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Reliv International, an International Business Opportunity

If you are looking for an international business opportunity, the Reliv International company might be what you are looking for. This company is known for its health and wellness products. Reliv company was founded by Robert and Sandra Montgomery in 1985. The company has over 70 thousand consultants around the world. Their main corporate office is in Missouri. They have other corporate offices in Germany, Canada, Philippines and a few other countries..

The Reliv company is a network marketing company. It has products for your general health, weight loss, joint health, heart health, anti-aging, plus many other vitamins and supplements for your health. This company is known for its high quality products it produces and that the ingredients they use are easily absorbed into the body when used correctly combined with other ingredients. They also have a line of products designed specifically for children and women. The Reliv company has its own manufacturing facility with a Scientific Advisory Board that was started in 1992. The company can guarantee and stand behind the quality of its products because of having their own facility.

Reliv’s growth has been so successful that it has a growing income into the high seven figures. That is fantastic growth! This company is a solid and growing company with a great and strong leadership. Being a network marketing company, they are able to produce a huge and solid down line. The Reliv company is a good business opportunity if your looking to get into network marketing to increase or replace your income.

The compensation plan is very generous, it pays out in various ways. It pays in retail profits, wholesale income, different bonuses and offers trips to top distributors. To become a Reliv distributor you need to purchase a start up fee, which covers your start up products. Then you need to keep a monthly autoship order of products going.

In order to generate numerous leads and generate traffic you need to know the strategies and techniques to build your down line. Most companies do the traditional and new way to get prospects. The old traditional way can get you started but can’t keep you going. Family and friends can only get your business off the ground, but you need serious leads and traffic daily to keep it going.

With this company having a strong foundation and having continuous growth, a business opportunity is available to the right person to make a great profit. By reading and learning all you can about network marketing, you could build yourself a huge successful business. It is all in knowing how to market the products. Using your warm market along with marketing online you will be able to have leads and prospects coming to you. Not only learning how to market but being able to apply what you have learned will get you the success you need.

The Reliv International company with its unique products is a wonderful international business opportunity if you are looking for a home based business to bring in the income you need. Along with time, patience, determination and the will to succeed you can have the success you dream of and the life style you deserve.

eFoods Global Opportunity – How To Grow A Massive eFoods Global Business

You might have heard of a brand new home-based business opportunity called eFoods Global, but what is it all about, and is it any good?

The Truth About eFoods Global – The Good…

It is a network marketing company which is based around providing its customers with non-perishable foods for now, and for the future. When customers buy supplies from eFoods Global they get sent 3 of each item – one for serving, one for sharing, and one for saving. In other words, you eat one now, share one with somebody else, and save one in your cupboard for the future.

The idea is based on the belief that food supplies are the most important currency a person can have. The company believes that no matter how low money gets, if you have supplies of food to sustain your family then you are in a very powerful position.

Customers who like the idea and the products can become distributors and build their own business by selling the products and promoting the opportunity. These people are called Essential Business Owners, and they can earn commissions on the sales they make, and earn bonuses for the sales of those they personally sponsored into the business. There are several other ways to make money, like bonuses based on group sales, for example, and the chance to earn your own food for free.

The Bad News…

In the current financial instability this concept might appeal to quite a lot of people, but despite this most people who become Essential Business Owners will still end up failing in their business. This is nothing to do with the products or the concept, it is just a sad fact of life in all MLM ventures. The reason that so many people fail in MLM is that they use bad business models, and techniques that are proven to fail.

Most network marketers will follow the traditional advice of selling to their friends, family, and neighbors, but this approach is proven to fail for the majority of people. I order to grow a big business and make huge returns, you will realistically have to generate hundreds of leads every single week, and add 2-3 people per-day into your business. Most people do not know enough friends or family to be able to do this. Sooner or later you will run out of contacts and your business will stop growing.

