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The global financial crisis to zhuhai foreign trade import and export ZhiYu unprecedented down, Since this year, the whole city together, crucial, make zhuhai foreign trade export month is expected to rise by November, is expected to turn down.

According to the customs statistics, before October, zhuhai foreign trade import and export value for 167.2 billion dollars, 19.4% year-on-year drop. Which exit 128.6 billion dollars, 14.5%, Import 38.6 million dollars, 32.3%. But in October, zhuhai foreign trade import and export value is 17.2 million us dollars, including export 1.42 billion, down by 6.8%, decline in less than 10%, Once in the first 10 months of export trade, export by observing the whole province, obviously lower level.

Shaoxing customs officials said: “in October this year, a drop of shaoxing foreign obviously narrow has less than 10%, and a decline in accordance with this single-digit since march, shaoxing export rising steadily this situation, believe in November shaoxing export will restore the first is for more than a year.”

Insiders, November positive growth is the main reason of the national government has issued a series of measures to protect growth, including the appropriate loose monetary policy and fiscal policy and to improve the export tax rebate rate, etc, to reduce the operating pressure.

But, it is worth noting, from this year, 7, 8, 9, 10 this four months of monthly export appeared to lift the situation, in October compared and the export of seasonal factors, although it with long and relevant, but also shows the export of basic enough firm, since last November, the base year November for growth of exports, but almost no suspense next 2 quarter after export medium-term trends remain very uncertain.

Shaoxing customs officials suggested that enterprise should make full use of the opportunity, the next world expo, say some good project technical content is higher, the light pollution, the unit output higher project to shaoxing, settled in shaoxing, make our foreign trade development potential increase, Second, the enterprise should make full use of the exhibition and promotion of shaoxing, publicity our manufacturing, to create your own brand, to the long-term health of shaoxing export development foundation. Reports Beijing’s Foreign Trade Of Goods Distribution Center For The First Time

Have been positioned in the high-end of the Metro City shopping center, because the business is now fully closed down gloomy. End of this month, the Metro City will Bianshen large collection of foreign trade growth stage, called Guangdong, Shandong and other places settled in foreign trade enterprises to seek orientation in consumption and differences in operations. It also formed Beijing’s first large-scale operation of foreign trade goods stores.

Metro City is located in the East Fourth Ring large pavilion bridge the rural southwest, is the largest suburban department store kiosks more influential trend of marketing and Metro City opened less than two years, but that is shut down. Although the industry would be inconvenient cool down to business, the main reason for Metro City, but was operating large stores optimistic about business at home, there was some surprise, house and field competition for several major household brands; and ultimately Metro City Beijing Qin-chun China and the United States Commercial Management Limited plate, the opening of “365 large foreign collection.”

After the lock-directed consumer Bianshen

Beijing Qin Chunhua America plate under the Metro City Commercial Management Co., Ltd. Block B, will be set up next to Parkson Shopping Center, “set of 365 large foreign trade.”

To address the difficulties of export enterprises, the Beijing Municipal Commerce Commission as early as the beginning of this year started to offer a “trade fairs,” foreign trade commodities in the market a faceless, its high quality, innovative design advantages caused consumers to buy great enthusiasm, “selling stock-out “has become endemic in a large foreign trade sets the market’s positive reaction also attracted attention from retailers.

Following the Government to support large collection of foreign trade, after going separate ways “folk” version of the trade fairs, are also staged at various shopping malls springing up, but new entrants to the domestic market in tradable goods face charges of domestic retail industry and other “hidden rules” do accustomed to a large single-business, a cash-hand goods is relatively simple trade merchants, retailers, the domestic market out of the slotting allowance, checkout point deduction, and so “hidden rules” can not accept; and has been ranked for “Retail as a king “of the domestic retailers, but also reluctant to give up or loose its by” hidden rules “profit model, the two sides into a see-saw once the state, but also aroused great concern.

