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The Role of Clothing in the Business World

Be it a Corporate Board Meeting or a Sales Call, dressing smartly has always been a necessity in the business world. In the stiff competition of today you can always have an upper hand in the Business World by presenting a smart image of yourself before your clients and colleagues.

It is often said that the way we dress reflects our personality as people judge us on this criterion. Selection of your professional dress in turn describes your business and status. It is very important to know how to dress for your profession if you are eager to take yourself to new heights.

A person’s clothing mainly depends on four factors: industry in which one works, one’s work profile in that industry, the area one lives in, and also what the client expects.

Business Apparels for Men:

The trends of men’s apparels do not necessarily take an effective change every season. Conventional suits in navy blue, black or grey colour shade with pinstripes worn with ultra white or soft blue long sleeved shirts add elegance to one’s personality. Different shades work out different personality traits.

The fibre of one’s tie should either be silk or silk like fabric. Shoes should be decent, clean and without any exception well polished. The socks shouldn’t be torn if one wants to avoid a shameful situation in an airport security check or likewise. Waist belts should match the shoes in quality.

A Business Man should ideally prefer minimal use of jewellery. He should be clean shaven and should use a good deodorant. His accessories such as suitcase, pen, etc should also be elegant and classy.

Business Apparels for Women:

A woman’s apparel unlike the past no more depends on the changing trends in fashion. Women looking for a traditional look should wear skirt suit or trouser suit but the former is considered more professional.

Apparels should be accompanied with matching jackets or the dress seems to be incomplete. The length of the skirt should ideally be up to the knees neither more nor less unless of course if you are willing to draw unwanted attention. As far as shoes are concerned low heels are preferred over high heels or flats.

Her blouses and sweaters should be in vivid colours and should ideally be more appealing that revealing especially because a visually improper neckline or waistline may create an embarrassing situation for a woman.

Jewellery and accessories again should be kept minimal. One ring per hand or a set of earrings should suffice the requirement of jewellery on your body.

The fashion world keeps changing with each passing day. The Corporate style however is something which remains quite similar but smart. The impact that a jet black blazer worn over a white shirt and jet black trouser has is quite an example in itself. Business suits are simple yet trendy. Designed for making one look smart and confident, they are an absolute necessity in the corporate world.

International Marketing Research plays a vital role in global business expansion plans & strategy

Business expansion across global limits, it becomes inevitable to study global markets in greater details and specifics. As each one of us knows it is through international market research findings and analysis crucial decisions take shape.

Most Business firms rely on International market research on for the following reasons :

1.Get valuable insights with regards to new market developments abroad especially in developing economies

2.Provide useful information with regards to diverse market environments and conditions

3.Take maximum advantage of technological advancements in collecting, retrieving and analyzing market findings and offer highly accurate and relevant results.

International Marketing Research is carried across all verticals ranging from social sectors, healthcare sector, financial markets, IT sector, business to business markets and many more.

With the active presence of International marketing research agencies, the availability of required market research reports can be done in a desired manner. Considering the various manners in which research is conducted, the client company could go for –

Telephone research
Focus group
Online studies
One to one face interviews

In International Market Research the areas of conducting research activities could be in reference to

Customer satisfaction
Image and awareness tracking
Brand Positioning
Product Development
Market Development
Strategy Development
Employee Satisfaction
Usage and Attitude

Most research agencies have known to conduct research on verticals such as mobile phones, software, professional AV, consumer electronic and domestic appliances, food products, coffee, alcohol, ICT, engineering, utilities, boats, telecoms services, IT consultancy, security, radar, waste disposal to name a few prominent ones. These research reports include economies and markets across East, Western Europe, America – both North & South and even Asia.

Healthcare Market Research is widely conducted across the globe by many market research agencies. Healthcare Market research includes study and research on

Medical Equipment
Medical Consumables
Healthcare Associations
Alternative Therapies

Companies who go for healthcare research reports wish to ascertain the performance of competing brands, user experience of existing procedures and treatments, feedback from medical professionals’ i.e doctors, consultants and nurses. Healthcare research reports could be related to developed countries or developing countries. In case of companies wishing to expand to wider horizons, more and more reports relating to developing countries are asked for.

The core areas of healthcare market research include Gynaecology, Oncology, and Cardiology, Contraception, Optometry, Rheumatology, Alzheimer ‘s disease, COPD, Smoking cessation, Diabetes, Insomnia, Obesity, Wound care and HIV Based on trends and analysis revealed from these research reports, Healthcare companies are in a position to put forth new products and market them in a desired manner ensuring its successful acceptance across the markets.

In today’s world, International Marketing Research has a key role to play. In fact it accelerates the process of business expansions and guides industries to take the path forward and bask in success and limelight all the way.

The Role of International Movers

International movers are in demand to the people moving from United States to overseas. With the many documents, files and requirements that you need to take care of before moving abroad, the hassle of shipping your household items on your own should not be added to the list of things that you need to do. The main role of an international mover is to assist you with this task.

International movers are the ones that handle the transportation of the client’s belongings from one country to the other. An international mover is the one responsible for the safe transportation of your worldly belongings from your old country to your new country. When choosing an international moving company, you should know their responsibility as the transporter of your goods. When looking for a reputable, professional international moving company, use the internet. Most of the moving companies have websites and are easily found on the internet.

Your selected international mover will pack your things properly and professionally if you wish. They are will load, brace and secure your personal belongings so they do not move around during transport. If you do not want the international mover to pack your items, they can provide tips and methods on how to properly pack your items. It is in everyone’s best interest to have your belongings arrive safely to your home in your destination country.