How To Build A Massive eFoods Global Business

In order to add enough people into your business to see massive returns you need to cast your net wider. There are millions of people in the world, and they all need to eat food, so why limit yourself to just your friends and family? We are lucky that we live in a time when the internet gives us access to people all over the world, in every continent and in every country, at the click of a button.

By starting a blog, writing articles, commenting on forums, answering people’s questions, and advertising cheaply and effectively, you will soon have hundreds of leads every week asking you about your opportunity, wanting to know how you can help them, and desperate to invest in you. You will be able to add 2-3 people a-day into your business, and the success that you dreamed of will be there for the taking.

So the key to seeing big returns with eFoods Global is learning the art of marketing on the internet.


An Unbiased Third Party Review Of The eFoods Global Business Opportunity

If you’re reading this third party review of eFoods Global, then chances are you’re looking for some information on the company and thinking about becoming a distributor. I want to encourage you to go over this review so you can be equipped to make an educated decision about the company and opportunity. In this review, I’ll cover details on the actual company, the products, the compensation plan and whether or not it is a good business opportunity. In addition, I want to disclose that I am not an eFoods Global distributor or customer, so you can rest assured that I am giving you an unbiased perspective about the company.

Who Is eFoods Global?

First things first, let’s cover some information on the actual company. eFoods Global is a company that sells high quality food products that can be stored through a network marketing business model. The company has been around since October 2010, and is actually the sister company of eFoods Direct, which is a retail food storage company. The company is based in Utah and is currently led by CEO and Co-Founder, Steve Shenk, who also happens to be the Founders of eFoods Direct. Shenk’s business background goes back more than 35 years. In addition to Shenk, the other Co-Founders include Brad Stewart, Barbara Rossberg, Brad Reese, Marvin Higbee and Michael Rossberg, all of which bring a tremendous amount of experience in sales and marketing to the company. Overall, the company looks to be solid and ready for future expansion.

What Does eFoods Global Market?

eFoods Global markets food products that are designed to be stored for lengthy periods of time. Their concept revolves around the need for people to store food in case of emergencies or unemployment. Since their food products don’t have any preservatives, are dehydrated and flushed with CO2, the shelf life of their products can reach up to 15 years. Some of the food products include breakfast products (like oatmeal and pancakes), breads (like muffins and biscuits), soups (like cheddar broccoli and chicken noodle) and entrees (like chili and beef stroganoff). In addition, the food products are Kosher and approved by the Orthodox Union.

The eFoods Global Business Opportunity

Now, let’s go into the business opportunity that is offered by eFoods Global. In order to become an active distributor, you have to invest an initial start-up and then maintain a monthly autoship, which is typical of network marketing opportunities. The compensation plan provides distributors with seven ways to earn income. The immediate income streams include a Personal Sales Bonus (where you can earn a 25% commission on your personal customers), a Enroller Bonus when you personally sponsor a new person and a – Life Code Bonus when someone on your team enrolls a new distributor. The long-term income streams include a 10% Team Commission on your pay leg from the binary structure and a Matching Bonus, where you can earn 5%-25% based on your rank, on up to 5 levels. Overall, the compensation plan looks quite fair and can be quite lucrative for the right person.

Is eFoods Global A Good Business Opportunity?

In summary, eFoods Global is definitely a good opportunity. The management team is experienced and solid, they market quality products and the compensation plan is fair and lucrative. However, having all that in place is not enough to guarantee success. While it’s clear that having a solid company supporting you is important, ultimately, your success will rely on your ability to sponsor new distributors, sell products and build an organization. One of the key ingredients to accomplishing those things is the ability to market and generate leads. My advice is that you use a proven Attraction Marketing system that allows you to brand yourself, generate leads, make money even when people don’t join your business and recruit people into your eFoods Global business on the back-end. If you can effectively combine online attraction marketing and branding with a solid offline system, you can very well be on your way to building a wildly successful business.

WeNetProfits (WNP) Global Business Opportunity

Have you ever heard of the WeNetProfits (WNP) Global Business Opportunity? If not, you are at the right place and will be in for a treat. This global opportunity was created on 11 May 2009 but offcially launched on 15 September 2010.