The industry believes that in the final analysis, foreign trade of goods sold back into the domestic market, a range of issues arising from the market interests, but the market will ultimately resolved by the market. For those who have influence in the channel, and has a large number of domestic suppliers, retailers, surplus in the current commodity market conditions, can stick to the profitability of its existing model, but certainly there will be about to start or improve the transformation of businesses, will trade goods as a “treasure”, all the way to introduce the green light in front BBK Hunan inexpensive department store will be open audience of foreign trade of goods imported, after the Beijing Metro City Bianshen “365 foreign trade fairs,” is a chance in the inevitable. reports China’s foreign trade situation in 2010 under pressure to increase exports

Judging from the current situation analysis in 2010, slow recovery of the world economy is expected to occur, China’s foreign trade environment faced by the general trend towards improvement. The International Monetary Fund predicted that the global economy in 2010 will grow 3.1%, which will grow 1.3% in developed countries, emerging economies and developing countries will grow 5.1%. National policies and measures to stabilize the financial markets achieved significant results, financial market risk reduction, financing functions are gradually being restored, reflecting the international financial market liquidity and risk level of LIBOR / OIS spread and TED spread has dropped significantly from pre-crisis levels, enhanced the confidence of financial institutions lending. The joint efforts of the international community, international financial institutions and regional financial institutions to raise large funds, specifically for foreign trade enterprises to provide liquidity support to troubled by the problem of financing of international trade to alleviate to some extent, help enterprises to develop foreign trade. However, as the world economic recovery is inadequate, and many deep-seated contradictions and problems yet to be fundamentally resolved, the world economic recovery will be arduous, and the international market demand can hardly be clearly recovered the short term, China’s foreign trade development is still faced with many uncertain factors of instability:

- World economic recovery is slow, difficult to external demand rebounded sharply. Fiscal and monetary policies of major developed countries the expansion of the limited space in the United States for fiscal year 2009 budget deficit to reach 1.4 trillion U.S. dollars, is 3.1 times the 2008 fiscal year, the deficit rate of 10%, hitting a new high since World War II, Germany, France and other countries the fiscal deficit rate of more than 3% of the control objectives, the Japanese budget deficit rate of 9.4%, national benchmark interest rates at historic lows. The employment situation has improved in general lagging behind economic recovery, the major economies, the unemployment rate may continue to deteriorate, consumption and investment, significant improvement in self-growth is difficult to technological progress as the support of the new economic growth point of not yet formed. Affected by this, the world economy and international market demand, a sharp rebound in the short term is difficult.

- The major economies, self-employed has increased, and trade protectionism is increasing. As the world economy recovering from recession, due to the economic recovery process in different countries, international policy, less willingness to cooperate and coordinate more difficult to deal with bad will affect the world economy, the recovery process. In the domestic pressure, the major economies will therefore be further enhanced self-care, will give priority to solving domestic employment, industrial development and other issues, continue to produce a variety of trade restrictions and protective measures, trade protectionism will be increasingly exacerbated. Even if the world economic recovery, international trade will not be a sharp rebound. The International Monetary Fund predicted that the global trade in goods in 2010 increased by only 2.7%, lower than the expected world economic growth.

- International market competition is more intense pressure to increase exports to China. Of the international financial crisis, developed countries proposed to revitalize the manufacturing sector, a number of countries also indicated that through expanding exports to ease domestic trade deficit. The overall competitiveness of exports of many developing countries to rise further and may continue to compete by means of currency depreciation international markets. This will enable high-end product areas of China in the face of direct competition in developed countries, in the traditional areas of superior products in developing countries face more challenges.

- International commodity prices may be high volatility, business increased risk. As the world economy is recovering and in 2010 global resources and energy demand has gone up, in the ultra-low interest rates and loose monetary policy in the context of speculation and the dollar lower and other factors are likely to push commodity prices pushed up China’s enterprises The import and export costs. Once the world economic recovery, the setbacks, the international commodity prices may be high volatility in import and export of Chinese enterprises to increase operational risks. In addition, the face of increasingly fierce international competition, China’s exports will face more downward pressure on prices, corporate profit margins will be further reduced, undermining China’s capacity for sustained development.

At the same time, we must also maintain the development of China’s foreign trade there are many favorable conditions and positive factors:

- Complete range of Chinese industries, enterprises and competitive. Since reform and opening, China has vigorously develop modern industries and new industries, industrialization has made great progress, forming a relatively complete industrial system, manufacturing and industrial supporting capacity to increase substantially for the development of foreign trade provided a solid foundation. China has a large number of high-quality work force, production efficiency is high. Products exported are mostly in the middle and low, mainly daily necessities, the elasticity of demand is small, the impact of the crisis is relatively light. Coupled with the high cost of Chinese products, some of the original purchase of high-end products to foreign consumers may turn to buy Chinese products, but will increase the demand for Chinese products. Especially in recent years, China’s import and export enterprises have experienced a yuan appreciation, export tax rebate rate cut and the processing trade policy tightening, labor costs, shrinking external demand, such as the test of the ability to respond to complex changes in the environment continuously enhance our competitiveness has improved significantly with .

