to respond aggressively, keep this in check and respond slowly.
- Do not jump to conclusions quickly.

4. Listen actively to everything.

- Adjust your communication accordingly

The most difficult part is in the beginning, in training yourself to keep this open mindset constantly.

Practice brings you enriching experiences. The more practice you have in becoming familiar with communicating with other cultures, the better you become at establishing and maintaining effective communication cross-culturally.

The first two steps of this process can be applied directly to your written communication. Don’t forget to be even more patient and to communicate clearly when you do get feedback from your readers. And listen attentively to what your readers have to say.

By paying close attention and adjusting your written communication to your readers’ responses you will get your message across better. Your communication with your international clients and prospects will evolve and you will become more familiar with how your business is perceived abroad. You will be in a better position to take advantage of global business opportunities.

Step 2 – Create Localized Websites In English

Developing an international company can be made in steps.Once you get to know your different international markets, you can develop localized websites for individual countries. Cultural differences in non-native English speaking countries are often strong enough to merit adapting your English language website to each country.

This would also give you the time to get to know your particular marketing strengths in each country before investing in full blown multilingual sales and marketing efforts…and making mistakes.

An English language website targeted for the specific needs of each different culture will bring you better results than one main website in your home territory serving the world. What is considered polite in one country can be offensive in another. What is considered normal sales practices in one culture can come across as a very aggressive intrusion by another culture.

The best way to quickly grasp what makes your international clients tick, is to be interested in them. Have a look at some of their local websites. Don’t worry about not understanding them. Just notice how different they look in general. How do the graphics affect you? If there is any audio online, what is the general sound? Try to identify different tastes.

Be interested in reading about anything from that particular culture. Ask questions. Keep an open mind. Show your interest. And then listen to any feedback you have from your clients.

Before long you will see recurring questions. You may even be able to identify misunderstandings as they arise. Return to your website and try to answer these questions simply and clearly.

Adapt each localized English language website for your message to be understood as best as possible by your native readers. This will limit the risk of cultural misinterpretation as much as possible.

Your sales message may not be as strong as if it were in the reader’s native language. But it is often easier and quicker to adapt your English language website to the cultural specificities of your local target market. Your adapted, localized English language website will also convey a stronger message than a bad translation.

This process will also give you credibility within each different cultural group. People often do web search first in their own country search engines. People are not stupid. It will be hard to hide the fact you are a foreign company. But they will recognize your willingness to make an effort in understanding them and appreciate you for it.

Step 3 – Multilingual Websites

Of course, with a little bit of effort you will develop your market in each individual country. You will begin to understand any differences in buying habits, tastes, difficulties. At this stage you will ask yourself if you could get more business with a website in your readers’ native language.

Going through the first two processes of making your website Non Native English Speaker friendly and localized will save you a lot of time when it comes to the writing of your website into different materials. You will probably understand how the differences in your markets will require material specifically written for each market. You will be able to evaluate whether you can get away with simple translations of your current website and sales materials or not.

Part English – Part Multilingual

Depending on your particular market you may decide to translate parts of your website, all of it, or only translate parts of specific local marketing campaigns.

There are various tactics companies use. The choice really depends on your market. Two of the options are:

- Keep your main localized website in English and have a direct sales page online in the local language, with email campaigns in local languages
- A specific area of your localized website in local languages to provide key information to your international clients in their own language.

Thought should be given to strengthen you cross-cultural communication at its weakest points.

Fully Multilingual Presence

Localized websites in solely in native languages are ideal for international business. They are the longest program to implement, and carry the highest risk of making your company look bad. The reason is because translations do not do the job. Full cultural customization comes with an intimate understanding of the local market for your products and services.

The writing of a website for a different culture and in a different language needs to be written by someone with all three of the following criteria:

- Intimate local market knowledge, to be able to write to the target audience
- Understanding for both cultures, to understand the differences in messages to be delivered and change them when appropriate.
- Native speaker

Having your website written by someone who meets all three of these qualifications will give you a good website. The trouble is it will take you time to find the right person for the job. And you need to find a different person to write your website for each different language.