In addition to the safety issue of your items, the international company that you hire should have a method of securing your belongings in the container to prevent them from moving around and getting damaged in the journey. They can use pallets or a lift van. Palletizing the shipment is an industry standard. A lift van is used if items will not travel well on pallets, of if the customer requests a lift van which, of course, would be an additional cost. Make sure your international moving company is professional, attentive to your needs and most important, carries the proper license to ship your belonging overseas!

Proper communication is the key and is another important role of your international moving company. But as a customer, you also have the responsibility to stay in contact. Open lines of communication are paramount for a stress free move eliminating the many moments of anxiety that a person will have about their personal belongings. It’s so easy today with email! A good international mover will understand the importance of you knowing that your possessions are safe and the shipment is moving as planned by their trusted partner. Communication is essential.

The international moving company that you hire will have a counterpart company in the country that you chose to relocate if you are moving with door to door service. If you are not moving with door to door service option, but chose instead the door to port service option, you will need to clear your shipment through customs and set up delivery to your home. There are a couple of ways to get your belongings from the port warehouse to your home. You can use a friend or relative with a truck or you can hire a local moving company. Choose the service that best fits your budget and make sure you understand the services that are included and not included with each type of service.

Delivery dates cannot be guaranteed. There are many factors that can alter delivery times which are not in anyone’s control. It is in everyone’s best interest to keep the shipment moving and to deliver it to your home or to your destination port as quickly as possible.

An international moving company will be able to offer you insurance for your personal belongings. The international moving company is not an insurance company, but they can handle the paperwork for you with the insurance company. Although, should a claim need to be filed, it is generally done directly with the insurance company. Insurance is optional but it is always recommended. The very nature of insurance is to insure your items against unforeseen disasters. Your belongings will be treated with equal care and professionalism whether your shipment is insured or not, but insurance is always recommended.

The Role of Classical Liberalism and Realist Approach in International Relations as an Academic Discipline

The classical liberal approach focused mainly on the feature of cooperation among two or more entities, where there is promotion of peaceful ideas abd harmonious coordination between two individuals or two different states. This approach propagated the cause for progress and development of each group without unhealthy means where another party could suffer any set back. It believed man to be good in nature and hence a social animal which furthers the cause of good-will and is against every harm.


Wheras, in the classical realist approach we see a complete contrary picture where man is considered to be inherently aggressive and selfish in nature and for his own self-interest, he can go to any extreme through any means to acquire his desires disturbing the peace and harmony of the other. This approach promotes chaos and anarchy in a society and with this approach the society can only deteriorate with conflicts and wars all around.


Now, both of these appraoches are quite contrary to each other and hence, one is a thesis and the other could be taken as its antithesis. Both of these approaches have their own methodology and school of thought with many thinkers presenting strong arguments in favour of their approach to interpret the situations and circumstances occuring in the world. They both have their own significance in their own respect. One approach can be applied to a particular incident and the other to another incident. But, these two approaches can also overlap each other when it comes to understanding the different dimensions of a given situation. As every incident has many complicated issues and matters attached to it, which makes it difficult to ascertain its true essence with complete accuracy. Therefore, according to this, both approaches are helpful in understanding the international relations between states and their behaviour with each other, which either depends on power itself or in the coordination to acquire that power-status.


Mexico And Its Incredible Role In International Commerce And The International Economy

The international economy has immensely grown over the past few decades as a lot more resources are developed that maximize the opportunities of importing and exporting, as well as greatly increasing the potential of international communication. Several businesses have made the move to make the most of this international economy through investment into resources such as outsourcing, which allows them to reduce their expenses and increase the opportunities of maximizing profit.

This international economy has also helped in boosting the opportunities of international commerce, as companies expand their business into countries around the world which offer strength in the domestic market. Mexico is one of the nations that has discovered the greatest advantage created by the international trade.

Mexico has fast become one of the greatest nations of opportunity for a business organization to take advantage of when looking to develop their profits with imports and increase the opportunities of producing exports. With looking to make the most of the opportunity of importing, Mexico supports a really large domestic market of over 112 million citizens.

When you combine this with the average age being 29, you discover a marketplace which provides great promise for a company looking to invest in international commerce, into a relatively untapped resource. To further aid companies in benefiting from this opportunity, Mexico has reduced their tariffs on imports from 13% to 4.8%, creating incredible savings for any company looking for investment into this foreign market.

Whilst the opportunities of importing are exceedingly positive, one more advantage a company could utilize when seeking the best possibilities in the international economy is found with production and exporting in Mexico. With the average age of citizens in Mexico being 29, it enables businesses to tap into a very youthful workforce that will help in maximizing production potential. Furthermore, 28% of the population is under the age of 15 which will allow you to continuously tap into a youthful workforce that’s well-educated and driven towards creating high-quality products. The educational growth in Mexico is highly important, taking advantage of fields such as engineering, electrics, automotive, information technology, aerospace, and many other areas that will benefit your production opportunities.

One of the greatest possibilities in Mexico which exist with international commerce and taking advantage of the international economy is found with location. As a central point in the world, Mexico offers incredible access to high areas of international commerce, like those found in North America, Latin America, Asia, and Europe. Mexico supports 49 international access points, 76 seaports, 85 airports, 26,700 km of railroad, 366,000 km of roads, and even 11 trade agreements that give them access to 43 markets equaling 66% of the world GDP. No other country can match the international opportunities of importing and exporting which exists with Mexico.

ProMexico is the Mexican Government institution in charge of strengthening Mexico’s participation in the international trade (<a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link']);” href=”″>comercio</a>). With this objective in mind, the institution supports the export activity of companies established in the country and co-ordinates actions to attract foreign direct investment to national territory. ProMexico was established on June 13, 2007, as a sectoral public trust under the Ministry of the Economy, and operates through a network of 25 offices throughout Mexico and more than 27 offices abroad.