- Emerging market trade, small-scale development of a large space. Over the years, trade between China and emerging markets, the relative size too small, although in recent years with the implementation of the strategy of market diversification, China’s emerging economies and developing countries, sustained and rapid growth of trade, but the size of the proportion of total trade is still not high, the bilateral trade volume between the two sides do not match the economies of scale, development is very big. As these countries and regions growing economic strength, China’s market diversification strategy further in-depth implementation of the growing trade facilitation, developing relations with China, trade between the promising emerging markets.

- “Going out” in the ascendant, to stimulate exports effects are obvious. In recent years, Chinese enterprises “going out” significantly speeding up the advantages of a large number of domestic enterprises have to go abroad in the world actively carried out within the framework of foreign investment, project contracting and labor service cooperation, the use of the two markets and two resources the ability to continuously enhance in the development of the local economy and employment but also promote exports of domestic products. After the outbreak of the financial crisis, some foreign companies out of financial difficulties and wish to enhance international cooperation in some countries and regions, the relatively liberal foreign investment policies, and substantial investment in infrastructure to stimulate the economy, which are for Chinese enterprises “going out” provides a good opportunity for . With the “going out” implementation of the strategy, Chinese enterprises will be more extensively involved in the process of global economic integration among the jointly promote world economic recovery and prosperity will also become a focal point an important channel for the export of Chinese products.

Comprehensive analysis, in 2010 China’s foreign trade environment faced by the general to the good, but also face many uncertain factors of instability. We want to see the positive changes in China’s foreign trade development and favorable conditions to further enhance the development of confidence; be full of the estimated complexity of the situation, grim and uncertainty to all aspects of the difficulties and risks to consider more fully some, to cope with various challenges in doing a more solid number, and further implement and improve policies and measures to support development of foreign trade to improve the policy relevance and effectiveness. Enterprises to strengthen their own management, hard training basic skills, speed up the pace of scientific and technological innovation, and further optimize the import and export commodity structure, change the mode of efforts to promote the development of foreign trade and promote healthy and stable development of foreign trade.electric go carts, leather golf grips, reports Our foreign trade overall stabilised but unaccountable warmer

Journalist visit Canton of 106 industries exhibiting companies and jiangsu, guangdong province’s delegation to export to understand, with steady weakening of various policy measures, China’s trade further in the fourth quarter overall situation of present stabilised. But experts say, although the current situation in Canton, receiving orders but next year export situation is not optimistic. By 2010, China’s export to the level of difficulty in 2008.

Prices fell

This trade situation in China

The first three quarters, the total import and export 15578 billion dollars, year-on-year drop 20.9%. Which exit 8467 billion, down by 21.3%, Import 7112 billion, down 20.4 per cent.

This, the institute of international trade and economic cooperation on expert thinks, the first China import and export scale is gradually enlarged, showing the year-on-year drop narrow, is expected to drop to fourth quarter import narrow year-on-year growth even. A combination of factors, expected throughout the year, China import and export drop will narrow to 20%.

But in the Canton fair understanding journalist in China, mainly export to big province this year will appear larger export negative growth.

Guangdong foreign economic and trade department deputy commissioner of ZhuZeNa said, although 11, 12 two months following a monthly export growth can be realized by exports, but about 13% decline, import and export to around 12%, Jiangsu delegation said, although the foreign trade situation improved, especially in September, but more than expected back situation, is expected to rise foundation weak exports around 20% drop.

But the concerned expert points out, should be more objectively treat foreign trade exports, especially the influence. Guangdong university of foreign studies center of international economy and trade, foreign experts think this feature is the price dropped significantly factors. By multiple factors, both at home and abroad in the first three quarters of export commodities prices fell, total import prices fell 17.5% 6.1 percent. The first three factors, eliminate price import and export decline were actually only 16.2% and 3.5%, can our country foreign trade industry in the global market share and competitive no fundamental reversal.

Next year, the export situation

Eased but unaccountable optimistic

The reporter interviewed our export machinery, textile, building materials, shoes, and hats etc representative enterprise, enterprise when the transaction is generally considered Canton is better than expected, but the situation is unutterable, warm, next year exports still huge pressure.

Haier group electric industry company ZhouYunJie senior vice President, said the company this year 1-10 months of 20.2 billion us dollars, the export of the Canton turnover reached 0 million, total keep better progressly. But considering the trade protectionism growth factors influence, export situation is not very optimistic.