To give all of your readers a great multilingual experience and ensure your company’s superior international presence, you also need someone to coordinate the writing of all websites. This person will cover branding issues, and consistency. Simple things such as specific industry vocabulary need to be coordinated throughout all languages.

A fully integrated multicultural strategy is a great benefit to international business. It will also keep you from cultural blunders.

Global Market Communication Takes Time And Practice

Don’t let your own lack of language skills stop you. It is more about building relationships.

Show your willingness to do business internationally. Listen attentively to any feedback you get. Your product or service may have a brand new market in a different cultural environment. You may need to adapt your services or your product.

With increased multicultural marketing experience you will develop new opportunities in unthought-of places.

Are you committed to speeding up your international sales cycles?

Learn how to combine cross-cultural marketing tools and international sales strategies for faster sales.

Join us on the International Sales Road Map.

Would you like to develop your international business?
Are you a beginner at international sales and marketing?
Read the Beginners Guide Discover Your International Business.

Complexities in International Marketing Research ? Can You Expand Worldwide?

The many complexities in international marketing research can be overwhelming. Are you trying to market to the world? Are you having trouble finding information about the markets you want to expand to? The information is out there waiting for you to find it. If you have a good understanding of the internet, you can find out all you want about your new opportunity. Of the dozens of ways to research, 3 top areas to look at are here.

1) Google- Have you tried to search the internet?  Google is the largest of the search engines and is a great place to start looking. The ability to search the entire web in one place is a huge time saver. Google offers text, pictures, maps, even videos on all many of subjects. Start here to get a really good handle on the market.

2) Articles- This is a good place to look for more specific information. The article sites will group them by subject and many of them are searchable. The added bonus is that the authors of these articles have done their own research and have added that to their articles. The complexities in international marketing research have been conquered for you. Take the time to browse articles by expert authors and you will find a lot of concise information on your market. Golden Nugget of the day: Be sure that you can verify the information in these with other sources.

3) Blogs- Authors in certain industries may have a blog. This is a concentrated website that discusses many factors of their market. There are a lot of ways these can be helpful in your research. Find a few blogs on your industry and see what your competition has to say. The other is that the readers will have the opportunity to comment on the postings. That offers you an insight into the needs of the customers. This is very valuable to someone who is trying to break into a new market.

The complexities in international marketing research can be simplified if you know where to look. You will need good, solid research data to be sure you have the whole story.  These are just a few of the really great research tricks that are out there. If you really want to market world wide, you will need an education. Find a good marketing and mentoring program and learn the rest.

Business Coach Franchise Owner Writes The Book On Surviving The ?Sales, Marketing And Business World?


When it comes to sales, it truly is survival of the fittest. In his four decades as a salesman, entrepreneur, business strategist and business coach, Dr. Keith Winfree, founder of Winfree Business Growth Advisors, has not only survived, but been a guide for other entrepreneurs and sales professionals. His recently released e-book, Winfree Rules of Surviving the Sales, Marketing and Business World, shares some of the common sense practices that have served him well in business and in life.

“So much of being successful in the business world has to do with your state of body and mind and how well you listen and observe,” said Winfree. “This book is not a step-by-step guide on how to sell but a means to refine the tools you need to be a successful sales person and person in general.”

In addition to common sense tips, Winfree Rules of Surviving the Sales, Marketing and Business World, also serves as a self-assessment tool. With the book’s 20 sections Winfree asks readers to grade themselves on a scale of one to 100 for each; 100 being no improvement needed and 0 the bottom score. The final “grade” is the total score based on an average for all tips.

Some of the things readers are asked to make a self-assessment on include:

Don’t believe everyone and remember people will lie.
You must continue to acquire knowledge about your profession.
You must care about the product or service and your client
Be frugal and live below your means.

“In working with sales professionals and entrepreneurs, I’ve found the more successful ones tend to score higher in these areas of self-assessment,” added Winfree. “Does that mean you can’t be successful if you score low? No. It’s just that the people who scored high usually are. However, we found that those who score below 85% are at risk of failure. Our Black Belt Coaching will move you to the 95% level and above.”