This universal far reaching business opportunity can reach over 100 different countries and their mission in life is plan and simple: To be a primary source of life and business tips, strategies, tools, and resources to help guide people in their daily decision making processes. To be a source of revenue generating and fundraising for The Rescue Fund that will then support charities that help children in need, and also to reward those that promote the company mission in a effort to raise funds and contribute to the financial success of the people all over the globe.

Through the products, services and opportunities that are offered, the goal is to help you earn tremendous money regardless of your status. WeNetProfits is set out to do the work for you to provide you with the platform to create an unlimited income. Your only task is to help to spread the word about the opportunity. And to top it off about spreading the opportunity, you dont have to do no explaining or recruiting. Just ask people to take a look at the presentation.

WeNetProfits is an amazingly simple, copywrited wealth-building system that is unique and powerful. Its automatic features will promote millions of people to build a successful home-based business, while offering information and resources to guide you in your life and in your business ventures.

WeNetProfits Rescue Fund makes it fun as well. Subscribing Members can see how much money is being raised each and every day from the participation of all the people involved. Funds to be donated to charities. This is how WeNetProfits is doing its part to help make the world a better place. There focus is on the children of the world, who through no fault of their own are in situations where the children are unable to help themselves to a better quality of life.

In summary, with so many products offered that provide information, tools and resources, it is easy to see where this company is going in the future. They are carving out their own online identity as a service to people in order to help guide them through the important decision making process of life and business. Their goal is to have all their members put themselves in a position to have the financial freedom that they truly deserve. WeNetProfits will help people to cover many areas of their life as well as make it important to people from all parts of the world.

EFoods Global Business Opportunity Review – Emergency Food For Long Term Storage


The eFoods Global business was created from Sundance Global, a marketing company founded by Steve Shenk and six other executives and launched in October 2010. The founder claimed Sundance Global had been 28 years in the making, because his prior company eFoods Direct, created emergency food for long term storage that was successfully sold without any inducement for additional earnings from individual marketing or profit potential.

15 – 30 Year Emergency Food Storage

The emergency food for long term storage products appear to be well designed and include a variety of foods such entrees, soups, granola and baked goods. The items are dehydrated and purged of any remaining oxygen with CO2, then stored in mylar pouches. Shelf life of baked goods is 3 years. In theory, the other items have indefinite life span but are best used within 15 years.

eFoods Global products are not all organic but contain organic items and are created from “premium” food sources. No MSG or hydrogenated oils are used. All foods are vegetarian. Meat products are simulated with textured vegetable protein (TVP).

Food Reserves Business Plan

The eFoods Global business model offers 6 free meals and also gives free samples to encourage new customers to sample the flavor. Shipping and handling are additional. The essentials pack sells for 9.95 and the variety pack for .95. Membership cost is .95. The company provides a replicated web site with a video describing food storage as the “new currency that will change the way you think.”

The compensation plan is a binary multilevel, paying 10% weekly on the smaller of two down line “legs,” so you cannot simply sponsor one superstar and kick back, but must also develop the other leg. 25% matching bonuses are paid on people you personally sponsor, with 5% bonuses paid down to the 5th level. The compensation plan also includes weekly food credits.

The provided web site is very nice, and acknowledges the advantage of being able to find people online for your marketing efforts. To create significant income you need to build a large enough organization. We did not see training available through the company apart from providing the site.

To differentiate yourself from the other IBOs or Independent Business Owners in the system, you will need to brand and market your own web site to stand out from the competition, by using additional online marketing methods and strategies.

eFoods Global provides a low cost way to develop your own business, but to reach the lucrative top levels of income, you need to learn how to market effectively online.

Daniel Dreifus coaches, mentors and trains individuals and small business to harness and leverage the power of the Internet, creating additional income through targeted traffic for beginners and pros, by utilizing proven strategies and systems. Next, go to Secrets of Success –Strategies That Actually Work!–to discover how these systems consistently create and grow your results.