Some companies also puts forward, emerging markets also export to become my main drive source. The new manager ZhouXu said in ceramics, although in South America, Africa and the Middle East, economic active effect is small, but the financial crisis and more focused on demand for products, price low end products, unfavorable I industry is very concerned about the brand construction and upgrade.

Guangdong foreign economic and trade department officials said, from the actual situation of guangdong province, is expected to import and export will be realized by 2010, but maintain positive growth in singly, Jiangsu delegation also said, along with the global economy and the import and export situation will change this year, plus a low base, import and export index, but it could well, is expected to import and export growth in the year to 5%.

The financial crisis

As our country foreign trade industry should be

In the future, the ministry of commerce minister Chen deming situation in Canton told reporters on foreign trade, the current total also stabilises, market rebounded signs, but not sure, unstable factors still more, we must be conscious of the mind. How to control the excess capacity, inflation risk factors, such foreign enterprises, industrial efficience competitive advantage, must be very careful.

He said, the foreign trade growth is expected next year, but should notice to maintain trade policies and RMB exchange rate stability, In the growth of export quality, more attention should be focused on the future work, the key to put on foreign trade import and export structure adjustment. To enhance the grade, improve quality, to change, and to ensure the growth mode of foreign trade in China in the international market share, not to rely more on product value to capture a high-end market, From the Angle of enterprises through technical innovation, reduce cost, improve quality and develop new products, and increase the brand competitiveness.

Experts believe China will be next year, emerging markets and foreign “going out” as a key growth. The experts said that although the institute of emerging and developing countries’ trade continued rapid growth, but the proportion of the total scale in trade is not high, still developing space is very big still, our next year should be further implementation of market diversification strategy, and actively promote bilateral talks with changeable trade facilitation, promote the trade with emerging markets. On the other hand, should continue with the global market for investment, continue to promote enterprise “going out”, but also because purchase resource acquisition international business sales network and channel, daily consumer brands, design and development agencies, grasp the initiative in the competition.

Also have experts point out that, focus on the future of 3-5 years, world trade is likely to accompany the whole world economy, China’s vast speed adjustment period into the foreign trade industry must early. On one hand, the United States, Europe and other developed countries will absorb financial crisis, pay more attention to the entity economy, pay more attention to the development of manufacturing industry, and pay more attention to expand exports, consumer demand is restrained and competition will be more intense global manufacturing, On the other hand, due to the global glut contradiction, some of the industry reshuffle, big big reorganization is unavoidable, multinational companies under cost pressures will scatter productivity layout, the green economy, low carbon economy growing, the possibility of power in China should organize the analysis of these trends, through coordinate departments and relevant industry to promote the enterprise policy response early. reports Guangdong foreign trade commodity exhibition weeks

Yesterday, “dongguan trade goods exhibition weeks news conference held in kunming, and the launching ceremony, dongguan exports more than 50 products enterprises. This is the common support the export-oriented enterprises and wal-mart market development of a series of activities.

The standing committee, deputy city of changjiang river, vice mayor of kunming, China’s government ZhouXiaoQi wal-mart YangGuoChao relations director, following foreign-invested enterprise association ZhuGuoJi etc.

Wal-mart director at enterprise

“Following foreign trade commodity exhibition weeks in kunming,” why is first? JiangLing says, kunming consumption ability is one of the reasons. According to statistics, kunming company wal-mart China five outlets, including two in the top five entering domestic sales. Therefore, only by following a choice in kunming city domestic consumption ability strong commercial city, to open the domestic market.

JiangLing says, following the export-oriented enterprises to small and medium-sized enterprises, and domestic retail no large-scale wholesale, small and medium-sized enterprises among domestic development to separate channels more difficult. Wal-mart has matured in domestic marketing network and sale mode, can promote products to enter the domestic market.

In the following YangGuoChao advertising enterprises. He raised his hands of the pencil sharpeners said: “this pencil knife is following in September, one yuan. I bought my son, he is a plus for a week to send people to cut in 20 pencils, this pencil knife is very nice.”

YangGuoChao think, “dongguan manufacturing” in performance, design, quality, therefore has advantages of domestic consumers will be more attractive.

Enterprise have high depreciate sales promotion

Longchang toys the products including small robot, the little beetle series, auto, amphibian frogs.

This company general manager of HuangGuoBin, the little beetle series including longchang latest developed third-generation beetles. “The first generation of sonic, a touch, the second generation of the optical speciality, is it not the shading, third generation is remote, children prefer it shape and playability.”