Winfree Rules of Surviving the Sales, Marketing and Business World sells for .95 and is available on Winfree Business Growth Advisors Web site at Organizations interested in booking Dr. Winfree for speaking engagement can call 800-616-9260.

About Winfree Business Growth Advisors

Located across the United States, Winfree Business Growth Advisors coaching franchises help sales professionals and small business owners maximize growth potential and take their respective businesses to a higher level through cutting-edge sales coaching, business coaching, sales training, and seminars featuring Winfree’s signature Black Belt System™–a Five Phases and 12 elements covering everything from initial marketing efforts to customer retention.

Winfree Business Growth Advisors currently runs coaching franchises in California (San Francisco and Los Angeles), Illinois, Kentucky (Louisville), Massachusetts (Boston), New York (Manhattan), Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth) and Virginia (Hampton Roads) as well as in Canada (Winnipeg, Manitoba).

For more information on Winfree’s programs or franchise opportunities and available an Area Development territories, please go to or contact Dr. Keith Winfree at (800) 616-9260.

Internal Marketing In The New Marketingplace

Understanding products better helps companies to identify target groups. Internal marketing is more than just stating the obvious agenda or the premise of your company. Internal marketing is a practical tool for employees and management to make clear and creative decisions to understand a brand message.

Creating a brand identity around a companies mission will help your product or service stand out in the marketplace. For this to be truly successful the mission needs to be embedded throughout all aspects of your marketing strategy. Your employees also need to live and breath the essence of the company and be able to deliver the right marketing pitch, because clients know when a salesperson does not believe in there product. That sale will go right out the window. For a brand to be successful the theme needs to have tangible and practical qualities that employees and clients/consumers can relate back to. One way this happens is by expressing tangible and practical aspect through your brand by creating social media campaigns through networking platforms, which emphasis interaction between products/services and clients/customers. A catchy slogan is not enough to truly succeed, a company needs to create a clear PR message that will help create a transparent foundation that everybody in the company can feel good about.

Only after all the employees understand the internal marketing message can the company move on. After building a transparent internal marketing message is when you will see results that companies need to build on brand name and image.

The web is growing fast. Keeping up with all of the latest technology and standards can be a daunting task in addition to efficiently running your business. We take care of all the research and development for you. This allows you to spend more time doing what you do best, running your business.

Internal Marketing Communication -What Does Yours Involve?

The way you handle your internal marketing communication will set the tone for your ultimate success or failure. How are you handling the communications aspect of your business? Do you have a solid plan and set of tools to help you stay on track? Here are 3 processes that stand out.

Use these three awesome tools for massive results in your marketing!

1) Emails- This tool is the mainstay of today’s communications systems. The use of a short message, delivered directly to your client base, is paramount to your financial survival. The system can carry offers, updates, reminders, or any other form of file you would like to send. Pictures, videos, and links to important websites are also a valid form of internal marketing communications. Today’s Golden Nugget: “Use your email system to send out newsletters. The information you can offer on your products and the industry changes can keep your business alive in the minds of your customers. When they are ready to purchase again or refer a friend, they will think of you.”

2) Blogs- The amount of information you can share on a blog is staggering. You can post daily to keep your subscribers informed on the event and changes in your industry. You can also allow comments from your customers to your blog. That process alone is a great way to keep on top of what your clients want and need. They will tell you what they like and not like about your product. This gives you the edge on your competition and allows you to adjust what you offer to meet the needs of the buyers.

3) Auto Responders- This can be considered a form of internal marketing communications as well. The people who are interested in your product or service are allowed to “opt-in” and are then placed into an automated response system. This is a drip style marketing platform that feeds your prospects a steady stream of information and sales copy. The proper use of auto responders can take a lot of the work out of your marketing system. They will be working while you focus on more important matters such as marketing and customer service.

Internal marketing communication can keep the focus on you and your business. The best way to keep a customer is to make them feel like part of the family. You can accomplish this by staying in contact. You need to learn all you can about marketing before you start. A solid education in marketing can help and a good mentoring system will make all the difference to your business.