One of the amphibious car body, the frog for special materials, still have long eyes. HuangGuoBin said, it is located for the Chinese longchang child first remote control toy. “Two years, the size of the child into a toy car to take head, this car is very soft material, frogs go into the soft.”

Such a frog cars, the scene of exhibition price is 200 yuan. According to HuangGuoBin introduces, this price is slightly lower than for city.

In addition, most is exhibited eseetech household electric drill, before the exhibition booth in personnel with marked placard is introduced: two match up to sell 300 yuan. Wei yi da (China) trading company general manager ChenZhongMing said, household electric drill is wei yi da’s flagship product, in order to attract consumers specially reduction tie-in sale.

Kunming to undertake the dongguan industry shift

JiangLing says, dongguan and kunming economic and trade cooperation and friendly city, is located in the southwest, in kunming, occupy the southeast Asia market has advantages, the cooperation is to better promote both trade and further cooperation.

“The cooperation of both sides, in kunming, it will drive the industry to kunming transfer PRD.” ZhouXiaoQi says, kunming is accelerated, the industrialization process of cooperation in kunming and following great potential.

“The biggest problem is, kunming, industrial development. Kunming business bureau deputy director DongJin yuan added, the director of the institute of foreign-invested enterprises and representative to kunming, dongguan, promote the dongguan enterprise in kunming, both economic and trade cooperation with complementary “in the future, the hope can use the following advantages, dongguan manufacturing industry to undertake over kunming development.” reports Chongqing Foreign Trade Goods Fair 800 enterprises preparing for Airborne Castle

In two days, closely watched the fall 2009 exhibition and trade of goods brand clothing will be at the Chongqing Fair kicked off September 27, arrived in Chongqing Exhibitors 800 companies have been airborne in Chongqing, a large number of branded apparel and crafts have been transported arrived in the exhibition space. It is learned that, in response to the international financial crisis and the expansion of domestic market, a large number of domestic foreign trade enterprises will be at this show on the strike out, to seize the high ground south-west.

Brand Men’s Day appearance Castle

According to the organizing committee person in charge of the current General Assembly, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Beijing, Guangdong, Fujian, Sichuan and other places a number of men’s brands has become the main force. By then, the hundred men’s enterprises will join forces at the Nanping International Convention and Exhibition Center, brand men’s section, “Shanshan, Ji North, Land Rover, Odysseus and other business men’s series will highlight solemn and atmospheric, Italy Zhou, Jin Cang Hui Jia , Jinli fox, ya love, war and other leisure record series is highlighted this year’s Men’s lightweight minimalist style. In addition, the United States Houston group also traveled in Asia for the first time the exhibition has brought unique qualities and high-tech rugged American West Fabric Men. “

Learned that the majority of enterprises are first-time exhibitors to enter the men’s market in Chongqing. During the National Day, these exhibitors will also conduct multi-site conferences and launched new business to discuss activities, while men’s shoes, holding exhibitions, fine shirt exhibition, men’s trousers exhibitions and other activities. Brand Men’s Sale At the meeting, thousands of new men will be super-low prices.

High-tech eye-catching new clothing

“The new styles and new fabrics garments will be the main features of this exhibition.” Organizing committee revealed that the current service Bo the meeting, the participating enterprises to seize the initiative have launched a new autumn and winter it competes. By then, the European version, Korean version, Hong Kong version of popular styles such as odd fighting show competition, sophisticated, and Han camp, Guangdong and other fashion schools to send a new meta-.

It is reported that this exhibition from Jiangsu bamboo fiber leisure suits, linen men from Beijing and from Hangzhou, the nano-fabric garments and other apparel will be exciting high-tech appearance, while the prices of these clothes is no different from ordinary clothing. According to statistics, the current exhibit at the Bo served up to 8000 new balance apparel, “Chongqing people can certainly Amoy to another phase because of a good and affordable clothing.”

Zero profit part of the business plan sales

To seize the opportunities the National Day, this came from Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian, Guangdong and Fujian provinces and cities in 20 800 enterprises will be uncharacteristically, the opening will be launched at the Nanping International Convention and Exhibition Center, a substantial discount activities, the ones who enjoy a 30% rate up to 60%. The reason is due to the financial turmoil affecting many domestic foreign trade companies have an export, through the joining CHIC snatch the western commercial heights, it became a discount vanguard.

In addition, in order to make an inventory of resources part of the foreign men and women casual clothing, shoes, bedding, etc. even planned to sell zero profits.